Jet Coin – Transforming Talents Into Valuable Liquid Assets


Jetcoin Institute manages the distribution process of the
digital fuel, jetcoins (JET), via Jetcoin Contracts (JCs) and
proof of social engagement (P.O.S.E.).this will be the first of it kind and with their proposal it look promising.

Here are some info from Home – Jetcoin – Fueling the World of Sports and Entertainment


  • Jetcoin is a platform that aims to assist talent development in sports and entertainment.
  • Jetcoin provides the opportunity for athletes to monetize their fan base through its unique loyalty rewards and commercial contracts.
  • Jetcoins can be used to redeem unique lifestyle experiences or can also be converted to any currency creating liquidity.
  • Jetcoin connects athletes, teams, fans to social media, brands and investors using technology called block chain to promote and monetize commercial contracts, image rights and fan base worldwide seamlessly

▪ The Jetcoin Institute secures a percentage from talents’ contracts or from the club (Commercial, Image and/ or Merchandising).
▪ The Institute issues Jetcoin contracts, each representing a fraction of future earnings.
▪ These Jetcoin contracts are sold in Jetcoins to fans and other investors wishing to benefit from the future successes of promising talents.
▪ The funds raised are shared with athletes and used to implement the talents’ career plans and allow fans to participate in a meaningful way.

▪By sharing a percentage of their future earnings, athletes turn each fan into a social media manager who instantly shares their successes. ▪Athletes get a social media metric system that can be used to increase their value and secure greater endorsements and sustainable deals with their sponsors.
▪Having a greater fan base directly increases the sale of their merchandise, creating untapped value.

Be Part of the Success
Get Jetcoins (JET) to purchase IP rights of Jetcoin champions

Earn Revenues with your Champion
Jetcoin Champions pay you dividends on their earnings.

Safe and Secure
10% of the proceeds of JCs sale are converted to gold backed tokens
Upon expiration of IP rights, you receive an amount of gold tokens

JetCoin (JET) price, charts, market cap, and other metrics | CoinMarketCap
Screenshot_2017-07-08-11-58-10.png-Jet Coin - Transforming Talents Into Valuable Liquid AssetsScreenshot_2017-07-08-11-58-16.png-Jet Coin - Transforming Talents Into Valuable Liquid Assets

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