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About octanox
Octanox is decentralized cryptocurrency with x11 algorithm and using POW and POS Systems that are focused on multiple platforms that would be used for virtual economy and virtual activities. Octanox is a revolutionary new way to make transactions online. Our decentralized platform prevents any interference to Octanox, and its source code is publicly available to see. Octanox is a solution to a growing problem, and together we can watch the coin flourish!




Octanox is an innovative, secure, decentralized and low transaction cost payment system. The payment solution network is built using the cutting-edge cryptocurrency technologies.Octanox offered solutions for faster transactions and hybrid Proof of Work/Proof of Stake consensus mechanism using less energy than Bitcoin, which in turn, makes it more environmentally friendly to our planet. This lack of energy also makes it easier for everyday users who may not have the resources to buy expensive machines to contribute to the mining and distribution of Octanox. The Octanox development team consists of highly skilled professionals, who are always thinking of innovative ways to develop Octanox into the best payment system available in the cryptocurrency field, and with their skills, there is a major possibility of Octanox growing into something to compete with Bitcoin.

Everything in the twenty first century is turning digital, and our money is following the trend. It won’t be long before digital coins can be used in real life, and currency backed by government will be abandoned in favor of decentralized forms of monetary exchange.

Octanox was founded in April 2017 with the aim of creating a polished, user-friendly and cohesive solution for businesses seeking a competitive edge from blockchain-based technology, as well as for everyday users to use to complete regular transactions amongst peers and merchants. Octanox has worked to smooth away some of the nascent technology’s rougher edges, refining it into a product ready for wide-scale deployment in global commercial and financial industries.

It solves many of the challenges that Bitcoin faces, and it’s the perfect solution to turn heads in the skeptical financial markets. Previously a company wanting to use more than one or two advanced functions simultaneously would have had to navigate a mess of currencies, platform and protocols. This is time consuming, annoying, and requires unnecessary resources to go to waste. Now the best blockchain-based applications are available in one meticulously engineered platform. Octanox is the electronic currency of the future, and it will solve the many problems associated with regular currencies!

Octanox is supportive of many platforms and it is a major strength that is what distinguishes it from other failed coins and electronic currencies. It is a complicated and tough process to integrate a coin into different areas and fields, and multiple platform currencies are indeed a rare sight. However, Octanox has bridged this gap and looks to forge onward with this advantage.


  • Website
  • OTXPay
  • Smart Web wallet
  • OctaneX
  • MiddleX
  • OctaGUI
  • Octalk


The proof of stake mining system rewards those who own a majority of Octanox. This rewards those who actively support Octanox by owning it, as well as incentivizing users to stock up as much Octanox as possible. The more Octanox you own, the more you can earn through the proof of stake system. It is a simple yet effective strategy for distribution, and combined with proof of work, it will be a well oiled machine that will be efficient and effective. Yearly, 0.1% of the current supply of Octanox will be distributed through Proof of Stake. This will keep a stable supply of Octanox coming into the economy to meet a rising demand.


The proof of work system is a popular system that many prominent altcoins use. In this phase, Octanox would be mineable and during this time miners could start to mine Octanox. Unlike Bitcoin, would offer relatively low mining rewards, as we do have a hybrid system with both PoW as well as PoS, which will be discussed later. For the Proof of Work system, miners would earn 0.8 Octanox per block mined, as well as transaction fees. Every ten million blocks, this reward will decrease, until the Octanox has gotten to a point where the transaction fees are enough to sustain miners.

Octanox (OTX) price, charts, market cap, and other metrics | CoinMarketCap

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