We are but men.  The world did not halt at our arrival.  There were no auspicious signs and traveling wise men come following some bright and lonely star.  No stirring prophecies nor fated dreams.  Kicking and screaming, pulled from that whore of a mother’s womb.  Yanked by indifferent hands we were taken from a place yet content to abide.  Dragged into a ruthless and psychopathic reality from whence there is no escape.  Not till our broken backs and ripped through hearts have been thoroughly gutted.  Not till every lingering hope and starry eyed dream is crushed under the weight of the Leviathan.  Broken hearts and starved souls grope at the dying of the light through beaten eyes.

Wandering aimlessly into oblivion.

We are not allowed peace.  Not until the pitiless slice from vicious claws and rending fangs must rip us to pieces.  We traverse and travail all for nought.  For the works of our hands will only fall into the pockets of someone else.  With not a thank you nor a pat on the back for a lifetime of service.  Instead we shall be shouted down from the stands while unworthy voices crow their own praises.  When there is someone to blame it shall be you.

When the failures of a mob gone wild stagnate and flounder, they shall look at you with condemning eyes while snarky fingers wag and point.  Will you take the blame for everyone’s failures?  Shall you continue to heave the burdensome weight of freeloading parasites over your bowed back?

Truly truly I say unto you.  The world and all within it are not your friends.  Not your buddy, not your pal, not your fucking bff. 

One day her heartless embrace will take us all back as well.  She owes us nothing and if we allow it, will take every last bit of vigor from us while we breath.

What must be done?

Live For You

A man stands alone amidst the crass.  He walks unbent among the crude.  For the merciless earth has only yet carved a Beast from malleable flesh.  Storms did come and torrents flooding.  The fires did rise and blood was boiling.  The man does stand after dust now clearing.  Hardened lines form around cold eyes as the weak lay soon forgotten.

You must live this life for you. 

No one else is living it for you.  People may scream and furiously shout.  For you to be their willing slave.  The storms may come and beat you down.  Those around will mostly let you down.  You must accept the cold and heartless truth of all things.  We as men areexpendable.Disposable at any point and at any time.  Thrown in the trash and easily replaced at a moment’s notice.  A more willing chump and eager slave ready to fill the ranks of New World Faggots.

A man stands alone.  He is a Ronin now.  Cast down from his honored place and thrown from his prestigious balcony.  He serves no longer church nor state.  Family nor legacy must all subside and only the most powerful of all can decide.  He must find now his own meaning and his own Path.  He must become the Master.  First over himself and his members.  Then he shall exert how he sees fit, a ferocious will out into a world that never cared for soft hearts nor tender mercies.  Only the strong shall gift the future with it’s remembrance.

A Man Takes

If the mother earth owes us nothing.  You should give it back her god damn due.   Nothing.  The ice cold gaze of a man who knows the mother fucking score.  People may scream and obnoxiously protest.  Because the freedom of a man is dangerous to their well being.  That’s right.   A man gone fey.  He’s wandered off the range and tasted the boundless expanse of wilderness.  But the weak have need for your utility.  Shall you come back now and surrender a most savage freedom?

The truth of this life is glaringly obvious for those who can see with no illusions.  You must take EVERYTHING that you desire with no apologies.  If the monster you have deigned to engage should fall by your heroic hands, then by all rights on heaven and earth, his treasure belongs to you!

A man does not ask nor does he wait patiently as if he deserved some kindness.  He TAKES all that he desires.  With no shame and no remorse he peels from the cold, dead hands of his fallen foes all of victory’s spoils.  He rips the jeweled chalice right out from the king’s hand while crowning himself the fucking man.  While our strength reigns loud and heart burns bright, while our minds stay sharp savoring the everlasting thirst for the Hunt.  We do what we must.  Never asking for pathetic mercies never shown to ourselves.

A man TAKES.

Remember This

Guilt and Shame are the only tools that the weak have to enslave the strong.  You can only be a slave if you are consenting to your slavery.  Embrace the wild call of the unknown.  The lone howl at the pale moon.  Embrace finally the boundless freedom of a man broke free his fetters.  Gaze into the deep, dark unknown and smile back your darkest grin.

We are the masters of our fates.  The grim judge of all who wrong us.  The callers of the storm.  We are men.

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