Glo Daily Data Plan Code | Get all Glo daily data plan for Android phones, PC, Modem, iPhone, Whatsapp, BlackBerry, iPad @ 15MB for ₦50 (24 hours), 35MB for ₦100 (24 hours) and 100MB for ₦200 (5 days) Internet Browsing Bundles.

This is the list of cheap internet data plans on Glo (aka Small Plans)

The one is for those who don’t want the weekly and monthly plans.

If you’re searching for a cheap daily data plan on Android, iPhone or other old phones(Java and Symbian), then you should opt for Glo daily data bundle.

This plan offers basically three types of daily internet plan. Glo gives you the chance to get 15MB for ₦50 (24 hours), 35MB for ₦100 (24 hours) and 100MB for ₦200 (5 days).

If you compare with other network listed below, you’d see that these plans aren’t utterly bad.

Update: When you activate autorenewal or you’re a new customer, you will get twice the data size subscribed for after expiry. For example; If you activate the 15MB for the ₦50 Naira plan, you will be given 30MB when you renew via “Autorenewal” or “new subscribers”.

The daily plan is available to both 3G and 4G LTE Smartphones. It doesn’t matter which band is available at your disposal, you have access to use Glo data bundles on any of the bands.

Although, If you’re searching for a pure Glo 4G data plans for your 4G enabled smartphone, then you might want to scroll past this to see all the best data plans for 4G LTE phones on Glo.

Glo Daily Data Plan & Subscription Codes In Nigeria


Glo 15MB for ₦50

  • To subscribe, dial *127*14#. Valid for 1 day.

Glo 35MB for ₦100

  • To subscribe, dial *127*51#. Valid for 1 day.

Glo 100MB for ₦200

  • To subscribe, dial *127*56#. Valid for 5 days.

New Glo Daily Data Plan Summary

Plan Name Price (N) Current Data Volume Glo Data Plans For New Customers & Auto Renewal Validity SMS to 127 USSD Code
1 Day Pack 50 15MB 30MB 1 Day 14 *127*14#
Instant Surf 100 35MB 70MB 1 Day 51 *127*51#
Smallie 200 100MB 200MB 5 Days 56 *127*56#

Okay, that’s all about Glo daily data plan for Android phones, PC, Modem, iPhone, Whatsapp, BlackBerry, iPad etc. If there are new updates, you will surely get them right here.

Got any questions about Glo daily data bundle for browsing? I’d be glad if you drop your question via the comment box below.

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