Kate Henshaw Blasts Nigerian Police For Posing For Photos With Notorious Kidnapper, Evans

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Nollywood actress Kate Henshaw took to her Twitter handle today to express her disappointment at some plain clothes Nigerian Police officers who were posing for pictures with the notorious kidnapper Chukwudumeme Onwuamadike, AKA Evans.

According to Ms Henshaw,  taking pictures with a criminal like Evans means he’s being celebrated, instead of being prosecuted.


Her followers reacted, saying…

  • Unfortunately this is the perfect depiction of our societal values. We glorify every forms of ills
  • They are displaying their foolishness. For all we care, Evans will bribe them and walk free. Highest run to Ghana as a free man
  • It’s a shame to see people celebrating somebody that have caused and still causing mayhem to many homes people.
  • Maybe they want to identify with a “millionaire” to give themselves hope. They might not be looking @ his status as kidnapper, but his money…

Others didn’t agree with her though… And they shared their thoughts…

  • a little satisfaction from a Gud job won’t hurt..
  • Naaa they ain’t police men ma. Even their dress code shows they are logos area boys


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