Helpful Vpn Handler For Glo


Hello… Here again! Wana explain this to waprealers… Its saddens my heart to boast this to you that with my own research so far till date… That glo 0.0k cant be beaten… Lol
Here’s my reasons…
There are two choices :
1) get a fast speed but disconnects time to time
2) get a fast then get slow connection, which wouldn’t disconnect but really slow, 50kbps
Take a look;

as you see that, after 10mb,the speed wave really reduce… But with that u could be connected to a max of 40min,and its jot going to disconnect but u will be shut off… What i mean is this;

as u see, its still connected but slow… Take a look again!
Screenshot_2016-07-15-20-58-19.png now tell me… What do u see… My data was turned off from glo themselves… Ppl who have witnessed this, please help testify cause it might seem like i disconnected myself… Lol

So here are some vpn i use which really keep the connection steady atleast for chatting and checking ;)

-psiphon lite handler:…3/?temp_hash=6b3802dc3dd998c19677bc79483905c5

-Hotspot shield handler:…4/?temp_hash=6b3802dc3dd998c19677bc79483905c5

Use glodirect as apn… Or use glo3gvideo
Ip:u could use
Goodluck… So we cant beat them to it… Well for now! o_O… We just gana manage

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