Hot : Tweakware 200mb Limit Bypassed – LEARN HOW TO BYPASS IT

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Alright, lets roll: I’ve been using Tweakware for quite a time now and uhm it’s amazing, but one thing is that you gotta pay for premium before having it all.

And uhm to be honest, it’s a disgrace to my mentor that i buy an app online with all the tricks i have( thank you sir). so why don’t just follow the steps below to bypass that 200mb limit to something more engaging :

(1)Download “DEVICE ID CHANGER ” from playstore…

Don’t expect me to drop a link pls, just search for it.

But hey, there may be multiple results and you’ll be left wandering which one to download, don’t worry… Uncle me has got you covered :

(2)Alright … Pls tell me you’ve already clicked and downloaded it, because if you dont… I am gonna ne very angry and that’s not good for my keyboard ( I tend to press it harder LOL)

So what are you waiting on? ! Comeon download it already for GOD’S sake before i get mad.

(3)Open it and press a botton that look like ( Δ ) but when rotated 90degrees. More like an arrow but it’s not.

Ohhh wait, did i mention you need to root your dear old phone??? ? Oh comon. Do it.

(4) Then you press another button like (~), sorry my keyboard is a wack.

After which you just need to open Tweakware and then start blazing, once it reaches 200mb. Get back to “DEVICE ID CHANGER” and click on that CHANGE icon and it’ll generate a new code. Then restart Tweakware and blaze again.

You do that whenever you used 200mb. As simple as that!!!

$Dont worry, it’ll get alot simpler when you open the app. It’s very easy to navigate.

$Damn, my battery is low.

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