Lisk is a crypto like other,an open sourced blockchain platform and framework to develop decentralized blockchain-based applications in JavaScript. With Lisk, developers may build blockchain applications which utilize their own sidechain interlinked to the Lisk platform. Thanks to the scalability and flexibility of sidechains developers can implement and customize their blockchain applications entirely.

Who are elite group?
According to the website and how the operate,the description they give themselves really worth it.

“We are a crypto group working over Lisk platform helping it to grow and stay healthy. With us you can earn free money with 0 risk.”

“We are a group of delegates in Lisk that are forging new coins and we are sharing them with every person who keeps their Lisk in their wallet and vote for us. We generate and pay you 0.28% every week, this means [The amount of coins you have in your wallet] x 0.0028″

How to earn coins?

If you don’t have Lisk coins you can go to any of the most recognized exchanges. For example Poloniex orBittrex. After you purchase your coins you will need to withdraw all of them to your own wallet.

First step
Create your own wallet.

Second step
(1)Send all your coins to your Lisk address, in addition your coins will be safer outside the exchanges.
(2)Once you have your coins in your wallet go to Delegates section

Third step
Vote for all of our members in this list, you can use the search box or go and select one by one, when you are ready click on the VOTE button (you can select up to 33 delegate per Lisk vote)

How to verify your account
Once you have your coins in your wallet and you have voted for all elite members go to and verify your account:

{filename}-Unverified-  Lisk Cryptocurrency Elite Group
1. Insert your voting address
Your voting address is the address of your wallet where you did the votes.

{filename}-Unverified-  Lisk Cryptocurrency Elite Group
2. Send 0.18 Lisk for verification
Send 0.18 Lisk to address 9524367522012787573L for verifying you are the owner of the voting address. Go to Lisk explorer and search your address, look below in the transactions records and find the one it says 0.18, copy the transaction id and paste it in the box showed above.

{filename}-Unverified-  Lisk Cryptocurrency Elite Group
3. Enjoy earnings
Now you can relax, you will start receive your reward every sunday.

I think this stuff is cool because there is zero risk,you will have your coin in your wallet and get paid at the end of the week

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