Let’s Compare The Two Ways Of Making Money – Hardwork Vs Smartwork [must Read]


Two ways of Making Money
I have always wanted to educate people on the little I know about making money though I haven’t made much myself!
But I have some experience ion how it works and that’s what I want to relate to you. I have carefully analyzed the process of becoming Rich myself as a person and I came up with two methods by which people become rich.

The two methods are the opposite of each other but they bring about similar results. The difference lies in the fact that one of the methods have a limited to which one can earn from it while the other has Unlimited possibilities in the land of making money and becoming Rich!

Surely, everyone wants to get Rich these days including most pastors. If anyone tells you, I don’t wanna be rich, then you know it’s a lie unless you meet the person idling away his time. Provided the person is up and doing something, he’s after currency, hard or soft, legit or illegal, whichever way.

However, what most people fail to understand is how the process of acquiring wealth happens. This is because most of them don’t even ask!


That’s a story for another day. So let’s face the topic of today… The two ways anyone can become rich.

… After pondering over what to name these methods, I have finally come up with something that may be confusing at first but with time, you’ll get to understand them by the explanation that follows each. They are HardWork & SmartWork! That’s it and we will go ahead and explain how each one works in the thread.



I would have loved to discuss SmartWork first but we should start with the Known to the Unknown! So,

1. Hardwork as a means of Becoming Rich

This Hardwork refers to the African man’s Hardwork as we know it. Here in Africa, people tend to believe that if you don’t work, there’s nothing for you. If you don’t work hard enough you won’t get paid.

Yeah, yeah, you need to work hard to make money. You need to put in a lot of energy into your business in order to succeed. You need to have experienced and you need to exploit all options available but the question is, what method are you applying?
If you have chosen the physical strength to achieve such goals and demands placed on you by the nature of your work, you have made a good choice a good part because you have showed significant determination which is an important ingredient of success.

For example, you cannot ask a kid to carry a bag of rice up a flight of stairs neither can you ask a man to carry a tractor.

If that’s the case, => then there is a limit to the amount of work you can do=> and also there is a limit to the amount of money you can make!
And that limit is something we have to eliminate if you must become rich and become rich fast!

I’ll explain SmartWork now and then compare the two so you can choose you yourself the means you want to adopt in your money making venture.


And now, unto the second part of the post, the last part actually which is the fun part as it has to do with SmartWork!

Am sure you like how the word sounds. Trust me you’ll also like how SmartWork works and how it has helped people to become rich in the past.
I hope that by the end of this post, you begin to make some decisions on your own on how SmartWork is going to help you make some important changes in your own life and see things spike up positively financially.
So, what is SmartWork?
As you will imagine, it is the opposite of Hard work which we spoke about before but that’s not true.

That’s the simple definition of SmartWork. I’ll go ahead and explain it below. SmartWork is not do different from Hardwork. The only difference is that SmartWork doesn’t rely solely on physical power/strength to effect motions that create channels for Money to flow back to someone. Rather it tries to bring in the 6th sense which most people fail to call upon when it comes to Making Money simply because they believe that the harder you work, the better you earn!
Now, let’s start dealing with examples because that’s the fastest way to understand how SmartWork works.
Example 1. A Labourer in the Field

How will you Categorize such a person?
Simple: Hardworking!
Yeah, truly Hardworking. He’s tilling the soil under the sun for his pay and if he tills one plot, he earns a certain amount.
If he tills twice that same plot, he’ll most likely earn double of what he would have earned and maybe a pat on the back for his… Hardwork.
He’s a Hardworking fellow because he’s using his strength in a way that many can’t but why is his pay yet small and why is it that there are not so many people who got rich by tilling the soil? After all, they work so hard.
We will find out soon.

Example 2. A Networking Business Owner
Now, have a look at this set of people. Take for exam, a money making system such as Direct Bank Savers .
What does DBS do?
Basically what every other networking business does.

You register with them with 5,500 and your sponsor gets 4,000.
1,500 goes back to DBS owners and managers.

You also will bring someone along who will register with 5,500
4,000 will go to you while the person founders of DBS will reserve 1,500 from the transaction!

As the process continues, the founders of DBS keeps making 1500 by just providing a platform for people to interchange money nonstop. That’s just how it works. It’s SmartWork.

Now, you begin to see the difference between SmartWork and Hardwork

Like I Said earlier, the terms Hardwork and SmartWork are just terms that I choose to give the process. You can choose to call it anything on your own.

Now these are the main differences between the two so you understand when you are engaging in one and when you are engaging in the other.
1. While Hardwork mostly relies on physical strength to solve problems and make moneymoney, SmartWork involves more of Brain work and brain power, something most people these days have proven to be largely incapable of.
2. SmartWork involves working out a Solution to Making Money as well as using and optimizing existing ways while Hardwork requires nothing other than doing what already exists till you exhaust your strength! [REPETITION]

3. SmartWork involves Creating & Nurturing
Hardwork involves maintaining and repairing [most of the time]

However, don’t make a mistake here
Both Hardworkers and SmartWorkers need a lot of energy to carry out their tasks. The difference lies in where the better part of energy us being channeled towards.

While, Hardworkers channel theirs to the muscles, SmartWorkers prefer to enrich their brain and give it more of the energy to produce greater rewards!

Transit From Hardwork to SmartWork
This is another big topic we are going to look at soon but I’ll like to leave you with this. The bridge closing the gap between Hardwork and SmartWork is not so far neither is it slim.
While some can easily jump from HW to SW, others will need assistance and guidance something am very much capable of providing.
Also, the time of transit largely depends on the area in which one is operating.
Finally, it all has to do with determination and definite-ness of purpose.

Choose to be a SmartWorker today and imagine as well as live the life you see yourself living in the next 5 years then you’ll be happy you read this post today!

If you found this article useful which I sincerely hope you do, take a moment and share with someone! Someone you feel may be touched by this post.

Who’s life may change for the better… Someone who will appreciate it.
Truth is that it doesn’t take time or anything much to do so but the effects can be everlasting!

Stay positive & expect more from me on this through the grace of God, I’ll deliver

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