Why Millions Of Nigerians Might Not Participate In 2019 Election

I do acknowledge the fact that the federal Government, individuals, and celebrities encourages adult Nigerians to retain their franchise and vote in the coming 2019 election.

But the major tragedy that might make millions of Nigerians not participate in the coming election, will be due to insufficient voters card registration devices, I took a stroll around several local governments in Nigeria in search of where to carryout my voters card registration but it was as if I was in search of river in a desert, it was quite alarming to realize that some citizens of Nigeria have to bribe their way to register successfully for their voters card, else, they will be stocked for days or weeks without achieving it

I later carried out survey and realized that over 50% of Nigerians who are qualified have not yet registered even when voters card registration will end in less than 40 days

Some Nigerians go to the extend of traveling to another state, city, local government less populated areas just to register, and most of these people don’t even bother to vote just because they can’t travel back to the state of registration but rather, will keep their PVC’s for the purpose of banks registration and other forms of international registration

In order to get almost the whole adult Nigerians registered, there should be sufficient registration centers, at least 6 centers in each local government

It’s less than 40 days already, INEC should do something about this, many Nigerians can easily relax and ignore registering after considering the stress they’ll have to pass through just to vote as registration now requires patience, not just patience, but gigantic patience in Nigeria

Written By Mr Ejump For 9jaflaver

Source: Wikiwaparz

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