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Download Flameproof Plywood Ft Worth, Dallas 817 740 9197 Flame Safe download mp4 3gp mp3

Flame Safe flameproof plywood for interior or exterior applications Fire rated plywood ASTM E84, UL723, NFPA255, UBC 8-1, ASTM D2898 KDAT - 15% - Flame Spread 0 - smoke 75 www flamesafeplywood com and www fireproofplywood com Flame Safe flameproof lumber KDAT 19% - Flame spread 9 - smoke 120 flamesafelumber com Flame Safe manufactures all sizes, grades and species of flameproof plywood including marine and aircraft grade Flame Safe OSB (oriented strand board) ASTM E84, UL723, NFPA255, UBC 8-1, fire rated at f s 0; s d 40 www fireretardantosb info Flame Safe i-joists ASTM E84, UL723, NFPA255, UBC 8-1, fire rated f s 0; s d 80 www fireratedijoist com Flame Safe exterior flameproof timbers - fire retardant and preservative treated wood decking www fireretardanttimbers com exterior fire retardant cedar and douglas fir wood siding - numerous profiles Custom and specialty flame retardant flameproof treated building materials Call 1-800-333-9197 Flameproof Plywood is used in many applications commercial and residential floor, wall and roof assemblies, T1-11 siding, exterior decking, fencing, packages and boxes,scaffolding materials, signs, marine Permanence Flame Safe interior fire retardant treated lumber and flame retardant plywood is a permanent guard against the spread of flame Strength Flame Safe s aqueous based resin fire retardant treatment and kiln-drying process strengthens the wood Hygroscopicity Flame Safe s exterior and interior flameproof plywood and flame retardant lumber is no more hygroscopic than untreated wood of any given species Corrosion Flame Safe exterior and interior fire retardant plywood and lumber does not demonstrate any greater corrosion rate than untreated wood on l fasteners or hardware Decorating and Finishing Flame Safe exterior and interior fire retardant plywood and lumber surfaces have a clear finish and can be stained and painted with ordinary preparation, however avoid using lacquer based stains or varnishes Field Cuts Flame Safe exterior and interior fire retardant plywood and wood allows the user to re-surface, mill, or rip lumber or plywood provided the exposed surfaces are coated with Flame Safe fire retardant coating (Fire Poly) Versatility Flame Safe exterior and interior flameproof plywood and flameproof lumber is compatible with most waterborne preservative treatments for lumber, plywood and timber for exterior and in ground use Non combustible (non com) - fire resistant plywood and lumber Flame Safe Chemical Corporation manufactures interior and exterior fire retardant coatings, sprays and penetrants ( www flame-safe com ) for wood and wood products, fabric, canvas tent materials, carpets, PVC pipe, fiberglass pipe, styrofoam, polystyrene, Thatching, thatch tiki hut roofing, fencing, decking, paper, cardboard, Christmas trees, wildfire protection and more Fort Worth, Dallas, DFW, Austin, San Antonio, Houston, Denver, El Paso, Shreveport, Little Rock, Oklahoma City, Tulsa, Amarillo, Abilene, Waco, Corpus Christi, Odessa, Midland, Denver, Nashville, Memphis, Atlanta, Colorado Springs, St Louis, Lubbock, New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Washington DC, Fort Worth, Indianapolis, Birmingham, Pensacola, Raleigh, Durham, Vegas, Phoenix, Tampa, Miami, Orlando, St Petersburg, Baltimore, Columbus, Cleveland, Chicago, Detroit, Albuquerque, Reno , Minneapolis, Fargo, Bismarck, Cincinnati, Dayton, Boston, Atlantic City, Jersey City, Fort Worth, Denver, Dallas, Boise, Tuscon, Yuma, Portland, Seattle, Eugene, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Des Moines, Grand Rapids, Pittsburg, Philadelphia, Erie, Buffalo, New Your City - NY City, Rochester, Denver, Laredo, Brownsville, Galveston, Texarkana, Kansas City, Wichita, Lexington, Charleston, Alexandria, Mobile, Montgomery, Denver, Fort Worth, Dallas, Plano, Fr


Download Перегружатели SENNEBOGEN эффективное решение для перевалки отходов download mp4 3gp mp3

Перегружатели SENNEBOGEN, представленные в видео ✅ Sennebogen 817Е – эксплуатационный вес 18,6 т , вылет стрелы до 9м ✅ Sennebogen 818Е – эксплуатационный вес 21,8 т , вылет стрелы до 10м ✅ Sennebogen 821Е – эксплуатационный вес 23,9 т , вылет стрелы до 12м ✅ Sennebogen 825D – эксплуатационный вес 28 т , вылет стрелы до 14м 👉🏻 Любая машина может оборудоваться ДВС или электродвигателем 👉🏻 Шасси любой машины может быть мобильным, гусеничным, стационарным 👉🏻 Различное навесное оборудование исходя из поставленных задач ⠀ ★ Приобретение и консультации, описание и технические характеристики по ссылке ► s lonmadi ru catalog sennebogen peregruzhateli-kolesnye ⠀ ► Подписывайтесь FACEBOOK ► s www facebook com lonmadi INSTAGRAM ► s www instagram com lonmadi VKONTAKTE ► s vk com jcbLONMADI TWITTER ► s twitter com jcbLONMADI TELEGRAM ► s t me jcbLONMADI #lonmadi #kwintmadi #senne


Download TRUCKER RUDI 09 04 16 meeting up with Ruth Fry and Elizabeth McDaniel Vlog#817 download mp4 3gp mp3

TRUCKER RUDI 09 04 16 meeting up with Ruth Fry and Elizabeth McDaniel Vlog#817 You can now find me on my Website www truckerrudi com "Trucker Rudi Here" Welcome to "My Life as a trucker" "My Trucker life on the road" I m Rudi, Man from Bolivia and I live in Manitoba Canada I document and make videos (vlog) (trucker Blog) about my Trucking life on the road things I see and things that happen on the road sometimes there are funny things happening on the road and sometimes there are stupid things no matter what it is I document it via video I am a family man I have a wife and two kids I hope you will enjoy my videos and Hit that subscribe button and follow me on my daily Journey travelling across Canada and the United States of America I drive a 780 Volvo 475HP 1850 torque with a 2000 Cummins ISX Engine and it has a Eaton Fuller Transmissions 13 Speed Support Trucker Rudi show only if you feel that I have brought value to you or that my videos have been educational for you and you would feel the need to support my channel for me to create great content for you I work very hard to create the best content for you guys the best quality video I can possibly create and it cost me a lot of time and effort and money to put these videos up for you guys it cost me roughly US$120 a month to have Internet in the truck to be able to upload the videos for you guys Plus the cameras are not cheap I don t want you guys to feel obligated to donate to my channel it is optional if you did donate to my channel I appreciate it very much and I will put that to good use The donations will go towards creating better content and doing things for my channel it will not go for personal things thank you very much Here is a link that will direct you to PayPal to make a donation with paypal s goo gl NdK38c how to donate video s www youtube com watch?v zbN37ojtY8I Check out my online store where you can shop for all kinds of cool Trucker Rudi items shop spreadshirt com TruckerRudi talk to us on s zello com AT Trucker Rudi or on channel Trucker Rudi Community or www voxer com at cawaljero or Rudi Dueck or Trucker Rudi Dueck I work for Penner International Inc www penner ca If You want to make money making YouTube videos partner with this company it s a very good company the Link is right below s www freedom tm via TruckerRudi I used the very highest setting that the camera has for recording my videos if you look on youtube you ll see 1080p at 60 frames per second if you choose to go with that setting on your computer you may experience the video freezing up at times if you are experiencing freezing up than go with a lower video quality setting Camera I use the GoPro Hero 3+ Black edition and a HERO4 Black s shop gopro com hero4 hero4-black CHDHX-401 html shop gopro com cameras hero3plus-black CHDHX-302-master html Facebook s www facebook com TruckerRudi Instagram TruckerRudi s www instagram com truckerrudi ?hl en Twitter Twitter@ s twitter com TruckerRudiHere Google+ s plus google com u 0 +RudiDueckTruckerRudiher posts @periscope TruckerRudi @snapchat Trucker_Rudi Linkedin s www linkedin com hp ?dnr DToEr5f-bmZ1EYbmpb13r5f-bm7T3YVgSplU Email me Email@ cawaljero@gmail com see you tomorrow at 2 00 am Thanks for watching If you like the intro video you can get one Design from Ron Contact info Ron Trucker by Design www truckerbydesign com truckerdesign@gmail com The credit goes to John for playing the music for me thanks John The credit for the music Ronni Wiens ( s creativecommons org licenses by 4 0 ) s www youtube com audiolibrary music s www freedom tm dashboard audiomicro www audiomicro com s player epidemicsound com positionmusic com s creativecommons org licenses by 4 0 Licensed under Creative Commons By Attribution 3 0 creativecommons org licenses by 3 0 ***All Maps Provided by Goog


Download Lumberwhack Defend the Wild Walkthrough Part 1 Android Gameplay HD download mp4 3gp mp3

Lumberwhack Defend the Wild Walkthrough Part 1 Android Gameplay HD New Tower Defense Game (by Koloss Interactive) #pryszardgaming Lumberwhack Defend the Wild Walkthrough Playlist s www youtube com playlist?list PLyucSNUrI7Ovcib-C_Jw6HZ-8IBJLwFjt My other playlist New Android Games Playlist s www youtube com playlist?list PLyucSNUrI7OunwNxRumVET_RWmJdlGXzf New iOS Games Playlist s www youtube com playlist?list PLyucSNUrI7OvEgeb4sJC1Ps-kX2x8iN57 Android iOS Walkthrough Games Playlist s www youtube com playlist?list PLyucSNUrI7Os55MM6NgkpVCjESYrMshfw Stickman Games Playlist s www youtube com playlist?list PLyucSNUrI7OsWT817FJdtcipzxyoHGfMr Tower Defense RPG RTS Playlist s www youtube com playlist?list PLyucSNUrI7OuyBw63F_f2rsBf5HiXid0- 2D Android Games Playlist s www youtube com playlist?list PLyucSNUrI7OtMQ-1d126_gexMfJmWcYKq Horror Games Playlist s www youtube com playlist?list PLyucSNUrI7OsXOUj_UhnzJ28n-hCkDtyc Subscribe s www youtube com channel UCRf4-iCB2SXg9OsuFauzlsw?sub_confirmation 1 Download s play google com store apps details?id com kolossinteractive lumberwhack In this free action-packed defense game you help Koko Kornelius, the mad and brave monkey to defend his homeland from wicked lumberjacks! Discover, set free, upgrade, and evolve your minions to the ultimate animal army! “Terrific fun makes the time pass quickly” —148Apps “Most fun castle defense games I ve played” —Touch Arcade OVER 200 CHALLENGING LEVELS! Choose your own path through this seemingly endless survivor defense game in a quest to become the king of the hill! This addictive game will keep you entertained for hours on end with exciting gameplay and over 200 unique levels! If that’s not enough – survive the Endless Forest! COMMAND AN EXTRAORDINARY ANIMAL ARMY! Discover and upgrade the Smashback Gorilla, Punchbag Panda, Backattack Alligator, Kickaroo kangaroo, Rock n’ Roar Lion, Swiftpaw Tiger, Snowtail Leopard and many more unique animals in this wild forest zootopia All with there own special abilities and elite skills! A WALK IN THE PARK? IT’S A WAR IN THIS PARK! Battle chainsawers, gunslingers, fierce rangers and giant axe wielding lumberjacks! This exhilarating tale isn’t a walk in the park - each enemy presents you with a new threat and a challenge to overcome! Will you win the war? FREE BONUS ITEMS! Receive a bunch of items from completing Achievements during your jungle adventure Collect Daily Bonus awards to help you revenge your animal minions And reap the rewards from the free Stage Bonus as you beat each challenging level! MORE COOL FEATURES! - The ultimate strategy and action-defense game wrapped into one wild package! - Compete with your friends via Google Play Leaderboards! - Get the ultimate time score on the endless Survival Mode! - Collect over 60 achievements as you advance through the game! Can you collect them all? - A zootopia of colorful graphic and amusing animations! - Adventure through a variety of nature, from thick forest, tropical Madagascar, swamp, mountain range, and freezing ice age - Defend the forest kingdom with your powerful animal minions! - Use Koko, the monkey king of the jungle, to swing just like Tarzan or fight the evil lumberjacks and rangers in close combat on the ground! - Record your own gameplay video with Everyplay and share it with your friends! PRESS QUOTES “Lumberwhack is perfect for quick sessions, long playthroughs, or anything in-between…one of the most fun castle defense games I’ve played” —Touch Arcade “terrific fun…makes the time pass quickly With plenty of levels on offer…Lumberwhack Defend the Wild should keep many a tower defense fan happy” —148Apps “You will find yourself missing stops on a train trying to fight off the waves of enemies, and not care one bit ” —Developer s Accomplice “Many side-scrolling castle defense games of this type tend to be a repetitive bore, but happily, Lumberwhack Defend the Wild makes for some fun action The skills and upgrades are probably the best part of Lumberwhack Tower defence fans should certainly give this a try ” —iFanzine “This is tower-defense gaming evolved incorporating features of other titles in the genre and refining them into something addictively pure ” —Noobs


Download 🐚 Hermitcraft 5 | Let's Play Minecraft Survival | EPIC Storage Warehouse! DUAL Micro Farms! [#30] download mp4 3gp mp3

💎 Hermitcraft 5 (Let s Play Minecraft Survival) - FINALLY making a proper storage warehouse and creating DUAL animal farms! ⭐️ Subscribe For More! - www tinyurl com PythonGB ⭐️ Python s Patreon Page! - www patreon com PythonGB ⭐️ (AD) Powered by Chillblast! Check out the epic looking Python PC I m using here - tinyurl com PythonPC ● Follow me on Twitter - twitter com PythonGB ● Check out my 2nd Channel - www youtube com PythonGB2 ● Follow me on Mixer - www mixer com PythonGB ● Check out my website - www pythongb com ★ Hermitcraft Season 5 Playlist (Keep up to date on the series!) ★ tinyurl com Hermitcraft5 We re back on the Hermitcraft Minecraft Survival server on its 5th season! In this Minecraft Survival Let s Play, I aim on interacting with the other Hermitcraft members as much as I can while also going ahead and colonising a large forested area! Hope you guys enjoy this Minecraft Survival Let s Play! Thanks for watching! 😃 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ★ HERMITCRAFT MEMBERS (26 Members!) ★ ● Bdubs - s youtube com BdoubleO100 ● Biffa - s youtube com biffaplays ● Cleo - s youtube com zombiecleo ● Cub - s youtube com cubfan135 ● Doc - s youtube com docm77 ● Etho - s youtube com ethoslab ● False - s youtube com falsesymmetry ● GTWScar - s youtube com goodtimeswithscar ● Hypno - s youtube com hypnotizd ● iJevin - s youtube com ijevin ● Iskall - s youtube com iskall85 ● Impulse - s youtube com impulseSV ● Jessassin - s youtube com thejessassin ● Joe H - s youtube com joehillstsd ● Keralis - s youtube com keralis ● Mumbo - s youtube com thatmumbojumbo ● Python - s youtube com pythongb ● Rendog - s youtube com rendog ● Stress - s youtube com Stressmonster101 ● Tango - s youtube com tangoteklp ● TFC - s youtube com selif1 ● Vintage Beef - s youtube com vintagebeef ● Welsknight - s youtube com welsknightgaming ● xB - s youtube com xbxaxcx ● Xisuma - s youtube com xisumavoid ● Zedaph - s youtube com ZedaphPlays -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ★ More Of My Content! ★ ● Minecraft Survival Let s Play - tinyurl com MCSurvivalLP ● Terraria Calamity Playthrough - tinyurl com TerrariaCalamity ● Terraria Ranger Playthrough - tinyurl com TerrariaRanger ● Subnautica Let s Play - tinyurl com SubnauticaLP ★ PYTHON S VANILLA MODIFICATIONS RESOURCE PACK ★ You can obtain my custom resource pack (called "Python s Vanilla Modifications") from my website pythongb com downloads or alternatively from here - s www mediafire com ?3pboj817mb77236 ♬ Background Music ● INTRO - "Buddy" (By BenSound) ● OUTRO - "My Own Paradise (By Tobu) BenSound - bensound com Tobu - s www youtube com user tobuoff


Download КНИГА МОНСТРОВ В РОБЛОКС | Roblox Book of Monsters download mp4 3gp mp3

В этом режиме Роблокс под названием "Книга Монстров" (Roblox - Book of Monsters) есть две команды «Люди» и «Монстры» Люди должны победить гигантских монстров, прыгая на пуговицы, такие красные кнопки на спине, избегая при этом их разрушительных атак Другие режимы Roblox s goo gl WK4oPS Ссылка на карту Roblox - Book of Monsters s www roblox com games 434010118 Book-of-Monsters Другие игры на канале Hello Neighbor (Привет Сосед) s goo gl dUvz6S Kick the Buddy s goo gl nqDBtM My Memory of Us s goo gl MDrHqb Breathedge s goo gl BXn3ab Момо (Momo) - s goo gl sLkApx House Flipper - s goo gl 5jS2RU Granny (Гренни) - s goo gl 1d8whp Sonic Generations - s goo gl NSAAgF Sonic Forces - s goo gl tS9KDz CHUCHEL (ЧУЧЕЛ) - s goo gl 2WhwFb Plants vs Zombies 2 It s About Time - s goo gl Bxk1CS Sea of Thieves (Воры Морей) - s goo gl Sdzyga ROBLOX (Роблокс) - s goo gl NNU9Je Slime Rancher (Слайм Ранчер) - s goo gl QFbLYa Alice Madness Returns s goo gl VCjdm2 Odysseus Kosmos and his Robot Quest - Episode 1 s www youtube com playlist?list PLZvGmYY7j2hMIqImtoYIWw2UslKIO5qCh Doki Doki Literature Club (Тук Тук Литературный Клуб) s www youtube com playlist?list PLZvGmYY7j2hN8PvP6rdJ1a_p78W-qv1JF HIVESWAP s www youtube com playlist?list PLZvGmYY7j2hM-Ket8E9zPAoooQbiE1DO_ Subnautica s www youtube com playlist?list PLZvGmYY7j2hNmX8LcLqP7_XqLLOj8tcxQ My Time At Portia s www youtube com playlist?list PLZvGmYY7j2hOj4mk2WMGnPH22CyBJUm3l Little Inferno s www youtube com playlist?list PLZvGmYY7j2hOkQuMmq85hneFRavG93GeV Octodad Dadliest Catch s www youtube com playlist?list PLZvGmYY7j2hP1Uldy7QMdr5wRHE-vqnAm Bridge Constructor Portal s www youtube com playlist?list PLZvGmYY7j2hPc1O32RhZyYPQyqPCPL7zG Yooka-Laylee s www youtube com playlist?list PLZvGmYY7j2hOX2TvSR-kOLHxXcRtqwbQN Portal 2 s www youtube com playlist?list PLZvGmYY7j2hN0Pv825eaYdu85-VpE9-EV Silence s www youtube com playlist?list PLZvGmYY7j2hNvbWgEKuPnk5vxJcEfzqSr Little Nightmares (Маленькие кошмары) s www youtube com playlist?list PLZvGmYY7j2hP8RbBROYEFs0uUfx2EF57w Deep Rock Galactic s www youtube com playlist?list PLZvGmYY7j2hMN15UZ2ixDCNuyZ5aKzU3k Wuppo s www youtube com playlist?list PLZvGmYY7j2hO77MmqJNSEA7vOTv3L8z12 Claybook s www youtube com playlist?list PLZvGmYY7j2hOnkGMb5WAsB00aH1Wbmccs Cefore s www youtube com playlist?list PLZvGmYY7j2hP9g5oFS_Jv0PXGUdzGnBQX Heartbound s www youtube com playlist?list PLZvGmYY7j2hOEqWC-3W9B5GdLlqy8AyoZ LIMBO s www youtube com playlist?list PLZvGmYY7j2hPvx-NsqNapc5Iv9e573AIo Вечное лето(Everlasting Summer) s www youtube com playlist?list PLZvGmYY7j2hMzd5DgCO0Zo9WTqnIJksup de Blob s www youtube com playlist?list PLZvGmYY7j2hOLbMaXSg7qS0v_oEB09v-8 Swamp Attack s www youtube com playlist?list PLZvGmYY7j2hMqj5OaCyWp2czPkA7nFwGV I am Bread s www youtube com playlist?list PLZvGmYY7j2hMrXzG1vYFti0dSRvY6bTn9 Night in the Woods s www youtube com playlist?list PLZvGmYY7j2hNFK2_jnfGNJsWgTgB6m0Cf Youtubers Life s www youtube com playlist?list PLZvGmYY7j2hMJ_yNqhwQsOKd2UbAIu3aj The Joy of Creation Story Mode s www youtube com playlist?list PLZvGmYY7j2hPkKWBrVszxy2ir8JPxTFPl Suicide guy s www youtube com playlist?list PLZvGmYY7j2hM8wuNrkedxidnt0BGzSrIv Как достать соседа Каникулы олигарха s www youtube com playlist?list PLZvGmYY7j2hOSYpJC0ER4FvBhtu7hUEqC Как достать соседа 2 Адские каникулы s www youtube com playlist?list PLZvGmYY7j2hN62Lw5Doim5F132ZJvt2EC Fran Bow s www youtube com playlist?list PLZvGmYY7j2hP_jI7__fxuSGoCUAdjYgEH КАК ДОСТАТЬ СОСЕДА(Neighbors from Hell) s www youtube com playlist?list PLZvGmYY7j2hMUvJUL9TjPBhiT0bV6ZmAc Undertale s goo gl f1hhxJ Among the Sleep s www youtube com playlist?list PLZvGmYY7j2hOmYqLivPj_eZK992WL7sFp Выжить в Мотеле Медведей Ужасы s www youtube com playlist?list PLZvGmYY7j2hPPoTJ15dFWFnNyooC4Wgwa Bendy and the Ink Machine s www youtube com playlist?list PLZvGmYY7j2hNDn4Eq-BYexEUV9Fu1dZUD Robbery Bob 2 Double Trouble (Воришка Боб) s www youtube com playlist?list PLZvGmYY7j2hP2onqmScDNOyqOpUOSdQV0 Grand Theft Auto V s www youtube com playlist?list PLZvGmYY7j2hM4S3P8WlJ10qz1A6YNqSDW The Amazing Spider-Man 2 s goo gl D9LLwP Human Fall Flat s goo gl 2EpKCc Fat Kid s goo gl BhySKS Unravel Two s goo gl 3n4saQ The Gardens Between s goo gl 5uA5KT Troll Face Quest s goo gl JPndRP 60 Parsecs! s goo gl UszVvy We Happy Few s goo gl 8LeM9G My Brother Rabbit s goo gl e


Download 2019 PANINI IMMACULATE CASE BREAKS download mp4 3gp mp3

We froze in the original stream so here we are finishing up case 2 and 3 Please subscribe! Become a Channel Member (Currently 99 Members!) s www youtube com channel UCBUF4GX277yARAA5BypZiaQ join Support me on Patreon and get early access to the case breaks and free stuff each month s www patreon com user?u 11968469 This Sunday night we are breaking 100 boxes of 2019 Archives Signature Series! 2019 Topps Archives Signature Series 50 box break + 1 box Optic (Break J) s www ebay com itm 264408777600 2019 Topps Archives Signature Series 50 box break + 1 box Optic (Break K) s www ebay com itm 254309117500 My ebay store s www ebay com str sugarwill62604 CHANNEL SPONSORS Linda & Bob Whiteley, Tom Adey (consider donating to the Wounded Warrior Program), Tommy Tereshinski, Paulie Garofalo (Benefactor Status) YOUTUBE SPONSORS (PLEASE SUB TO THESE ) Darren Comfort (Benefactor status) s www youtube com channel UCKCY iCards s www youtube com channel UCNoz Big K s Cards and Collectibles s www youtube com channel UC-di If you d like to donate cards for me to open on video, please send to the address below I will thank you in the video upon opening your package and give you a shout out, but am *unable* at this time to write a return letter or send you cards back due to the extreme workload of breaking cases each week, sorting them all and packaging them up I will make sure that the cards you donate find a good home either to a Patreon patron or given away to subscribers Jabs Family FMF Donation PO Box 402 Pleasant Unity PA


Download 4 Circuits to reuse Washing Machine Motors [Arduino vs Basic Triac control] download mp4 3gp mp3

We look at four different methods to reuse and control universal motors from old washing machines These motors are known as ‘universal motors’ because the can be driven with both AC and DC current We look at how to bench test the motors in the first circuit, before having a look at the second, a classic triac based control circuit that has been used in industry for decades The video shows how to adjust the speed of the motor and how to improve the classic triac based circuit by rectifying the output and driving the motor with direct current The gives MUCH better speed regulation, for workshop type applications where the load will vary (eg when the motor is used to drive a small lathe, disc sander or pillar drill) The third circuit is one I haven’t tried yet, that builds on the previous circuit It adds another, more sensitive trica that apparently helps the consistent triggering of the main power triac Further reading on this circuit here visit news pdf94 In the fourth circuit we look at how to control the washing machine motor with an Arduino Here we are using a PID based algorithm and a closed loop system that adjusts based on the speed it senses from the motors tachometer This is the system I am built into the multi purpose rotary machine machine construction rotary_tool I have been making The control system uses the Arduino library written by Brett Beauregard visit news arduino6 , and circuit by Saulius Bandzevičius motor run hackster7 A components list to go with the fourth circuit diagram (the Arduino one) can be found here b link machine78 as well as a load of other build details A parts list for the second circuit is here make pictures lathe6 Subscribe to my channel for upcycling and interesting DIY projects! s www youtube com user FloweringElbow ?sub_confirmation 1 Quick Links to Tables and Circuit Diagrams 01 04 - Table showing Typical connections on a Universal Motor (armature, field windings, tachometer, temp cut out) 02 27 - 1st circuit to power and test motor at mains voltage - no control, but limits RPM 03 35 - 2nd Washing machine control circuit schematic using simple triac speed regulation 04 03 - Diagram of AC waveform and triac control firing 05 49 – Circuit diagram of improved speed regulation triac motor control Uses a direct current low voltage supply to energize the motor’s filed winding, and rectified triac output to power the armature 07 10 – The 3rd Control Circuit an untested improvement that uses an extra, more sensitive triac to send a pulse train to triac T1 once the diac’s break over voltage is reached See here for more details on this circuit visit news pdf94 10 37 – The 4th diagram Bandzevičius’ circuit diagram of Arduino basted universal motor control This uses closed loop speed regulation 10 57 – The motor control module of the Arduino control circuit How the arduino triggers the power triac 11 40 – Relay control section of the Arduino circuit 12 11 – Rotary encoder speed adjustment diagram 12 40 – The LCD diagram part of the Arduino system This displays the Real RPM and the RPM we want the motor to be spinning at 13 00 – The tachometer pulse detection circuit This inputs to the arduino the actual RPM of the motor so that the PID algorithm can work out how much current to send to the motor 13 24 – LM393 comparator pinout diagram 13 56 – The zero cross detection circuit This detects when the AC waveform passes through zero volts – something the Arduino needs to know to properly time the triac triggering 14 22 – PC817 photo coupler chip pinout Used to isolate the Arduino from mains voltage Lets Connect! Patreon s www patreon com floweringelbow My website www FloweringElbow org FB s www facebook com floweringelbow WARNING these circuits use mains voltage, which can kill Only attempt these circuits if you are a competent person in this area Music "Tachanka Machine Gun Cart Russia" by Leon Lishner and Friends CC BY S


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tiny cc CustomHomeBuildersinDFW Are you looking for custom home builders in DFW area? FWD Builders is a full service home building and remodeling company serving the DFW Metro since 1984 Our goal is to make your vision a reality -- on time, on budget, and just the way you imagined it From our years of experience we can build your new home, remodel your existing home, customize your kitchen or convert your bathroom into a luxury spa that will reflect your personality and enhance your quality of life FWD Builders have worked with many homeowners over the years that have suffered a loss or damage to their home We have the experience to work with your insurance company on your behalf to ensure your home gets the required repairs completed to your satisfaction We believe that working for you, rather than for the insurance company, helps us to help you get your life back in shape after a disaster occurs As new home builders in DFW, we have received numerous awards and have been featured in Better Homes and Gardens Special Interest Publications as well as an ABC Nightly News segment on Home Improvement For photos of some of our projects, visit our gallery page at tiny cc DFWCustomHomePhotos and take a look around, see our credentials and read all about our company Call Jim at 817-713-4620 to see your vision become a reality Services Home Builders in DFW Custom Home Builders in DFW New Home Builders in DFW youtu be CPFy2u


Download How to build a Ramada or Pavilion DIY (Part 2 Beams) download mp4 3gp mp3

DAY 2 - Installing the Beams I’m in the process of building my own This is the first “construction” thing I’ve tackled, so I wanted to document it to help others like me who want to do the same thing but don’t know how I will post new videos that capture one days work at a time I think that’s the easiest way to see exactly what is required and how to plan This is DAY 2, installing the beams (NOTE I added Part 2b to specify how to secure the 2x4s) Feel free to comment and ask questions, or just follow along as I attempt to tackle this project! I will try to answer them and be helpful if I can I am lucky enough to have a neighbor that already built a very similar one who is willing to help me! This is for informational purposes only, I can take no responsibility for any issues or injuries that occur from attempting this yourself ;) MATERIALS LIST (6) Simpson Strong-Tie 4"x6" 7-Guage Column Cap-CC46 - $219 31 for a 3-pack (8) 2x10x16in pressure treated wood - $20 77ea (12) 2x4x96in yellow wood - $0 (re-used from Part 1) (36) 5 8x8in galvanized bolts - $3 78ea (36) 5 8" galvanized nuts - $0 56ea (72) 5 8" galvanized washers - $0 34ea (14) 3 8" galvanized lag screws - $2 96ea (14) 3 8" galvanized flat cut washers - $0 24ea TOOLS LIST Truck for transporting materials (Rented from Home Depot) - $22 Circular Saw Reciprocating Saw Square Long level Air Compressor (for framing nailer) Framing nailer TOTAL COST $852 30 RUNNING TOTAL $11

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