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Download Speaker Knockerz Lonely (Official Video) Shot By @LoudVisuals mp4 download free video

Speaker Knockerz "Lonely" Available Now Itunes smarturl it 4by7gk Google Play smarturl it 82mg36 Amazon smarturl it hkl1fg Spotify smarturl it tfgaul SUBSCRIBE to Speaker Knockerz record label Talibandz Entertainment Youtube Channel for more original music and videos s goo gl X6dNvJ Started out with nothing I was hungry, Now I got a couple niggas bitches on me, Fuck nigga I don t wanna be yo homie, I had to make a couple bands by my lonely, I had to make a couple bands by my lonely, I had to make a couple bands by my lonely, I had to make a couple bands by my lonely, Fuck nigga I don t wanna be your homie! All I wanna do is count commas, I had to make a couple bands for the come up, Got kicked out the house I had no option, I was goin through it with my mama, Juugin & finessing had to play it raw, Smokin weed dodging feds cause my head hard, When I dropped out I said fuck All of yall, Imagine pulling up to yo school in the best car, I was born in 94 I got the tattoo, I just took his bitch thats what that cash do, If you went from broke to rich quick you would brag too, Im sorry I finessed you out yo money but I had too! Started out with nothing I was hungry, Now I got a couple niggas bitches on me, Fuck nigga I don t wanna be yo homie, I had to make a couple bands by my lonely, I had to make a couple bands by my lonely, I had to make a couple bands by my lonely, I had to make a couple bands by my lonely, Fuck nigga I don t wanna be your homie! Hahahaha you mad or nah? Fuck nigga don t want war, them thangs go raaa raaa raa, thèse thots don t get no love, my pockets is on large, I m swimming in the guap, i got gold all on my watch, my belt cost one of yo checks, I m throwing all this money like bret, I know it make yo girl so wet, I know that pussy nigga upset, Im winning Im winning you lose, thats yo fault shoulda never snooze, you broke never make no moves, I be making movies no tom cruise! Started out with nothing I was hungry, Now I got a couple niggas bitches on me, Fuck nigga I don t wanna be yo homie, I had to make a couple bands by my lonely, I had to make a couple bands by my lonely, I had to make a couple bands by my lonely, I had to make a couple bands by my lonely, Fuck nigga I don t wanna be your homie! Music video by Speaker Knockerz performing Lonely (C) 2013 Talibandz Entertainment L

116827120 views | 890835 likes | SpeakerKnockerzOfficial | 2013-12-11 02:00:57

Download m A A d city Kendrick Lamar Ft MC Eiht lyrics dirty mp4 download free video

If Pirus and Crips all got along They d probably gun me down by the end of this song Seem like the whole city go against me Every time I m in the street I hear "YAWK! YAWK! YAWK! YAWK!" [MC Eiht Hook] "Man down Where you from, nigga?" "Fuck who you know, where you from, my nigga?" "Where your grandma stay, huh, my nigga?" "This m A A d city I run, my nigga" [Verse 1] Brace yourself, I ll take you on a trip down memory lane This is not a rap on how I m slingin crack or move cocaine This is cul-de-sac and plenty Cognac and major pain Not the drill sergeant, but the stress that weighin on your brain It was Me, O-Boog, and Yaya, YG Lucky ride down Rosecrans It got ugly, waving your hand out the window Check yo self Uh, warriors and Conans Hope euphoria can slow dance with society The driver seat the first one to get killed Seen a light-skinned nigga with his brains blown out At the same burger stand where --- hang out Now this is not a tape recorder saying that he did it But ever since that day, I was lookin at him different That was back when I was nine Joey packed the nine Pakistan on every porch is fine We adapt to crime, pack a van with four guns at a time With the sliding door, fuck is up? Fuck you shootin for if you ain t walkin up you fuckin punk? Pickin up the fuckin pump Pickin off you suckers, suck a dick or die or sucker punch A wall of bullets comin from AK s, AR s, "Aye y all Duck " That s what momma said when we was eatin the free lunch Aw man, God damn, all hell broke loose You killed my cousin back in 94 Fuck yo truce Now crawl yo head in that noose You wind up dead on the news Ain t no peace treaty, just pieces BG s up to pre-approve, bodies on top of bodies IV s on top of IV s Obviously the coroner between the sheets like the Isleys When you hop on that trolley Make sure your colors correct Make sure you re corporate, or they ll be calling your mother collect They say the governor collect, all of our taxes except When we in traffic and tragic happens, that shit ain t no threat You movin backwards if you suggest that you sleep with a Tec Go buy a chopper and have a doctor on speed dial, I guess M A A d city [MC Eiht] Wake yo punk ass up! It ain t nothin but a Compton thang Jeah Real simple and plain I mma teach you some lessons about the street It ain t nothin but a Compton thang Chyea How we do Fresh outta school cause I was a high school grad Sleeping in the living room in my momma s pad Reality struck I seen the white car crash Hit the light pole two nigga s hopped out on foot and dashed My Pops said I needed a job I thought I believed him Security guard for a month and ended up leaving In fact I got fired because I was inspired by all of my friends To stage a robbery the third Saturday I clocked in Projects tore up, gang signs get thrown up Cocaine laced in marijuana And they wonder why I rarely smoke now Imagine if your first blunt had you foaming at the mouth I was straight tweaking the next weekend we broke even I made allegiance that made a promise to see you bleeding You know the reasons but still won t ever know my life Kendrick AKA Compton s human sacrifice [Mc Eiht] Jeah Cocaine, weed Niggas been mixing shit since the 80 s loc Sherm sticks, butt nakeds Dip, make a nigga flip Cluck heads all up and down the block and shit One time s crooked and shit Block a nigga in Alondra, Rosecrans, Bullis I m still in the hood Loc yeah that s cool The hood took me under so I follow the rules But yeah that s like me, I grew up in the hood where they bang And niggas that rep colors is doing the same thing Pass it to the left so I can smoke on me A couple drive-bys in the hood lately Couple of IV s with the fucking spraycan Shots in the crowd then everybody ran Crew I m finna slay, the street life I crave Shots hit the enemy, hearts turn brave Mount up regulators in the whip Down the boulevard with the pistol grip Trip, we in the hood still So loc, grab a strap cause yeah, it s so real Deal with the outcome, a strap in the hand And a bird and 10 grand s where motherfuckers stand If I told you I killed a nigga at 16, would you believe me? Or see me to be innocent Kendrick you seen in the street With a basketball and some Now & Laters to eat If I mentioned all of my skeletons, would you jump in the seat? Would you say my intelligence now is great relief? And it s safe to say that our next generation maybe can sleep With dreams of being a lawyer or doctor Instead of boy with a chopper that hold the cul de sac hostage Kill them all if they gossip, the Children of the Corn They vandalizing, the option of living a lie, drown their body with toxins Constantly drinking and drive, hit the powder then watch this flame That arrive in his eye; this a coward, the concept is aim and They bang it and slide out that bitch with deposits And the price on his head, the tithes probably go to the projects I live inside the belly of the rough Compton, U S A made Me an Angel on Angel Dust,

549995 views | 3818 likes | Plain Sight | 2012-11-14 01:09:38

Download Wiz Khalifa Lil Wayne Euro Jae Millz French Montana Aint Worried About Nothin (Lyrics) mp4 download free video

Remix Lyrics Below 1-Wiz Got so much money I got racks on racks on racks on racks on racks Bitch so much money my shit stacks on stacks on stacks on stacks on stacks You see me smokin and you know I got that pack, I got that sack I got that O, I hit the club I lose control I smoke that loud, I know the grower Ball like the owner Hit this gin make things move slower I m never sober Roll some weed our eyes gets lower I m in my old school Ride it sound just like a newer motor They re wondering how I get these mills and still live like a stoner No other way, I get a 100k from each promoter Or more than that, hold up Money long it don t fold up Let me get some gin pour up Got some bomb weed roll up Niggas got their gang thrown up These niggas got their game, they got it from us I m with my gang and my niggas go nuts 2-Lil Wayne Tunechi in this muthafucka, Hail Mary, full of grace I don t remember her name, but I remember how her pussy tastes I go long so long, she love the way that I put it down Gotcha goin in circles, all you gotta do is look around I m mister right and she miss tonight, pussy so nice gotta kiss it twice Pussy so tight my tongue get stuck, my tongue get stuck like lickin ice Hoes call me QB, I throw that dick too deep I told her shes the preachers wife, she said practice what you preach She said ah me so horny, he love me long time I say how bout 69, she say numbers don t lie I say true you ain t never told no lie, you ain t never told no lie And you know they say love is blind, so close your eyes 3- Euro I m that Dominican nigga, your bitch be talkin bout I m in a different city, you can fuck her now I got a whole collection of my ho collection Y-M-C-M-B no autocorrection I said, "Fuck all y all niggas, except my niggas" Security don t check my niggas, all y all niggas gon respect my niggas Either that or get a whack or get a bat to the back of the neck my nigga Yeah that shorty with y all with y all, cause she never met a big dog til she met my niggas Got a big dream, from a small town Got a small circle, you never get around Old hoes thinkin I mma put em on now Room full of bad bitches, I mma put em all down Always been broke, who s rich now? I ain t never had change, why switch now? Money talks nigga, I ain t never heard shit Til y all heard me spit, now everything loud Got a mojo, with a flow-flow Got a whole load, don t know if it s a promo Never cuff hoes, hell no that s a no-no Coolin in the cut with a bud sipping romo No love for the po-po s Gotta pour more for my niggas in the hell hole Never tell though, I mma need a little more dope for my uncle Cause I sell flows and he sell dope, nigga work [Mack Maine] Yeah, Euro What up this Mack the fortune teller The nigga that put y all on Miley Cyrus Negrodamus my nigga Predicting futures You need some lottery numbers holla at me nigga I got you 4- Jae Millz Put a nigga in that hearse, long ass K no nina Word to Martin I m cold with this homie buck shots Like Pam make a nigga say, "Damn Gina" Millzy! Money don t mean nothing, my youngin I ll kill you for some sneakers This Dedication 5, no vacations slime We in the endzone and they in bleachers Cheerleaders, we ain t worried bout nothin , nothin Nigga act dumb, push the button, fuck em Get em out of here like the 6th foul in the NBA Little nigga no discussion Boy I ll close ya case, like judge Millz Lane All y all wack ass niggas stay out of Millz lane Big guns that go over the shoulder dog My team strapped, no overalls So please don t make me do it, got soldiers and shooters These bullets will swallow like shots of Kahlua When we light up the weed then we fly like a rumor Then hop on the plane and fly over you losers Put racks on your head now you sleep in the sewer I m not from this era that beef on computers Look boy if it s war, then all we comin after you Special I m smashin ya, somethin like Gallagher Shots in your challenger, shots in your passenger Hittin your girl then I m passing her Jae Millz ain t worried bout nothin Young Money ain t worried bout nothin D5! 5-French Montanas 1st Verse Nigga, I ain t worried bout nothin Ridin round through East Tremont Nigga, I ain t worried bout nothin Ridin round with that Nina Ridin round with that AK, that HK, that SK That beam on the scope Window down, blowin smoke Niggas frontin be broke Try rob me, gon get smoked That gun automatic, my car auto

76379 views | 334 likes | IDevuhstate | 2013-12-15 16:27:04
trick daddy FOLD MY FLAG(fuck the other side) As .MP4 3GP FLV-

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