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Download Rather Unique AZ (Lyrics) mp4 download free video

i don t own anything TUMBLR; novacaneandcocaine tumblr com Lyrics Rock the house East New York, East New York East New York, East New York East New York, East New York East New York, East New York To my nigga AZ to the fullest We was already loyal to people s minds and mulianis Now we more fucked up with a mayor named Guliani You can try to bomb me analyze but can t define me My mind s divine heavily entwined with Ghandi s Far from feeble, I leave your nostrils hard to breathe through Cause my cerebrals are more of a higher plane than the Hebrews Well my mic devotion brings out my deepest emotions Overdosing wannabes posing sending them through convulsions To hard to follow, you took a bite but couldn t swallow Your mind s boggled but I m as deep as Donald Goines novels My whole persona s kinda laid back like a recliner And since my mama, I been fucking with marijuana Wavy-haired, my skin got a money getting glare Strictly menace wear, making off a Guinness beer So where it all begins is here destiny and me finally meet So how can I be weak? I m rather unique Why I m rather unique Why I m rather unique Why I m rather unique Why I m rather unique Why I m rather unique Why I m rather unique Why I m rather unique Why I m rather unique My verbals rip shit brains give birth to thoughts in triplets Fuck it I m on some flip shit ready to let my clip spit, dramatical Vocals release shells like automatics Do music s magical causing any battle to be tragical I got styles sick as hell, sicker than sickle cell anemia Slaughter your circulatory like leukemia Filled with larceny, who want parts of me? I m vicious, mad malicious cause it s real on this road to riches I got this mastered, other rappers ll craft it Weak and wicked camoflauged as killers how they speak and kick it [- From www elyrics net read a az-lyrics rather-unique-lyrics html -] Peep this uniqueness nonbelievers I m leaving speechless Left to chokers and skunk smoke was coming through the speakers Surgically nice with any verbal device trife, breathing life into mics My insight s beyond the twilight so die, fight, no surrender, no retreat Techniques speak I m rather unique I m rather unique Why I m rather unique Why I m rather unique Why I m rather unique Why I m rather unique Why I m rather unique Why I m rather unique Why I m rather unique Why I m rather unique So it s gonna take more than your astrologist to knowledge this A physiologist couldn t even figure out the exoticness Raps demolishing certified the way I style it My wordplay blaze with the rays of ultra violence My culture s smiling, getting more in depth with each breath My biography follows the footsteps of Malcolm X Money and sex, Gore-Tex Donna Karan and Guess Finesse, success through the life stress mics I blessed Puffing trees to get me high as trapeze Flipping Japanese at ease when I m stacking G s So let s discuss, plus degrees How the rhyme forces the source for thoughts that s lost So don t cross cause it ll cost The ghetto savior, smooth, the real playa with flavor Moves be major with unexplainable behavior The word s on the street so keep your ears to the concrete Why I m rather unique Why I m rather unique Why I m rather unique Why I m rather unique Why I m rather unique Why I m rather unique Why I m rather unique Why I m rather unique Why I m rather unique Why I m rather unique Why I m rather unique Why I m rather unique Why I m rather unique Why I m rather unique Why I m rather unique Why I m rather u


Download AZ I Am The Truth (with lyrics) mp4 download free video

i don t own the song or picture, this track is off the album "The Format" (2006) dopest track on the album in my opinion [LYRICS] [AZ] It s the most marvelous Haha, so consistent, so Denevere This here is classical I m a genius! Allow me [Verse 1 ] Scrilla rap spitter, silverback gorilla, mass killer Heavy hoodie cow, hide, half chinchilla Watch for scrilla s cuz they hastle the dealers, for reala Y all little niggaz, me I lex and grilla, I m chilla Pillows of purple had to seal up my circle It s serious, when your seralbello senses alert you Pollack church shoes parolee homie s home on curfew Who s commercial, I verbalize universal Uniqueness, I m nonchalant nigga no secrets What ambiance never show weakness, control leakege Live niggaz know I speak it Verbalize outta eye, cuz we cohesive Flow s freakish Dough is just honor the pieces to the puzzle Like the streets always been to the struggle [Chorus ] I am the truth, truth On a whole nother level From the stone to the bezel To the chrome on the l I zone for the ghetto s (Huh! Huh!) I am the truth, truth Every coast gotta know I m the most with the flow No joke I m a pro I m like the pope on the low [Verse 2 ] Soul music so intense so live It s, no excuses y all been so deprived This is so exclusive and I m so obliged Certified superhero with no disguise Force the vibe for the niggaz got tossed aside and the misfortuned that lost they lives I survive, I weave from side to side No when to slide, stay hush, use my eyes to guide I m straight up Too tough try hide my pride Grew up amongst sky high homocide Who am I besides homie that exposed to phoneys The one and only still intact without the matrimony Still on track I cock back and, black like Toby Y all bastards know me, no wolfpack attack for doly [Chorus ] I am the truth, truth On a whole nother level From the stone to the bezel To the chrome on the l I zone for the ghetto s (Huh! Huh!) I am the truth, truth Every coast gotta know I m the most with the flow No joke I m a pro I m like the pope on the low [Hook ] Certified murder ties Been in beef, burglarise Been a beast, purchased pies Hell heat, perfect size Felt defeat, felt the rise Seldom sleep, dealt with lies Been Tel-Aviv through certain rides Smelt police, I works with high [Verse 3 ] Hood legend, household name Presence is felt, real niggaz vouch for my pain Ahead of myself, what else is there about this game The letters is spelt, so know when he drouch the same Measure my wealth with realness, I know what s good No mills missed, keep one foot in the hood I still spit like a lot of niggaz wish they would Can sell shit till I m stiffed and shipped in wood Misunderstood, mama s only son she s stressed to get it done She knows I m the last one left [Chorus ] I am the truth, truth On a whole nother level From the stone to the bezel To the chrome on the l I zone for the ghetto s (Huh! Huh!) I am the truth, truth Every coast gotta know I m the most with the flow No joke I m a pro I m like the pope on th


Download The A Z of YouTube Celebrating 10 Years mp4 download free video

#HappyBirthdayYouTube Ten years ago in May, YouTube launched in beta From the silly to the profound, from the personal to the political, we’re celebrating a decade of your creativity and self-expression And, we’re doing it from A to Z With over 75 references and 18 filmmaking styles, we ve tried to capture some of the richness and variety of YouTube from the last decade Featured from A-Z Animals Screaming Goats Grumpy cat - s www youtube com SevereAvoidance Keyboard cat - s www youtube com chuckieart Maru - s www youtube com mugumogu Battle at the Kruger - s www youtube com Jason275 Beauty Michelle Phan - s www youtube com MichellePhan Camila Coelho - s www youtube com MakeUpByCamila Zoella - s www youtube com Zoella Lauren Luke - s www youtube com panacea81 Ssin - s www youtube com Hines382 Sasakiasahi - s www youtube com sasakiasahi daaruum - s www youtube com daaruum Bethany Mota - s www youtube com Macbarbie07 Tanya Burr - s www youtube com pixi2woo Covers Megabloks - s www youtube com user megablokstv Walk off the Earth - s www youtube com user walkofftheearth Chris Hadfield - s www youtube com ColChrisHadfield Dance Evolution of Dance - s www youtube com judsonlaipply Thriller in Prison - s www youtube com byronfgarcia Epic Red Bull Stratos - s www youtube com redbull Epic Meal Time - s www youtube com EpicMealTime Fails Kicked in the head by a train - s www youtube com kickedindahead Gangnam Style PSY - s www youtube com officialpsy How-to Freddie Wong - s www youtube com freddiew Smosh - s www youtube com smosh Caspar Lee - s www youtube com dicasp iiSuperwomanii - s www youtube com IISuperwomanII Ryan Higa - s www youtube com nigahiga It Gets Better Dan & Terry - s www youtube com itgetsbetterproject Hannah Hart - s www youtube com MyHarto Telling my dad I m gay live - s www youtube com user AreYouSuprised The Rhodes Brothers (Twins come out to dad) - s www youtube com TheRhodesBros Tyler Oakley - s www youtube com tyleroakley Jimmys Jimmy Kimmel - s www youtube com JimmyKimmelLive Kidding around David After the Dentist - s www youtube com booba1234 Sophia Grace - s www youtube com SophiaGraceBrownlee Let’s play PewDiePie - s www youtube com PewDiePie Stampylonghead - s www youtube com stampylonghead Captain Sparklez - s www youtube com CaptainSparklez Leeroy Jenkins - s www youtube com pj007101 Memes Nyan Cat - s www youtube com watch?v QH2-TGUlwu4 Numa Numa - www youtube com c GaryBrolsma News Al Jazeera - s www youtube com user aljazeerachannel Meteor Hits Russia - s www youtube com RuptlyTV Old Spice Old Spice - s www youtube com OldSpice People Antoine Dodson - s www youtube com user antoinedodson24 Joanna Rohrback - s www youtube com Prancercise Overly Attached Girlfriend- s www youtube com laina Tay Zonday - s www youtube com TayZonday Questions V Sauce - s www youtube com vsauce ASAP Science - s www youtube com AsapSCIENCE Reactions Kids React - s www youtube com TheFineBros Mutant Spider Dog - s www youtube com wardegasa Singers Rick Astley, "Never Gonna Give You Up” - s www youtube com RickAstleyVEVO Susan Boyle - s www youtube com BritainsGotTalent09 Justin Bieber - s www youtube com kidrauhl Timelapse Noah Takes a Photo a Day - s www youtube com NK5000 Uplifting Double Rainbow - s www youtube com Hungrybear9562 Kid President - s www youtube com soulpancake Hearing for the first time - s www youtube com sloanchurman Vloggers Vlogbrothers - s www youtube com vlogbrothers Jenna Marbles - s www youtube com JennaMarbles Holasoygerman - s www youtube com HolaSoyGerman Hajime - s www youtube com 0214mex Danisnotonfire - s www youtube com danisnotonfire AmazingPhil - s www youtube com user AmazingPhil Charlieissocoollike - s www youtube com charlieissocoollike Shaytards - s www youtube com SHAYTARDS Weird and wonderful Salad fingers - s www youtube com Doki66 Dramatic chipmunk Charlie the Unicorn - s www youtube com SecretAgentBob Annoying Orange - s www youtube com realannoyingorange Xperiments Diet Coke and Mentos - s www youtube com EepyBird The Slow Mo Guys - s www youtube com theslowmoguys You The YouTube Community - Too many links! Zoo Me at the Zoo - s www youtube com watch?v jNQXAC9IVRw Music Alphabet Aerobics by Blackalicious - s www youtube com Blackaliciou


Download AZ Sugarhill (w lyrics) mp4 download free video

i wanna chill (Chill) on sugar hill (its so lovely, so lovely) AZ s for real (oh he s for real) he s for real (its so lovely sippin on bubbly) At times i wanna watch out the Mariot, zoning on owning co-ops, foreign drop top coups, and yachts guzzling straight shots a scotch, formulating up plots ta escape from Salems lock cuz its scorching hot, making it hard trying ta figure who s out ta trap me, Pataki, got all kinds of undercovers coming at me, perhaps he, won t be happy, til they snatch me, and place me where half slacks be, sitting in Catsaki, but never me, see, my destiny ta be forever free, in ecstacy, on a hill that awaits for me, so plus, just ta visualize is like a coke rush, vivid enough ta make living this a must, plus this is real CHORUS first line & (sugar hill baby, sugar hill baby) second line & (ayo son pull the shades down and lets count this money put the grants in the safe, cuz we spending the jacksons, the washingtons go to wify, ya know how we do) No more cutting grams, and wrapping grands up in rubberbands, i m a recovered man, our plans ta discover other lands, suburban places got me seeking for oasis, cristal by the cases, ladies of all races with dime faces, sex on the white sand beaches of Saint Thomas, though this ain t promised, I m as determined as them old timers, I wanna villa in a Costa Rica, so i can smoke my reefer and enjoy how life supposed ta treat ya, laid in the shades of the everglades, finally forever paid, wearing the finest fabrics tailors ever made, me and my team, carrabeans forseen, i guess being down for so long i m all in store ta see my dreams Chorus so until i see past the green pasture, me being supreme master, ain t much more life ta feind after, but another chapter, a new way of life to adap ta, cuz these streets a gas ya,and have ya caught up in the rapture de ja vouz, i could vision my killa crew, more hospitable, consciously aware plus political, cuz though they claim that every man created equal whats his native people, find it harder for nights to sleep through, but once established we living lavish, like the house of versi, paris, i gotta have it, it so plus, just ta visualize is like a coke rush, vivid enough, ta make living this a must, plu this is real Chorus 3x ending its so crazy im down wit AZ, its so lovely sippin on bubbly its so crazy jones and AZ, its so lovely sippin on bubbly I wanna chill on sugar hill baby I wanna chill on sugar hill baby I wanna chill, I wanna chill, I wanna chill on sugar hill baby Sugar

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