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Download Cosita Linda English Trailer download mp4 3gp mp3

- See more at www cisnerosmediadist com media sweet-thing#sthash XbWtJ9MH dpuf Ana Lorena Rincón is a beautiful young woman who lives in the low-income Los Angeles neighborhood called “La Esperanza ” When she and Diego Luján meet by chance at a store, the heir to a successful advertising agency is soaffected that he cannot get her out of his hea Diego is about to marry a famous model, Viviana Robles, but fate has other plans — and will turn this chance encounter with Ana Lorena into a stormy love story A few days before he is to marry Viviana, Diego runs into Ana again This time on a cruise ship where he is a passenger and she is working as a waitress With that unexpected meeting, a profound love flourishes between them and he decides to call off the wedding to start a new life with Ana But things don’t work out as they expected Viviana, angry and vengeful, sets a trap for Ana on the day that she and Diego are supposed to meet at the airport to travel together Falsely accused of drug trafficking, Ana is sent to prison for several months, unable to explain to Diego what really happened After being released, Ana begins working as a makeup artist and, once again, destiny brings her face to face with Diego Hired for a wedding, she soon discovers that the bride is none other than Viviana, who managed to win Diego back through schemes and deception, making him believe that Ana was really guilty of the crime she was charged for When Ana and Diego see each other that day, their feelings still overwhelm them, but now it is too late The couple’s future becomes even more complicated with the sudden appearance of Olegario, a half-brother that Diego never knew existed, who ends up falling in love with Ana This marks the beginning of a fierce battle between the brothers for Ana while Viviana’s lies slowly start to unravel Available i


Download Amor Secreto English Trailer download mp4 3gp mp3

- See more at www cisnerosmediadist com media amor-secreto#sthash OgqQDZdp dpuf Irene is the perfect secretary, a dream come true for any executive intelligent, efficient, and absolutely reliable But despite her impressive skills, she’s an introverted young woman with low self-esteem, which leads her to believe that she is not attractive to men This personal insecurity has made her focus intensely on her work, driven by a strong desire to achieve professional success As time goes by, and almost without realizing it, Irene falls in love with her boss, Leonardo Ferrandiz, a millionaire widower who is raising his five children on his own and is far too busy to notice his secretary’s feelings Irene’s secret love, and her profound sense of responsibility, will make her do many things –and put up with many others– to make Leonardo happy… Like, for example, play the role of substitute mother for his kids and solve countless problems, not only at the office but also at the Ferrandiz mansion With her loyalty and dedication, Irene will gradually earn her boss’s admiration as well as the respect and affection of his children And in the process, her experiences will help her become a different woman, more confident and assertive, capable of winning Leonardo’s love There will be many obstacles along the way, however, adding a good dose of suspense to this heart-warming story When it seems like Irene is finally realizing all her dreams, the malicious schemes of an unscrupulous woman will make her lose everything, including her credibility and even her freedom Will it be possible for Irene to vindicate herself and regain the support of those she loves


Download Secreto De Amor English Trailer download mp4 3gp mp3

- See more at www cisnerosmediadist com media secreto-de-amor#sthash japywmBU dpuf This contemporary telenovela, filmed at the most lavish locations in the city of Miami, is a love story that takes place in a world of immigrants… bringing to light their struggles, dreams, successes and failures María Clara is a sweet, good-hearted and hard working young woman who lives in Caracas with her mother and younger sister, Andrea María Clara is in a relationship with Carlos Raúl, a sensitive young mechanic who dreams of becoming a concert pianist Despite their poor financial situation, the couple is preparing for their wedding… but fate has other plans for them Carlos Raúl loses his job and eager to have a better life to share with his beloved María Clara, he decides to move to Miami in search of work as so many immigrants have done As difficult as it may be, María Clara understands his position and promises to wait for him In Miami, Carlos Raúl meets Barbara, the rich heir to the Serrano Zulbarán family Instantly attracted to the handsome young man, she gives him a job at her family s luxury hotel and decides to pursue Carlos Raúl Carlos Raúl is captured by Barbara’s beauty… but most of all by her millions Their relationship benefits him and within a year he is promoted to manager of the hotel Meanwhile in Venezuela, María Clara’s mother passes away, leaving her devastated Anxious to see her fiancé and pressured by her ambitious sister, a cold and conniving young woman who will go to any lengths to escape poverty, María Clara travels to Miami There, she falls victim to Carlos Raúl s deceit, as he hides that fact that he has married Barbara for his own personal gain However, María Clara discovers the truth when she meets the noble and charming Lisandro Serrano, Barbara’s brother, who falls madly in love with her Hopelessly heartbroken, María Clara marries Lisandro even though she it not in love with him What she felt for Carlos Raúl still remains true, both now both María Clara and Carlos Raúl are trapped in marriages that neither one of them is happy in Will they ever be able to leave the past behind and relive the love they once sh


Download Gata Salvaje English Trailer download mp4 3gp mp3

- See more at www cisnerosmediadist com media wildcat#sthash mRI4EbuR dpuf This compelling novela tells the story of Rosaura Rios, a beautiful young woman known as “Gata Salvaje” (Wild Cat) for her courage and indomitable character These are precisely the qualities that will help her confront evil, and come out victorious after living through a series of unforgettable experiences that take her from poverty to immense wealth and power, from love to heartbreak, and finally to the happiness she deserves Rosaura works tirelessly at three jobs to support her family Her father, an unemployed alcoholic, and her stepmother and stepsister, both frivolous and irresponsible, have left Rosaura to carry the household’s financial burden Her life changes drastically when she meets Luis Mario Arismendi, a handsome engineer from a high-class family Fate brings them together and eventually they marry She is madly in love but Luis Mario still mourns his first wife, who mysteriously disappeared in a boating accident He only married Rosaura to upset his sister, Eduarda, a ruthless woman determined to make him marry the spoiled Eva, whose millions could save the Arismendi’s from bankruptcy Conspiring to separate the newlyweds, Eduarda and Eva finally get their way Rosaura loses her beloved Luis Mario, ending up desolate, poor and lonely However, destiny has a monumental surprise in store for her she turns out to be the long lost granddaughter of Dona Cruz Olivares, a very wealthy and powerful old woman After inheriting Dona Cruz’s fortune, Rosaura decides to seek revenge from those who made her suffer With a different name and a completely new look, Rosaura takes over her grandmother s’s empire She turns into a sophisticated woman…but also becomes bitter and thirsty for justice Little by little, she brings down everyone who hurt her, including Luis Mario However, Rosaura’s life will take yet another dramatic turn as she realizes that her love for Luis Mario is unbreakable, and that he deeply loves her, too Now they can finally try to find the happiness that eluded them for so


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- See more at www cisnerosmediadist com media trapped#sthash fXl8lh4i dpuf A powerful story of love, hate and revenge in a luxurious setting Lavish mansions, sparkling ocean views, world-famous beaches, a breathtaking skyline, beautiful people… The quintessential elements of the trendy Miami, Florida play a starring role in Venevision International’s original production, "Trapped", an enthralling telenovela with all the ingredients necessary for an international hit The unbridled malice of the Irazábal family strikes twice to destroy the lives of a mother and daughter, 20 years apart Two decades ago, the evil Octavia Irazábal stole everything that was most dear to Fedora, from her two infant daughters to her booming perfume factory And as if that was not enough, she framed Fedora for a crime she did not commit, and for which she was convicted Now that Fedora is finally released from prison, she vows to recover the life that was so cruelly taken from her long ago What Fedora could never have imagined is that her eldest daughter, Diana, now 23 and a practicing nurse, will cross paths with the Irazábals, fall in love with Octavia’s son, Maximiliano and, just like her mother, become victim of this powerful family’s wickedness Luckily, fate brings together Fedora, who in her newfound freedom has become a nightclub singer called “La Gaviota” (The Seagull,) and Diana, not knowing that they are mother and daughter, as she and her sister, Gaby, were raised to believe that they are orphans Through her friendship with Diana, "Gaviota" also finds Gaby, who coincidentally works as a maid for the Irazábals Knowing how cold-blooded and dangerous Octavia Irazábal and her allies can be, "Gaviota" warns her daughters to stay away from the family altogether But no warning, however strong, can interfere with the love that Diana and Maximiliano feel for each other—a love that will be challenged, attacked, and virtually crushed by a group of malicious characters conniving against the couple… until "Gaviota" finally succeeds in getting her revenge and bringing down the Irazabals, saving her daughter from being trapped in their evil sch


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- See more at www cisnerosmediadist com media rebeca#sthash sg2f5t5A dpuf When two men fall in love with the same woman, trouble is bound to ensue But when those two men are father and son, the consequences can be devastating That is what happens to Eduardo and Sergio Montalban, both in love with the beautiful and kind-hearted Rebeca Linares When Rebeca sees Eduardo for the first time, she feels that she has found her Prince Charming They begin to date, and gradually fall in love By coincidence, his father, a very attractive widower, also meets Rebeca and instantly falls for her She becomes his close friend, unaware that Eduardo is his son One day, Eduardo finds out that the woman he adores is the same one his father intends to marry—and from that moment on he turns his love into hatred Rebeca is also shocked to discover the relationship between Sergio and Eduardo Life takes a drastic turn for Rebeca after this Scorned by Eduardo and faced with serious financial problems, she finnally accepts Sergio’s marriage proposal Circumstances force her to move into Sergio’s mansion, where she not only has to face Eduardo, but also the evil schemes of other members of the household, who resent her presence and make her life a living nightmare Meanwhile, there is a third man competing for Rebeca’s heart her loyal friend and neighbor, Martin Garcia, a noble spirit who can only offer her the truest love Which one will Rebeca finally find happiness with? Only time will te


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- See more at www cisnerosmediadist com media fallen-over-love#sthash 2B0E9jCZ dpuf Love plays a starring role in this fresh romantic comedy that breaks away from the traditional dramatic telenovela to tell a thoroughly entertaining tale Set in a bustling, cosmopolitan city, Fallen Over Love follows the interrelated stories of everyday people experiencing different stages and degrees of love – from the grounded, happy-ever-after grandparents to the middle-aged couple whose marriage is about to expire due to an overdose of routine… From the woman who distrusts all men and ends up falling for a liar, to the frustrated wife who rediscovers joy in the arms of her husband’s best friend… Binding these couples together is the central story of Matilde and Rodrigo, two young people destined to be together no matter how many tricks life plays on them Fearing Rodrigo’s rejection because her sister is his family’s housekeeper, Matilde invents an alternate reality where she is a spoiled rich girl whose parents are traveling the world Caught in a classic comedy of errors, Matilde and Rodrigo must overcome many misunderstandings before giving in to their honest and transparent love With a lighthearted tone and an abundance of comedic touches, Fallen Over Love tells true-to-life contemporary stories that are commonplace in any big metropolis and have universal ap


Download Corazon Apasionado (English Trailer) download mp4 3gp mp3

A lavish ranch sets the stage for this riveting telenovela from Venevision Productions Filmed entirely in HD on location in Miami and surrounding countryside, it features an all-star cast led by hearthrob Guy Ecker and gifted actress Marlene Favela Patricia Campos and her two sisters have grown up under the iron hand of their grandmother, Ursula, a wealthy landowner with a stern and domineering personality Despite Ursula s disapproval, the teenage Patricia becomes romantically involved with Marcos, a poor farm hand—but the relationship comes to a tragic end when he is mortally wounded Years later, still marked by the loss of Marcos, Patricia has become a bitter woman whose heart is closed to love, and has drowned her sorrow by devoting all her time to managing the family ranch as strictly as her grandmother The arrival of the handsome, charming, and self-assured foreman just hired at the ranch, Armando Marcano, drastically changes Patricia s life While at first she fights hard against the feelings he inspires in her, rejecting him, passion ends up taking over both of them and Patricia falls deeply in love But once again, happiness will not be easy to achieve Aside from facing her grandmother s opposition to her relationship with someone she considers beneath her, Patricia is up against a formidable rival her beautiful and wicked cousin Fedora, who wants Armando for herself The situation becomes even more difficult when Marcos suddenly reappears, very much alive and now a rich, ruthless man who ll stop at nothing to get Patricia


Download Tropico English Trailer download mp4 3gp mp3

- See more at www cisnerosmediadist com media tropico#sthash DxrMBqyM dpuf From the rich traditions of a tobacco plantation to the glamour of a beauty pageant in search of the perfect Caribbean woman, this extraordinary novela production takes viewers inside a sultry tropical paradise where passion, romance and intrigue unfurl Venevision International brings worldwide TV audiences an enthralling love story set in the magnificent tropical scenery of the Dominican Republic, featuring the much anticipated return to telenovelas of Latin music superstar José Luis Rodríguez “El Puma ” After being several years away from television, “El Puma” is back in a leading role as Guillermo Guzmán de la Flor, owner of the renowned cigar factory and tobacco plantation “La Guzmana,” and also owner of a multi-million dollar media and hotel conglomerate based in Santo Domingo Attractive, charming and immensely successful, Guillermo has two sons, Antonio and Juan Pablo, different in every way, but both in line to inherit control of the Guzmán empire At “La Guzmana,” in the picturesque town of San José de las Matas, works Angelica Santos, a beautiful young orphan who has been brought up in poverty by her wicked aunt Roberta During the day, Angelica rolls cigars with the utmost care and respect for her country’s traditions; but at night, she is forced to wait tables at her aunt’s shabby bar, where the worst kind of men are always trying to take advantage of her Angélica dreams of escaping that terrible environment, fearing that one day her aunt will demand that she give into her customers’ sordid wishes, but she sees no way out, until she is given the opportunity to participate in a new beauty contest launched in the capital by one of the Guzmáns’ television networks Angelica’s decision to compete in the “Caribbean Queen” pageant puts her in contact with Antonio, who is spearheading the contest Love blossoms between them almost instantly and this incredibly fortunate turn of events promises to radically change Angelica’s life But evil lurks near the loving couple, as Antonio’s snobbish mother, his bitter ex-girlfriend and his greedy brother Juan Pablo connive to separate them The three villains conspire with Angelica’s aunt Roberta, who arrives in the capital in search of easy blackmail money after reading about Angelica and Antonio in the newspaper, and together the four of them make plans to expose the young woman’s fabricated past as a prostitute A little bit before their wedding, Angelica and Antonio watch their future fall apart as the “truth” about her past is made revealed Antonio falls for the deception and feels betrayed by Angelica, calling off their engagement In a matter of moments, Angelica’s life and reputation are destroyed Thirsty for justice, she forms an alliance with Ramiro, Guillermo’s godson, who also has serious grievances against the Guzmán family and revenge becomes her driving f


Download Al Otro Lado Del Muro | Episode 01 | Telemundo English download mp4 3gp mp3

Full Episode www telemundo com novelas 2018 02 21 al-otro-lado-del-muro-capitulo-1-sofia-descubre-la-verdad-sobre-su-marido Ernesto makes himself look like a good man but hides an unforgivable secret SUBSCRIBE bit ly 1wdJ5eK Al Otro Lado Del Muro A story of opposite worlds, of cultural gaps, of different ways of life, reflecting the day-to-day of immigrants who try to make it in a world that is unknown, and sometimes hostile, to them A story that tells the life of two women who come to live in the United States one chasing a dream and the other one escaping from a nightmare SUBSCRIBE bit ly 1wdJ5eK Telemundo A division of NBCUniversal Hispanic Enterprises and Content, is a world-class media company, leading the industry in the production and distribution of high-quality Spanish-language content across its multiplatform portfolio to U S Hispanics and audiences around the world Telemundo s multiple platforms include the Telemundo Network, a Spanish-language television network featuring original productions, theatrical motion pictures, news and first-class sports events, reaching U S Hispanic viewers in 210 markets through its 17 owned stations, broadcast and MVPD affiliates; Telemundo Digital Media, which distributes Telemundo s original content across digital and emerging platforms including mobile devices and telemundo com; an owned and operated full power station in Puerto Rico that reaches 99% of all TV households in that DMA; and Telemundo Internacional, the international distribution arm which has positioned Telemundo as the second largest provider of Spanish-language content worldwide by syndicating content to more than 100 countries in over 35 languages FOLLOW US IN TWITTER bit ly 1vl4zqp LIKE US IN FACEBOOK on fb me 1EWlDol Al Otro Lado Del Muro | Episode 01 | Telemundo English s www youtube com user telemundoen

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