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Download रेबीज क्या है? What is Rabies? Symptoms | Diagnosis | Treatment | Hindi download mp4 3gp mp3

rabies FAQ s youtu be FzuJwJ8IcX8 Rabies is caused by infected animal bite or scratches Globally,dogs are the most common animal involved In the america,Bat bite are the most common source of rabies Approx 17,400 deaths worldwide in 2015 Virus involved in this disease is lyssaviruses including rabies virus SYMPTOMS are starting like viral disease like Fever,Headache then Hydrophobia(fear of water) to spasm of body to paralysis & coma and finally death of the patient There is abnormal behaviour in this disease like he she bite,fear of light,fear of noise,dellusion,hallucination etc I described here how to prevent this Cleaning of wound by animal bite to vaccines of rabies Vaccines schedule is on day 0,3,7,14,28 Example if bite on 01-01-2017 Then first injection on - 01-01-17( day 0 means day of bite) Then second injection - 04-01-17 Then third injection - 08-01-17 then forth injection - 15-01-17 then fifth injection - 29-01-17 If rabies once develop than rabies immunoglobulin is given If there is bite by healthy animal than you should follow that animal for 10 days for the purpose of - is there any abnormal behaviour developing or not? Thanks for watching, Bhavin ---------------------------------------------- Editor Parth Nathwani Contact - knowledgenetwork5050@gmail com ----------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------- Social Links ----------------------------------------------- Like Us On Facebook - s www facebook com beyourdoctor2016 Email - BeYourDoctorHelp@gmai


Download Rabies | Signs | Symptoms download mp4 3gp mp3

#grandvirose Rabies is a zoonotic disease (a disease that is transmitted from animals to humans), caused by the rabies virus, of the Lyssavirus genus, within the family Rhabdoviridae Domestic dogs are the most common reservoir of the virus, with more than 95% of human deaths caused by dog-mediated rabies The virus is transmitted in the saliva of rabid animals and generally enters the body via infiltration of virus-laden saliva from a rabid animal into a wound (e g scratches), or by direct exposure of mucosal surfaces to saliva from an infected animal (e g bites) The virus cannot infiltrate intact skin Once the virus reaches the brain, it further replicates, resulting in presentation of clinical signs from the patient There are two clinical manifestations of rabies – furious (classical or encephalitic) and paralytic Furious rabies is most common form of human rabies, accounting for approximately 80% of cases With the exception of Antarctica, rabies is endemic on all continents Of the tens of thousands of deaths occurring annually due to rabies, 95% of cases are reported in Asia and Africa Dog-mediated human rabies disproportionately affects poor rural communities, particularly children, with the majority (80%) of human deaths occurring in rural areas, where awareness and access to appropriate post-exposure prophylaxis is limited or non-existent The true burden of the disease is likely to be underestimated due to chronic underreporting and political neglect in many developing countries Improved reporting systems are required to address the lack of accurate data and validate these estimates in a number of regions Rabies is a 100% vaccine-preventable disease Countries embarking on rabies elimination programmes have successfully experienced marked reductions, often progressing to the elimination of rabies Elimination programs often revolve around mass dog vaccination campaigns, where at least 70% of the dog population should be covered in order to break the cycle of transmission in dogs, and to hu


Download WARNING MAY BE UPSETTING Rabid Dog download mp4 3gp mp3

This is hard to watch if you like dogs This female is rabid It is a stray so we do not know if it went through the first 2 stages (including the violent one) Animal control finally came and took it away Hopefully no one was infected by it Children and at least 1 adult felt sorry for the dog and were going to try to give it water and food They were warned the dog was rabid They were unaware that animals may not go through all the stages, including the well known aggressive stage NOTE This was an extremely dangerous situation DO NOT approach rabid animals; leave the area immediately I have had rabies vaccinations and watched the animal to ensure it was immobile I was also protected from the dog s fluids (saliva, etc ) This dog was in the final "paralytic" stage (which can last for 2-4 days) Symptoms include animal appears to be choking, foaming at the mouth, the dropping of the lower jaw, paralysis of the jaw, mouth and throat muscles You can see this dog exhibits all these There is no cure for rabies once the symptoms begin to show The WHO has information on the 7 levels of rabies danger Please alert children and adults who may not know Most people don t know that rabies danger exists even without a bite occurring The rabies danger level from the World Health Organization (WHO) www who int mediacentre factsh Category I – touching or feeding animals, licks on intact skin Per the WHO, no shots are required, but I would certainly see a qualified doctor Category II – nibbling of uncovered skin, minor scratches or abrasions without bleeding Requires immediate vaccination and local treatment of the wound Category III – single or multiple transdermal bites or scratches, licks on broken skin; contamination of mucous membrane with saliva from licks, contacts with bats Requires immediate vaccination and administration of rabies immunoglobulin; local treatment of the wound This is from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) www cdc gov rabies transmission From the UK health website www nhs uk Conditions Rabies P The initial symptoms of rabies are mild, but they quickly become serious THE INCUBATION PERIOD The incubation period for rabies is usually 2 to 12 weeks, although it can be as short as 4 days The closer the site of infection is to your brain, the shorter the incubation period For example, a bite to your face, head or neck will have a shorter incubation period than a bite to your arm or leg This is important because it is the only period in which treatment can be successful INITIAL SYMPTOMS The initial symptoms of rabies are often vague, and it can be easy to mistake them for other less serious types of infection They include a high temperature of 38ºC (100 4ºF) or above chills fatigue (extreme tiredness) problems sleeping lack of appetite headache irritability anxiety sore throat vomiting Around half of people will also experience pain and a tingling sensation at the site of the infection ADVANCED SYMPTOMS Initial symptoms of rabies last for two to 10 days before more severe symptoms start to develop There are 2 types of advanced rabies furious rabies, which accounts for 4 out of 5 cases dumb or paralytic rabies, which accounts for the remainder of cases FURIOUS RABIES Furious rabies is characterized by episodes of increasingly odd and hyperactive behavior, separated by periods of relative calm During these episodes a person may have some or all of the following signs and symptoms aggressive behavior, such as thrashing out or biting agitation hallucinations – seeing or hearing things that are not real delusions – believing things that are obviously untrue excessive production of saliva high temperature (fever) excessive sweating the hair on their skin stands up a sustained erection (in men) People with furious rabies will also develop hydrophobia (a fear of water) This initially begins as a pain in the throat or difficulty swallowing On attempting to swallow, the muscles in the throat go into a brief spasm that lasts for a few seconds Subsequently the sight, sound or even the mention of water (or any other liquid) can trigger further spasms There will also be fear of bright light (photophobia) and fear of breezes (aerophobia) A few days after these symptoms develop, the affected person will fall into a coma and die, usually as a result of heart or lung failure DUMB OR PARALYTIC RABIES Dumb rabies, sometimes called paralytic rabies, is characterized by muscle weakness, loss of sensation and paralysis (inability to move one or more muscles) This usually begins in the hands and feet before spreading throughout the body Hydrophobia is unusual in cases of dumb rabies, although muscles may go into spasm As with furious rabies, someone with dumb rabies will fall into a coma and eventually die from heart or lung fai


Download Oral Rabies Vaccine bait drop b roll download mp4 3gp mp3

Wildlife biologists and technicians from the Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) Wildlife Services division distribute oral rabies vaccine baits over West Virginia, Tuesday, August 25, 2016 APHIS conducts this program each fall in select areas in the eastern United States to prevent the further spread of raccoon rabies other regions The baits are distributed in rural areas by airplane and in suburban or urban areas by helicopter or vehicle RABORAL V-RG® oral rabies vaccine baits are coated with a fishmeal attractant and may be packaged in one-inch square cubes or two-inch plastic sachets The RABORAL V-RG® vaccine has been shown to be safe in more than 60 different species of animals, including domestic dogs and cats Humans and pets cannot get rabies from contact with the baits, but are asked to leave them undisturbed if they encounter them Dogs that consume large numbers of baits may experience an upset stomach, but no long-term health risks If contact with baits occurs, immediately rinse the contact area with warm water and soap Rabies is caused by a virus that infects the central nervous system in mammals Signs suggestive of rabies include unusual, aggressive or calm and “friendly” behavior, an inability to eat or drink, balance problems, circling, seizures, coma and finally death While rabies is fatal once symptoms occur, human exposures can be successfully treated if post-exposure follow up is sought immediately following a bite Since 1995, Wildlife Services National Rabies Management Program has been working cooperatively with local, state and federal governments, universities and other partners to address this public health problem by distributing oral rabies vaccination baits in targeted areas This cooperative program targets the raccoon variant in the eastern United States, and unique variants of rabies in coyotes and foxes in Texas For additional information on the raccoon oral rabies vaccine program, please visit the APHIS website or call 1-866-4-USDA-WS (1-866-487-3


Download Rabies in dogs (Extract) download mp4 3gp mp3

De ion The Greek word for rabies, "lyssa" refers to the violent nature of the disease The genus of viruses responsible for rabies belangs to the genus Lyssavirus in the family Rhabdoviridae Rabies as well as the link between human disease and animals has been known for several thousand years, but the first meaning di ions of the disease came from Italy in the early 1500s In modern society rabies remains a feared disease as it was in antiquity, especially as canine rabies (street rabies) became a scourge in the 19th century Today canine rabies is geographically widespread and continues to represent a significant public health threat, particularly in developing countries where human deaths have been estimated to be at least 50 000 annually The World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) has classified rabies as a List B disease, which means it has socio-economic and public health importance within affected countries, and is significant in the international trade of animals and animal products The first part of the video provides comprehensive information on the clinical signs of rabies in all domestic animal species, some wild animals and humans The second part of the video deals with specimen collection and transport, laboratory diagnosis, vaccination, post-exposure prohylaxis and treatment, and certain regulatory aspects relating to the control of the disease in both humans and animals Copyright University of Pretoria, South Africa Video compiled and edited by Dr PE Kloeck Mr G Bishop Mr A groenewald Mr W Myburgh Ms J Peens Dr J Godlonton Mr P Hartzenberg Produced by the Directorate of Communications for National Department of Agriculture, and the Directorate of Veterinary Services, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa The complete learning module is available through the African Veterinary Information Portal (AfriVIP) at www afrivip org education livestock high-impact contagious-diseases rabies 2013 AfriVIP is not responsible for verifying the proprietary content of the materials Any veterinary medical information in this material is intended to inform and educate and is not a tool for diagnosis or a replacement for veterinary evaluation, advice, diagnosis or treatment by a veterinary professional Viewer discretion is advised Some veterinary content is graphic and may not be suitable for all viewers This video is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License s creativecommons org licenses by 4 0 (c) 2016 University of Pretoria, South Af


Download Short cut method to check RABIES DISEASE symptoms in a cattle download mp4 3gp mp3

LIKE VIDEO, SUBSCRIBE THE CHANNEL Rabies By attacking the nervous system, brain and spinal cord, Rabies can cause brain deterioration and death It is preventable through the use of vaccinations, an option available since Louis Pasteur introduced a vaccine in 1883 All mammals are thought to be susceptible to the rabies virus, a fatal viral zoonosis caused by the Lyssavirus causing acute inflammation to the brain (Encephalitis) It is considered to be all but 100 per cent fatal Although not an issue in Western Europe, the virus is a high risk problem in parts of South America, Africa, Russia and much of Asia Much of the world is affected by bat rabies but concern intensifies when the virus is in fox, raccoon and skunk populations Cause A bite from an infected wild animal, such as a fox or raccoon, is a common method of infection in cattle In Europe, rabies in dogs is a growing concern,in Africa the threats come from Jackals and in Northern Europe, Wolves are a prime vector of the virus Saliva is the main method of transmission of the virus being shed through infected cattle and spreading through the body via the bloodstream It travels to the spinal cord where it can incubate for months on end, although 3-12 weeks is common From the spine the virus moves into the brain, at which point clinical signs of rabies often appear in cattle It is possible for the virus to enter the body through orifices and lacerations to the skin This however, is uncommon Open wounds, mucous membranes, eyes and the mouth are possible entrance points for the virus Under normal conditions the virus is not spread through the air, though this method of transmission is possible Often presented in a single animal rather than the full herd, rabies can be spread due to the curious nature of cows who will inspect raccoons, dogs, foxes etc that are exhibiting strange behaviour Transmission from unpasteurised cow s milk to humans is currently being scrutinised although properly cooked meat and pasteurised milk from infected animals poses no danger to humans Clinical Signs In the absence of anti-viral rabies drugs, progress to death is rapid once clinical signs appear Milk production and feed intake may drop gradually before rapidly falling and cows may look very alert, staring at objects Aggressive, excitable or exaggerated movements can be signs of rabies Sexual activity can be increased, including mounting behaviour Bulls can have persistent erections or a prolapsed penis Other Signs Include Inapettence (Lack of appetite) Dyspahgia (difficulties swallowing) Altered Vocalisation Seizures Incoordination of hindquarters - Unsteady gait Prevention Education and vaccination of wild animal populations can control rabies transmission By limiting the number of wild animals carrying the virus and the chance that those animals will come in contact with pasture and farmland, the likelihood of rabies transmission is reduced Cautious handling of cattle with undetermined illnesses is recommended, especially if neurological signs have been observed Examining a cow s mouth should be done with gloves to avoid exposure of the veterinarian s or stockman s hand to saliva - See more at www thebeefsite com diseaseinfo 261 rabies#sthash JgVJy0KN


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Please watch "Early Symptoms of Rabies in Humans" s www youtube com watch?v lyOzyjbd1Ds -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Press Subscribe! New more Rabies videos Signs of rabies in human being’s show you are a heartwarming video seen in my life Signs of rabies in human video show you develop of Rabies of bite (in Day) 60 Days Signs of rabies in humans after dog bite the first symptoms can appear from a few days to more than a year after the bite occurs In this case of patient suffer by a fever, headache, muscle aches, loss of appetite, nausea, and fatigue ✿✿✿ Click Below to SUBSCRIBE for More Videos s goo gl rGnZJl ✿✿✿ In the advanced stage of the infection, as it spreads to other parts of the nervous system, these symptoms may develop, problems moving facial muscles, abnormal movements of the diaphragm and muscles that control breathing, difficulty swallowing and increased production of saliva, causing the "foaming at the mouth" usually associated with a rabies infection As well as Hydrophobia, Aerophobia pharmaceuticalknowledge com signs-rabies-humans ◄ Rabies treatment — Finding the right information about Rabies treatment & symptoms, is crucial to managing Rabies Learn more about the best current treatment for you ► pharmaceuticalknowledge com category rabies-news-tv-channel-youtube Website pharmaceuticalknowledge com Provides valuable health information, tools for managing your health, and support to those who seek information You can trust that our content is timely and credible Discussions s goo gl 83Y9TS YouTube s goo gl rGnZJl Facebook s goo gl FuYZXq Twitter s goo gl KRArf6 THIS VIDEO CAN NOT BE RE-UPLOADED OR USED IN ANY WAY WITHOUT WRITTEN PERMISSION FROM pharmaceuticalknowledge com PRODS - pharmaceuticalknowledge com © All Rights Reserved- ✿✿✿ Click Below to SUBSCRIBE for More Videos tiny cc ppmimy ✿


Download What Happens When You Get Rabies? download mp4 3gp mp3

Rabies may have lead to legends of werewolves, vampires, and zombies And while it’s preventable, it still plagues around 60,000 people a year Subscribe! bit ly 1FkxVLb ‖ Twitter! s twitter com gross_science ‖ Instagram! s www instagram com annarothschild ↓Want more gross info?↓ WHO on Rabies www who int mediacentre factsheets fs099 en CDC on Rabies s www cdc gov rabies Rabies surveillance in the United States during 2014 avmajournals avma org doi pdfplus 10 2460 javma 248 7 777 Map of US human rabies deaths from 2003-July 2014 drawn from data here s www cdc gov rabies location usa surveillance human_rabies html avmajournals avma org doi pdf 10 2460 javma 245 10 1111 Many thanks to Nyar Lathotep for pointing out that the Laws of Eshnunna (the tablets I speak about at the end of the piece) were clay tablets, not stone, and date to the Old Babylonian period -- Host, Writer, Editor Anna Rothschild Camera, Sound, Research K Melvin Nature’s World 3 Horrendous Crimes Unwanted Assignment Main underscore Biotic Factor b The Human Kernal a Music Provided by APM Special Thanks to Dr Ryan Wallace GROSS FOOTAGE AND STILLS Original Footage ©WGBH Educational Foundation 2017 The Wolf Man (1941) Universal Pictures Nosferatu (1922) Jofa-Atelier Berlin-Johannisthal, Prana-Film GmbH Night of the Living Dead (1968) Image Ten, Laurel Group, Market Square Productions The Nervous System Archive org Encyclopaedia Britannica Educational Corporation Circulatory Control Archive org Massachusetts Institute of Technology Nursing Care of the Sick and Injured Archive org US Dept Health, Education & Welfare; US Office of Civil Defense Close-up of dog’s face during late-stage “dumb” paralytic rabies CDC Barbara Andrews "Rabies and hydrophobia " George Fleming 1872 Wellcome L0018105 Wikimedia Commons George Fleming Canine suspected of being rabid and aggressive CDC Rabies control in the community US National Library of Medicine Rabies Patient CDC Senses of Man Archive org Indiana University, Bloomington Audio-Visual Center Tri-colored bat (6022400811) Wikimedia Commons Gary Peeples USFWS Presence of dog-transmitted human rabies based on most recent data points from difference sources, 2010-2014 WHO Middle Ages rabid dog Wikimedia Commons Scanned from Dobson, Mary J (2008) Disease, Englewood Cliffs, N J Quercus, p 157 Map of rabies cases in the US since 2003 GROSS SFX Cockroaches Freesound StateAardvark­ (used with permission from author) Squeak Pack squeak_10 Freesound Corsica_S Wink Freesound Bennychico11 Produced by WGBH for PBS Digital St


Download Rabies Patient Signs and Symptoms download mp4 3gp mp3

Please watch "Early Symptoms of Rabies in Humans" s www youtube com watch?v lyOzyjbd1Ds -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Press Subscribe! See new more Rabies videos The first symptoms of rabies may be very like the flu and may last for days Later signs and symptoms may include Fever, Headache, Nausea, Vomiting, Agitation, Anxiety, Confusion, Hyperactivity, Difficulty swallowing, Excessive salivation, Fear of water (hydrophobia) because of the difficulty in swallowing, Hallucinations, Insomnia, Partial paralysis ✿✿✿ Click Below to SUBSCRIBE for More Videos tiny cc ppmimy ✿✿✿ Rabies can be spread when infected saliva gets into an open wound or the mucous membranes, such as the mouth or eyes This could occur if an infected animal were to lick an open cut on your skin Similar case of this patient pharmaceuticalknowledge com rabies-patient-signs-symptoms ◄ Rabies treatment — Finding the right information about Rabies treatment & symptoms, is crucial to managing Rabies Learn more about the best current treatment for you ► pharmaceuticalknowledge com category rabies-news-tv-channel-youtube Website pharmaceuticalknowledge com Provides valuable health information, tools for managing your health, and support to those who seek information You can trust that our content is timely and credible Discussions s goo gl 83Y9TS YouTube s goo gl rGnZJl Facebook s goo gl FuYZXq Twitter s goo gl KRArf6 THIS VIDEO CAN NOT BE RE-UPLOADED OR USED IN ANY WAY WITHOUT WRITTEN PERMISSION FROM pharmaceuticalknowledge com PRODS - pharmaceuticalknowledge com © All Rights Reserved- ✿✿✿ Click Below to SUBSCRIBE for More Videos s goo gl rGnZJl ✿✿

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