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The best Jordan shoes vines made all in one!!! Thanks to KingBach, Jerry Purpdrank, DeStorm Power, Logan Paul, Michael Mazur, Pagekennedy, Curtis Lepore, Marcus Johns Want to become a better baller? Check this trainig program specially designed to help you become the best player you could possibly be! ►►►►► ►►►► 619 be 9b6y 0 00 - 0 07 Anything not to get Js dirty 0 08 - 0 14 When someone wears fake fake Jordan s Call the Jordan 0 14 - 0 21 Not in my J s 0 21 - 0 28 How I act when I get new shoes 0 28 - 0 36 Dudes with new J s be like 0 36 - 0 43 The Jordan Clean - up Crew 0 44 - 0 51 The Hood Samaritan 0 51 - 0 58 How I workout in my new shoes 0 58 - 1 06 I refuse to spend $$$ in the APP store 1 06 - 1 13 My last dying wish 1 13 - 1 21 Hood Wizard of Oz 1 21 - 1 29 Jordan s make everyone cooler 1 29 - 1 37 Officer! Don t scuff the Jay s! 1 37 - 1 45 Never give up the passcode 1 45 - 1 53 Best friends would do anything to protect you 1 53 - 2 00 When you and your friend wear the same Jays 2 00 - 2 08 Guys always fight over who has the better shoe game 2 08 - 2 16 No matter what situation Jays must stay clean at all times 2 16 - 2 24 Can t get the J s dirty thought! 2 24 - 2 32 Getting new Jordan s be like 2 32 - 2 40 How you move when you have on fresh Js 2 40 - 2 48 ALWAYS save the J s 2 48 - 2 56 How white guys walk in the RAIN VS Black guys 2 56 - 3 04 No matter what, my J s stay CLEAN 3 04 - 3 12 Jordan Fairy 3 12 - 3 20 Can t get the J s wet for anything 3 20 - 3 28 No Matter What, I Will Be There For My Js 3 28 - 3 36 Outsmarting Thugs 3 36 - 3 43 When someone outside the crew tries to fit in 3 44 - 3 50 Stealing J s 3 50 - 3 58 Never disrespect the Jordan s 3 58 - 4 04 Choir in the hood 4 04 - 4 13 Heavy sleeper until 4 13 - 4 20 Die wit


Download BEST of KingBach Vine Compilation mp4 download free video

KingBach vine compilation (names in de ion) 64 of KingBach s funniest vines Follow him @KingBach on Twitter, KingBach on Vine, and subscribe to his youtube channel www youtube com bachelorspadtv 1 Mr Steal Yo Girl w PagePagekennedyngBach 2 When girls give guys the wrong number w Amanda Cerny #EveryNumberInTheMoviesStartsWith555 3 Sore losers be like w Tayvion Power #KingBach 4 Giving out gum is like a drug deal w Lamorne Morris, DeStorm, #KingBach (Behind the scenes on my Pheed app) 5 Did I say you can jam to my music? w Pagekennedy #KingBach 6 #Niggasbelike Im cultured w Davidsocomedy #Howto be racist #loop #Magic #cute #selfie #monday #slap #look #run #Dontjudgeme 7 Mixed Signals (Part 1) #KingBach #Howto #Loop #Selfie W Ramona 8 Beat boxing Fail w Pagekennedy #KingBach #TeamVine #Nonewfriendsexceptforthatchickiaddedonfacebook 9 I love playing criss cross with Ramona ! 10 @Kingbach to the rescue! w Derrick Zonca, Laura Kriss #ButThatBackFlipTho 11 How to act like you weren t asleep when you get an important call #KingBach 12 Black Spider-Man w Eric Dunn, Kelsey Darragh #KingBach 13 Hold the elevator please W Austin Miles Geter #KingBach 14 The new iPhone 5S fingerprint scanner got dudes like w LoveStassia, GioVanni Watson #KingBach @applenws 15 Damn she s fine w Alphacat 16 Careers in 6 seconds Kim Kardashian Edition W @musicmarali DeStorm ImanCrosson @mister_kennyg #KingBach 17 Nigga I ain t no cop! w DeStorm, Megan Drust #KingBach #steviewonderhashtagsbelikejahakaldid 18 How thugs read the news #KingBach 19 Never borrow from a mobster w Rudy Mancuso #KingBach 20 F*ck dat bitch w Tayvion Power, Ramona #KingBach 21 Old spice guy gets defensive W Marcus Johns and Tristin Mays 22 #Niggasbelike DeStorm BMW?! Nice whip man! #Howto #clouds #Shoutout #Fuckit #Spurs #phone #loop #selfie #cute #magic 23 How Thugs go to sleep w Splack, DeStorm #KingBach #YouTired 24 When you show someone a pic on your phone and the start to scroll W GioVanni Watson, Curtis Lepore, SmoovLife_CLCC #Dontswipeleftorright 25 Not in my J s! w Jason Nash #KingBach #bred11s 26 Ummm W Cassandre Presume 27 Watch where you re going! w Kyle Shevrin #KingBach 28 Don t take pics with your side chicks W Ramona 29 #Niggasbelike Ayo ma lemme get yo numba! 30 Ayo ma lemme get yo number! (Part 3) w Liane V, LoveStassia 31 Ayo ma lemme get yo number! (Part 4) w Hannah Stocking #KingBach #Thethirstisreal 32 Mixed Signals (Part 2) w JessLizama #KingBach 33 #Niggasbelike Ma let me take you for a ride #howto #loop #Selfie #magic #Fuckit #Dontjudgeme 34 #Parentsbelike Don t beat me in video games #Howto be a sore loser #loop #magic #selfie #rainyday #today #flying 35 Bust-a-rhyme fail w Pagekennedy (Part 2) #KingBach 36 Chicks be like "Tell me what you love about me " w Jessica Lesaca #KingBach 37 Gas money w Alphonso McAuley #KingBach 38 I want answers! w Lamorne Morris #KingBach 39 Move your feet lose your seat! #SeatSnatchCam #KingBach w Curtis Lepore, Alphacat, Klarity, DeStorm 40 Failed freestyle (part 5) 41 Can I borrow a dollar? W Alphacat #KingBach 42 Shoot my vine! W Pagekennedy, Alphacat, DeStorm, Torrei Hart 43 Do you need a ride? (Part 3) w Pagekennedy, Alphonso McAuley, chief waKiL, Alphacat, DeStorm #KingBach 44 Do you need a ride? (Part 2) w DeStorm, Liane V #KingBach 45 "I m never gonna change " W Marcus Johns, Klarity 46 Robbery fail w Alphacat 47 Wake up with @KingBach! ft Torrei Hart #KingBach 48 Smack Cam w Curtis Lepore #Remake MAX JR try me nigga lol 49 The wrong way to scare a black man W Curtis Lepore 50 Failed Freestyle (Part 5) #ThreePicks #KingBach 51 #Niggasbelike Ill slap the man outta you! #Howto #Magic #selfie #loop #cute #iphone #boo #Vineapp 52 Failed Freestyle (Part 3) w Timothy DeLaGhetto, Alphacat #KingBach 53 Failed freestyle (Part 4) Klarity, DeStorm, Simone Shepherd #KingBach #Vinefamous 54 Motivation w Liane V #KingBach 55 How I feel when guests leave a mess at my place #ButYouGonWashThatDishTho 56 How men hold grudges vs how women hold grudges w Brittany Furlan #KingBach 57 The great escape (part 1) w TaleOrTaylor #KingBach #pointlesshasgtags #Ipokedyoursisteronfacebook 58 How to get out of a conversation w Julia Price #KingBach 59 Ask Siri w Alphonso McAuley #KingBach 60 D*ck pic w Pagekennedy #KingBach 61 How I feel when people have bad breath w Pagekennedy #KingBach 62 Dudes be like, "I ll be right there" w Alphacat, DeshawnRaw #KingBach 63 Eating Chinese food w @jkfilms @joverdose #KingBach 64 Why are people always on their phones? W Brittany Furlan, Simone Shepherd, Heidi Heaslet, Pagekennedy #Kin


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Download TRY NOT TO LAUGH | King Bach Vines VS Destorm Power Vines mp4 download free video

This is a TRY NOT TO LAUGH | King Bach Vines VS Destorm Power Vines VIDEO - s www youtube com watch?v Zfe2U29NMAs JOIN KT s Squad Yo Welcome to ?KT pronounced (QuestionKT) here expect the most entertaining stories about my crazy life growing up in the mean streets called L I F E Also you can expect ya boi to react to videos because its takes less time and i can put up more videos for you amazing guys and gals to enjoy EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED! If you “Like” the video I would appreciate it ) Live Raise Channel (live Streaming) - Kemet_KT Instagram - kemet_kt Snapchat - kemet_kt KTpranks- s www youtube com channel UCNRfBmv11Fne7_h9Efo7Paw KT channel (FITNESS VLOGS) Https www youtube com channel UCct-mvGm2p04XatwyTZpi0w Help Support This Channel @ Referral Link r mker tv hvqXRr LATEST PRANK - BABY POWDERED DOUGHNUTS PRANK ON MAMA s www youtube com watch?v dn4fTccTWz4&t 8s SALT IN BLASTPHAMOUSHD TEA PRANK | GONE TERRIBLY WRONG! s www youtube com watch?v 138rLoWhgIo&t 9s WHIP CREAM BlastphamousHD In The Face CHRISTMAS PRANK! s www youtube com watch?v 7bzbQ6a0uH0 BLOW DRYING MY BALLS PRANK | Gone WRONG! s www youtube com watch?v f5XLHmv7jKY THUMBTACK PRANK PART #2 Feat BLASTPHAMOUSHD s www youtube com watch?v Y1wihFoZBaA&t 6s EXTREME KILLER CLOWN PRANK On BlastphamousHD & Chavezz s www youtube com watch?v NKhDz BEST FLOUR PRANK EVER! (WHY WAS I SO CRUEL?) s www youtube com watch?v RWQff Help Support This Channel @ Referral Link r mker tv hvqXRr Feel Free To Send Me STUFF P O BOX 7320 S Rainbow Blvd #167 Las Vegas, NV 89139 SEND ME A $$$DOLL

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