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LALALALA! ( GAAH! I love this song so much! D & I was the first to hear it too , WHUTNOW ? HA! in yo` face [ Oh & Omar Aka, Little O , i hope you like this I know you might be going throught some shit right now, But always know i`m here for you Okay ? ( But Omgizzle, i love this song, Yeaahs i said it twice I`m just too Geee ENJOY IT! ( ` D o w n l o a d -- www mediafire com ?b5f807mq9nrsbu5 SUPPORT Luunatic www myspace com luunatic123 www youtube com user LUUnaticMusic Little O www youtube com littleomusic www myspace com xlittleo Lyrics So baby turn around and lemme show ya, how we spose to really be, ill be ya shoulda they say love gets old and played out when you older lean on me cause thats how we is suppose ta be and you point at me saying that im the reason thatchu cry "baby turn around, do you always gotta cry?" but everytime i ask you are them tears you deny then you throw yo fits turn around say Kbye, but hey i guess its my job to pull you back, i know that s your plan and im fine with that simplicities my thang and you make it complex but whats really love when you always know whats next exactly, sometimes i hate the way you actin, thats why my voice shake when it comes to askin if you really love me when i already know the answer i miss ya really wanna kiss ya sorry if my random [Second Verse] (LUUnatic) relationships complicated, so some say, that its better to be single but its like your way, too hard to resist, what the problem is, we got our walls built high but we can get thru this, just set your mood on mellow and i promise we can settle and you got me running back from just a simple hello, whats love without pain, whats me withoutchu, whats pain without love, yeah i guess that works too, and you make me improve, lemme lace my shoes, and we can take on the world, yeah us two, you my girl you allowed to be stuck on me open with 25 8 company, so come a little closer so i can whipe ya tears, so come a little closer make sure you can hear, all im asking for is for you to putchur guard down, we been thru alot so its all good now [Third Verse] (Little O) okay and i say, baby girl was wrong? why u trippin, can we make it work long? and i know sometimes, we just never get the say the reasons why we do things, you make it so complex and i guess i could see, where sometimes we go wrong thinking bout the past, "why you bring it all up?" its the times when u stand and you leave so fast every time when you left me alone like that and i brace up my heart for what ever lies ahead even though u don t see, all the pain in the end but we gotta start again, work our way to the top i know its my job, so the tears gotta stop but u gotta understand that it gets real hard, try manage up, and we ll make it real far say goodbye to old days, turn around again and baby just know, i will always love you * NO COPYRIGHT INTE


Download "Freeverse" Luunatic download mp4 3gp mp3

freeversn, i was short on breath this day cause i was sick , still sounds straight though "Like" me on FB www facebook com LuunaticMusic Lyrics ---------- so much crumbled paper, high from the vapor, kobe in the trash can backspace that, indesive termology but its still facts radio mainstream converter rap music, to pop acoustic, but hey if you feel it, go ahead let it dumb you down, with the feel good sounds no meaning in the pounds, gotchu nodding like you dumb now freeversin, this is hip hop, all over the place hop scotch top notch, ADD flow don t stop no sense (cents), dollar for a thought sky is the limit cant reach wittuh a latter, whatchu desire wont be on the platter you spoon fed babies, hide under ya covers you still scared of freddy vivid flashbacks in my nike air max, use to rip rymes up got along with the blacks, wasn t focus in skoo teacher threatened to fail me not to mention dention was marked on the daily god damn Side A duplex, mamma workin 9 to 5 to grab checks, puttin food on the table was a must, money flushed down the drain papa used to play stocks luck wasnt on our side no matter how many times he knocked knock knock, who s there, life bitch, don t play ya cards right end up in a casket so every chance that i get i grab on tight and let it fly like a kite, cut my strings and watch me glide grandmother told me once everybody has a spot in this world it s just the matter of trying, you fall to get up, keep frindin till you sore, keep reachin till its y


Download Steps Luunatic download mp4 3gp mp3

Download link ---------------------------- limelinx com files c7ac6f42cd6f65b51a01d632bceae448 "Like" me on FB www facebook com LuunaticMusic Lyrics ----------- man every day is the same shit wake up in the afternoon feeling like shit, thought i wanted this, no motivation to get out for fat-stacks been on vacation for a bit now im back, well the breads stale, but fuck ima get it, i feel so official been stuck on edit, no photoshop, as i watch the money flop, take a step back im still flippin channels in the same spot damn, as real as i am, my mamma even said it, you got so much potential, but mamma when im ready, im gone these steps slow, inhale, exhale, best believe i ll do these reps though shout out to my cousin, you always got me buzzn, S U A family always steady pourin- their hearts out, to north south like a rabit get my cabage gotta have it till it works out, then it s blast off like nasa, bible story casa, live it large dont let it pass up, till im in a casket been in this rap stuff, (been in this rap stuff) i wake up in the morning automatically be stuntin, brush my teeth hit the switch click the swag button all my poppy friends say that im the son of the devil naw just a little rebel powered off some fruity pebels a do a bowl, extra milk, make the skin silk it s kinda cold, i see the frost on my windshield time to hit the heater, damn E on gas meter, snap click on my mind i already know i needa, fined 4 dollars in quarters in the center console so, my wheels can roll, can t rely on the shoe sole 1 deep strong to the closest exxon then it s to the studio just to track on the song threads on my back, so fitted that im packed looking sharp like a dagger and thorn on a cact- us, walking like it s practiced, no it s not rehearsed but really what the fact is, i started from what s dirt then i worked with i got, mixed the particles together, mad scientist in the labatory; dexter, white tee s nike s corner store slushees, bite me, you flee s, hella hot to the three degree yellow page to bombsquad cause luuny bout to blow up and im always acting silly cause im always on the duck duck goose mind spinnin feelin loose sweatin booze come in two s and it that s the microphone and me sorry i don t see no room for you and i never front that s why i hit it from the back you little runts i get paper like i fax that s stacks no tax getting paid under the table, mouse traps for you rats take my cheese if you able connected like cable, get money and i laylow guarded by the angels see me glowin wit my halo so im grabbn on my rosary, hopin jesus lookin after when the homie rolls w


Download SWAH (2011) Luunatic download mp4 3gp mp3

This song has too much swag SWAH DOWNLOAD LINK -------------------- limelinx com files ebb5817f74297a4b6d3e0ef23eb98c21 "Like" me on FB www facebook com luunaticmusic LYRICS ------------- INTRO She say she diggn my style so im diggn her steez diggn my smile i guess im diggn her too diggn my style i guess im diggn her too HOOK she say diggin my style, so im diggin her steez she diggn my smile, i say i dig pearly teeth, how she swag, (swah) how she she swag (swah ) i see them niggas peepin atchu freezin up like statues skin filled with tattoos, girl i wanna snatchu, SWAH SWAH SWAH SWAH i say everything swah erthing swah got that loui on her hand bag high class swah how she walking with that swah, how she talking with that swah, ciggerillo rolling blunts go and fill up on the dash go and pass all 4, good with math pass course how she ball half court, paper planes last resort hators walking by we laugh cause we got that super swah super sayin kamehameha bulma and goku swah dolce a gabbana she think that she shot calla jsut cause she got swah, dont mean that she a baller money gettn taller teenie boppers try to follow but they aint got super swah i say i see you tomororw i say everything swah erthign swah skin filled with tattoos, chest piece, backpiece tatted to the sleeve but it stops at the elbow too much time to tie shoes laces, she rocking velcro, HOOK she say diggin my style, so im diggin her steez she diggn my smile, i say i dig pearly teeth, how she swag, (swah) how she she swag (swah ) i see them niggas peepin atchu freezin up like statues skin filled with tattoos, girl i wanna snatchu, SWAH SWAH SWAH SWAH she said guess what, and i said whatsup, she said come a little closer,yeah baby just like that then she whispered in my ear, "swah, swah" godDamn girl you be playing too much, you ve been saying that allday and she said its aweday got swah in everyway, but can i really blame her it be drippin off her skin waiste thin, clean kicks to the pavement, got swah in every statement that she puttn down she be like ugh baby i be like whats wrong boo, she said nuttn it just gets tired stuntin like i do well it s time for a break, them the days when you chillin rocking sweats at my place got on my white tee, pit stop at the red box, maybe jackass 3 know the promo code and that s "dvdonme" rent a movie straight for free, no one dollar fee, now thats straights up SWAH! HOOK she say diggin my style, so im diggin her steez she diggn my smile, i say i dig pearly teeth, how she swag, (swah) how she she swag (swah ) i see them niggas peepin atchu freezin up like statues skin filled with tattoos, girl i wanna snatchu, SWAH SWAH SWAH SWAH X2 she say oue to loui, vuitan pass that joint like a baton track star, and she ride it like mulan, and yeah she might be a little bit high maintance, but im sure that s just a phase, all i gotta add is patience HOOK she say diggin my style, so im diggin her steez she diggn my smile, i say i dig pearly teeth, how she swag, (swah) how she she swag (swah ) i see them niggas peepin atchu freezin up like statues skin filled with tattoos, girl i wanna snatchu, SWAH SWAH SWAH


Download Fly With Me Little O ft Luunatic download mp4 3gp mp3

Download Link! www mediafire com ?f4jli1pur1tzdyg Luunatic Tumblr johnnykluu tumblr com Youtube www youtube com johnnykluu Little O Tumblr omartrujillo tumblr com Facebook www facebook com xlittleo Youtube www youtube com littleomusic Facebook Fanpage www facebook com littleomusic -Lyrics- [First Verse] Luunatic Go ahead, let s fly we can do whatever that you like, pass thru the eiffel tower same crew that we been with for hours it s nothing but drama, take a dip in the bahamas, now the plane on the strip, I m sipping tea with your father yeah everything s alright, dandy with gravy soft like mashtatoes when I m with my baby got her guards down, took off the Everlast now my vision like glass," that s clear " it happened in a flashed, where s my windshield? Need to squeeze of windex when we plex up in here, i ll let you steer, we ll actually I m traumatized by the way that you drive remember last time when i gave you the keys? just hop behind and leave it up to me [Chorus] Little O (2x) Fly fly fly fly Fly fly fly fly Fly fly fly with me girl (2x) Be my wings to fly I ll take you far It s just you and I [2nd Verse] we can do whatever that you like, T I ,take flight, nice nights on the bay finish up ya plate, cause after this we gone in a jiffy she likes Loui Vuiton and tiffanys goddamn, i guess so, rhythm to my tempo that s why she s on my tempo, running like the 50 chasing, but it s cool tho, cause i like the feeling go and hit ceiling, fan open up the door and feel the breeze and sand "shit goddamn", no chris brown, or even big sean when you in my town ill have you so put on, how you like that, yeah i know you do don t gotta tell me twice, like most chicks do keep it down with the tone, when i call you on yo phone just to make sure that your home just to make sure that your home, ayy [Choru


Download Luunatic New girlfriend Ft Trizzy tre & Siccness (2011) download mp4 3gp mp3

Download link ---------------- limelinx com files 4e191fd761af4c4559855ac939dbccc7 Lyrics ----------------- Siccness- -- aye cutie what it do im diggin your swag you lookin brand new god damn got a nigga wanna take you from ya man ha & i bet i could treat chu better so just sign this letter Lemme know yes or no i wanna be with you & hold you close HOOK Trizzy tre- --- Breathless is what you leave me when you kiss me And I hope you suffocate when you miss me Been single for awhile I m tryna get cuffed I know you wanna know how it feel like Well I mean that s if you say yes Wait did you say yes? Ohh I was thinkn to myself But I swear you make me so hot and nervous I melt Down I m down on my knee Then I pull out this ring And I promise on it to give you anything Cause that s how I feel I Never been fake so I know this is real Butterflies in my stomach when we walkn I get Cotton mouth when we start talkn Idk something about you get me off guard And I don t catch feelings but for it s hard Naturally beauty is the best So it s you that I select And them other girls talkn take a rest I wouldn t do you wrong believe the things I say I know you been hurt in the past But I can t hurt you if I plan to stay W will be all colors no shades of grey I know you could do better and the same for me I d rather be with-you then blow away like the breeze HOOK Luunatic- -------- i sentchu frmo across the room wanna sweep you up, but i got no broom got no game girl i got no tune im not the same you can note that, too yeah, but i m not gone lie i can promise you that, poke a needle in my eye, if you down to ride, then im down to ride too if you by my side then im there times two that s the basic, equation doesnt take einstein to solve it cause you stuck on my mind rock solid wouldchu be my new girl after this kiss if you feel the spark answer the question wituh yes cause this feelin in my chest, i can t resist i know it s a risk for our friendship but i wanna isolate us from the world, just us - and i know when it comes this subect i tense up cause i want it picture perfect you tense up think im out here flirtin but naw leaving the game rip up my player card catch you by the hand when i wish upon a star i wanna be ya man but you standin kinda far scoot a little closer and i ll promise you a part a piece of my chapter, you got my heart hoo


Download Storymode Luunatic download mp4 3gp mp3

Download for crispy quality ---------------------- limelinx com files 874417e5ece0fad132dcc6836fd9f449 Lyrics ---------------------- and im posted sippin on my brew, what s new? gotta bad little asian shawty from the socal commin thru, oh wow, he s a fool always playing chicks on the kool getchur research done, stick on ya mind like tattoos wasnt brought up this way, actually the opposite, mamma s little spoiled egged, i like it then she coppin it, now we boxin it, moving to the subarbs ,ya heard no time to plan, aint no plottin it it was high school, freshman, aint no girls experimenting with this youngster still pretending he was the smartest mutha fucka in class, exausted from acting, he asked for the hall pass a few passed on the casio and there she go, walkin slo mo, where s neo? turn off the switch, im like shit goddamn, her pencils sharpened, how she tied it to her hair, this girl was poppin, like popcorn; a few weeks passed along with some lame pickups;sweaty palms; a few laughs, i felt good, but my boys in the background crackin jokes sayn ima dummy for starving a whole week, saving lunch money but now i had a twenty, this was the game plan, i ll take her to movies, buy a coke, large popcorn, some candy summin fruity (buy a coke, large popcorn, some candy summin fruity ) already doing big shit so i thought, feelin like a big shot i mean yesterday i thought girls had cooties back to the game plan i ll label her as "judy", it s too late to be fallin back i gotta go thru with this fully i ll confess my love, then we live happily ever after with 3 kids,2story house, swimming pool with a jacuzzi damn i watch too many movies cause really judy was sophmore and she said that i was awsome but i had a awkward posture singing tunes like opera, sure that i had lost her but the worst part was i dont even know till this day what she seen in me left with my dignity then the epiphany soon it was tiffany, then it was stephanie, i thought nobody wanted the played out loving sucka, that i was, turned out, i only played myself playin mr playa, stack that title on the shelf then maybe i can look back one day with a grin, saying look johhny Jr i ll fill you in in with some life lessons, cause really it all begins with the first heartache, but you don t ever change for nobody that s just path


Download Luunatic Sometimes;♥ download mp4 3gp mp3

I hope i don`t get a strike for this BUT ; DAAMN , i love this song , & him xD Yeah , it`s kinda old , But it never gets old ( Enjooys[ SUPPORT www myspace com luunatic123 www youtube com user LUUnaticMusic Download -- www mediafire com ?ryvzujzqzzh Lyrics VERSE1 Aye baby im feeling like we trying too hard way to much, we pushin forcin feelin s and i don t think that s the right touch Now dont get me wrong, sometimes it good but something s tellin me that we should take little break only if we could i only wish that you understood and I, really love you but, sometimes it gets hard, like when you out wit chu family, and the distance is just way too far i think that the problem is im imature, i mean i everything i do relates to her sometime s i think its good, but i gotta wake up handle things up in my world and if you that girl that i really know you ll just agree and that s fasho even though it mean s all the tears you pour, its for the better girl that s fasho what im tryna say is that i don t think that i am ready if we go on this way im pretty sure things gone get realy messy See, now do see where im tryna go? im thinkin ahead, cant be that slow im living today for tommoorow s sake but i gotta act now bfor it s way too late so after today baby just please give me my space i ll promise i ll be back real soon, im just going through this phase HOOK Sometimes its better for us to go the other way sometimes i think its better if we both just walk away just for a bit, and baby i promise this is just a break for me to better me, i promise and i know that, This is gone real hard and please know that, when im back its a fresh start and i cant live without chu, and that s the reason why im doing this for us, just listen to the lulla(bye) VERSE2 I feel you thinkin bout me when im sittin here alone you sittin there worried that im bout to straight let cha go Oh no oh baby dont chu even think about lettin me down just hold on for a ltitle longer im fixin to come around You just gotta understand what s the reason forr, this whole thing that im doing and why i shut the door but i promise ill be back, and i promise we ll be stronger understand it s you lack, just wait for a little longer i understand that i dont know whats going on anymo, but you needa understand be the better half just play your roll you needa know that im doing this for us and baby plus, i need some space to breathe so baby it s a must Say ring Ring Ring, That s my phone hold up a minute oh, its my baby girl i have to go, yall fellahz go ahead n start the show say Johnny, you being foreal though? yuh my baby s in need so im out the dow ha, i told chu i got chu back, baby girl never gone leave see i told chu so HOOK Sometimes its better for us to go the other way sometimes i think its better if we both just walk away just for a bit, and baby i promise this is just a break for me to better me i promise and i know that, This is gone real hard and please know that, when im back its a fresh start and i cant live without chu, and that s the reason why im doing this for us, just listen to the lulla(bye) Mini-Verse FREESTYLE ;] Just listen, to lullaby To the lullaby and the feel vibe, yeah Ill be back real soon Ill be back soo soon, ill be back in a jiffy ill be back inaflash, Ill be back real soon ill be back so soon HOOK ((Overlay You aint gotta worry bout a thang X4)) Sometimes its better for us to go the other way sometimes i think its better if we both just walk away just for a bit, and baby i promise this is just a break for me to better me i promise and i know that, This is gone real hard and please know that, when im back its a fresh start and i cant live without chu, and that s the reason why im doing this for us, just listen to the lulla(bye) * NO COPYRIGHT INTEN

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