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Download SEO For Beginners 3 Powerful SEO Tips to Rank #1 on Google in 2018 mp4 download free video

Are you new to SEO and want to rank #1 on google this upcoming year? Here are 3 SEO strategies that will boost your rankings! Subscribe here to learn more of my secret SEO tips s www youtube com sub ion_center?add_user neilvkpatel Find me on Facebook s www facebook com neilkpatel Read more on my blog s neilpatel com blog Do you want to rank number one on Google in 2018? Well, I hate to say it, it s tough Ten years ago it used to be easy, but now it s hard And you know what? Unless you watch this whole video, you re not going to be able to rank number one on Google Hi everyone, I m Neil Patel, and I m going to share with you three ways you can rank #1 on Google today #1 Focus on content Google has this update called Hummingbird, and with Hummingbird, websites who just have content on everything won t do as well as sites which focus on one single niche and are super thorough You want to be VERY thorough with your SEO content Poke holes in your content and fill them all up, so then that way people are like, "This is the end all site "that you should end up reading "if you re interested in dating online " #2 Optimize your title tag and your de ion Have you ever done a Google search, and noticed that every time you do it, there is this link at the top, and then there s this one sentence with a link at the top is called the title tag And the de ion below is called the de ion Now think of it this way, if you search for the phrase online dating, and you don t see the word online dating in neither the title or the de ion, are you going to click on the result? Well if you are, there s something wrong, because why would you click on a result that isn t related to what you re looking for? In addition to that, have you ever searched for a term like online dating? And have you ever noticed that the word isn t in the title or de ion? That s because Google tracks who s clicking on what listing, and they ve learned that when a keyword is in the listing, that same keyword that you re searching for, they know you re way more likely to click through So in your title tag and your de ion, make sure you include the keyword But you can t just add the keyword, "online dating," right? The easiest way and what I would do and I wish it was this simple; I will just put "online dating, online dating, online dating, online dating " If I could put it 20 times so people would know that the article is on online dating, I wish I would get more clicks But it s not that simple Yes you have to include the keyword in your title and your de ion, but it has to be appealing If it doesn t flow in a sentence, it s not easy to read, and it s not appealing or evoking curiosity, no one is gonna click through #3 Use Google Search Console Did you know that Google gives you a tool that teaches you how to rank number one on Google? Yes I know that sounds ridiculous but it is true, and it s called Google Search Console If you re not already a user of it, sign up It doesn t cost a dollar You re missing out if you re not using it I can t emphasize that enough So now that you re using Google Search Console give it a few days because it takes some time to populate data You ll see a screen that shows Search Analytics and this shows you all the pages on your website that are getting you traffic But the cool thing about Google Search Console is they also show you which articles are getting impressions Take all the keywords you re getting impressions for and start adding them to your copy Now we have an article on Instagram, and it teaches you how to get over 300 targeted Instagram followers per day The article is around 10,000 words When I first wrote that article, it wasn t 10,000 words, it was roughly 2,500 I went to Google Search Console, I saw all the people that are searching for terms related to the article, I added them within that article I made it more thorough and you know what? My SEO traffic more than tripled to that article Yes it is that simple And when I made that change, it didn t happen right away, but I noticed the results within 50 days That s not a long time Now that you ve learned these three tips, I challenge you in which I want you to take these tactics and implement them, and then after you implement them, in the next 45 days I want you to leave a comment with your results Because if you re not doing well, that means I m not h


Download Advanced Step By Step SEO Tutorial (2018) mp4 download free video

If you want higher Google rankings, this SEO tutorial is for you In my experience, success with search engine optimization comes down to getting the fundamentals right Then moving onto advanced SEO strategies and techniques And that s exactly how this SEO tutorial is structured First, you ll learn how to improve your site s loading speed As you see in the video, site speed is a misunderstood Google ranking signal I show you the true impact of loading speed and rankings Next, we tackle technical SEO -- a critically important part of succeeding with SEO Once we cover technical SEO, it s time for keyword research I show you my 3 favorite ways of finding uptapped keywords that your competition doesn t know about (#2 is my favorite) Now that you have a keyword, it s time to create content around it But not just any content, content that makes people say "WOW!" I ll teach you some actionable tips to do just that Finally, it s time to promote your content Most people fail with SEO because they don t do anything to promote their stuff (besides sharing it on social media) But to rank in Google, you need backlinks And I show you one of my favorite link building strategies of all time (step-by-step) And at the very end of the video I have a bonus tip for you I show you how to optimize your site for Google RankBrain, which is easily one of the most important developments in SEO over the last few years SUBSCRIBE to get higher rankings and more traffic! www youtube com sub ion_center?add_user back


Download 13 SEO Tips That ACTUALLY Work in 2018 and Beyond mp4 download free video

Tired of hearing the same SEO tips over and over? This tutorial shows 13 evergreen techniques that will help you rank on Google in 2018 and beyond ►Subscribe s www youtube com AhrefsCom?sub_confirmation 1 Google SEO is continuously evolving With numerous algorithmic updates, things might seem confusing But the one thing that hasn’t changed is that Google tries to serve the best search results to their users for any given query This video covers various on page techniques, keyword research tips, and off page tactics (link building) that you can use to grow your organic traffic via search engine optimization Here is a summary of the SEO tips and tricks covered in this video 1 Get more traffic from your existing pages by covering subtopics that Google wants to see With algorithm updates like Hummingbird and RankBrain, Google is smarter than ever People used to create new pages for every single keyword they wanted to rank for They would go as far as paying thousands of dollars for exact match domains in an attempt to rank faster in Google Now, a single page can rank for thousands of keywords This tip will show you a twist to doing a content gap analysis to find sub topics that Google wants to see 2 Reverse engineer Quora and other forums to find low competition keywords (plus a bonus traffic hack) Since Quora and other forums are powered by user generated content, it’s unlikely that people are intentionally building links to these pages You’ll learn a powerful way to find low competition topics by analyzing forums Also, you’ll learn the ridiculously simple traffic hack that Sam used to generate over 48,000 visitors and 15,000 leads 3 Convert images into links back to your page Using this tip, you’ll learn how to turn your images into high quality editorial backlinks 4 Why you shouldn’t ignore broken link building (and how to do it fast) Broken link building is a strategy for SEOs at all levels You’ll learn a simple way to find tons of new broken pages that you can recreate from your own unique angle and get some easy backlinks Plus, you’ll learn some pro tips on making your campaigns more successful 5 Strategically use case studies and stats in your articles Using data in your articles is a great way to gain more backlinks You’ll see hard proof of this and learn some ways to ‘hack’ data (when you don’t have access to it) 6 Avoid “Keyword Unicorns” and consider search intent first Using this simple keyword research tip, you’ll learn how to identify keywords you should avoid targeting and what to look for instead 7 Add modifier keywords to your titles Modifier keywords are add-on words to a base keyword You’ll learn an easy way to use these for your eCommerce product pages and rank for some long tail keyword phrases 8 Monitor your competitors’ links (then steal them) Timing is critical when it comes to link building You’ll learn how you can use real-time notifications to automate finding link prospects 9 Find low competition keywords that NO keyword research tool can find You’ll learn a very simple trick to find low competition keywords with high traffic 10 Claim unlinked mentions You’ll learn a very simple way to find websites that mention your company or brand, but don’t link to you In fact, this technique will allow you to find these sites without ever having to visit the page to check 11 Repurpose your Best Content If you have a blog post that has done particularly well by gaining social shares, links, or comments, then it’s worth repurposing so you can reach larger audiences on different networks 12 Grab links from Wikipedia and make sure they stick Wikipedia is one of the world’s most visited websites You’ll learn how you can strategically get traffic from Wikipedia and make sure that your links stick 13 Optimize for featured snippets Featured snippets have been appearing more often in many Google search results You’ll learn a few optimization tips you can use to make your website appear in the featured boxes more often Here are some additional resources that you ll find helpful ► 75 Actionable SEO Tips (That Work Like A Charm in 2018) s ahrefs com blog seo-tips ► How to Do Effective Keyword Research for SEO s www youtube com watch?v 3zLBu_NfOaQ&list PLvJ_dXFSpd2tIF-QrFD854Mnb8D4Av5vx ► SEO For Beginners Climb the Google Rankings s www youtube com watch?v DvwS7cV9GmQ ► How to Find and Steal Google Featured Snippets s www youtube com watch?v -p0XyoO1WSA Be sure to subscribe for more actionable marketing and SEO tutorials s www youtube com AhrefsCom?sub_confirmation 1 STAY TUNED Ahrefs ► s ahrefs com YouTube ► s www youtube com AhrefsCom?sub_confirmation 1 Facebook ► s www facebook com Ahrefs Twitter ► s twitter com a


Download 5 Powerful SEO Keyword Research Tips to Rank on Google in 2018 mp4 download free video

It s not 2010 anymore Keyword research and SEO isn t as easy as it used to be So what should you do? ►►Subscribe here to learn more of my secret SEO tips s goo gl ScRTwc Find me on Facebook s www facebook com neilkpatel Read more on my blog s neilpatel com blog I m going to share with you how to do keyword research in today s world of Google It s way more difficult to rank on Google today than it was back in the day Keyword Research Tip #1 Pick a niche Everyone s talking about going after big terms like auto insurance, SEO, credit cards Yes, you can eventually get there, but it takes six months to see traction with Google these days, 12 months to start seeing your traffic go up, and two years to be crushing it on Google You want to go after and pick small niches Keyword Research Tip #2 Pick buzzwords that are trending Technology is moving so fast these days that things are continually changing Whether it s cryptocurrencies or whether it s new products that are coming out like the iPhone 100 Go after new, upcoming words You can find them using Google Trends Google Trends breaks down what s hot and what s up and coming You want to go after these keyword terms because they re not that competitive yet When you create content around new and trendy keywords, you re gonna skyrocket to the top way faster than if you went after old terms like "credit cards " Keyword Research Tip #3 Use Ubersuggest to find keywords These days people just don t type in keywords like "dog food " They ll type in keywords like "what dog food is best for my animal" or "what dog food is great to make my dog lose weight " These are really popular terms Ubersuggest will show you different variations of your primary keyword, and it ll even show you how competitive they are, how much search volume you re going to get, and how many people are going to click on your listing if you rank number one, two, or number 10 Keyword Research Tip #4 Use Quora Type in keywords related to your industry, and you re going to see the most popular questions people are asking When you start seeing the most popular questions, you ll know what kind of content to create that s related to your space By creating answers on your blog that are more thorough, more detailed, you re not only going to rank for it, but you re going to rank higher because you can create way more detailed responses than Quora itself Keyword Research Tip #5 Focus on a theme If you re going after credit cards, you want to have a website all about credit cards, like Credit Karma Or you want to have a site all about marketing and SEO like me on NeilPatel com If you want to get long tail traffic, what you need to do is create detailed content about specific individual topics When I say detailed topics, I m NOT talking about "how to start an e-commerce site I m talking about "how to start an e-commerce site with Shopify " You see how much more specific that is? You can create another article on how to create an e-commerce site using Magento By getting very specific you can have a 10,000-word blog post and everything about setting it up with Shopify or Magento, you re going to dominate By being specific, anyone who s interested in that topic and even potentially interested in hiring consultants or buying products or plugins or whatever you re selling related to that topic, they re going to land on your website When Google releases an update, they re going to rank the most thorough website That s why Wikipedia does well It s not just because they have a lot of links or brand queries It s because Wikipedia has some of the most detailed articles on the web That s what you need to do with your content Create pages that are super thorough and detailed are high in quality When you do that, you ll notice that you ll start ranking for all the keywords related to your industry That s how you do keyword research in today s world If you re still struggling to figure out what keywords to go after or how to do keyword research in today s Google world, leave a comment below, and I ll help you out Please subscribe, like, fan, share this video, tell other people about it I would appreciat


Download SEO Tips #2018 For Beginners Learn from my Mistakes mp4 download free video

Namaskaar Dosto, iss video mai aapko batunga apni galtiyo ke baare mai and aap ko mai 2018 Seo Tips bhi dunga Mujhe umeed hai ki yeh video aapko pasand aayegi ------------------------ kindly Tweet This with your Personal Twitter Account To Support Me Kindly Enable Indian Blogger YouTube Channel Monetization Your Comment Here Channel Link s www youtube com channel UCROzEwI5_KZUKEmWPHwQ8ow @YouTube @TeamYouTube @YTCreators ------------------------ Related Video How to Run Fb Ads to Get Traffic s youtu be IXouT1Sh9BE You can Contact Me at getdigitalservices com Vape Karo YouTube Channel s www youtube com channel UCOW5jwjM4g_is1sTwQ8ANrg Join Our Facebook Group s www facebook com groups 416776075405650 If you want to me to approve your adsense account then contact me at s buygoogleadsenseaccount in Related videos How To Create Backlinks s youtu be awhEMI2Zxn8 How to Generate and Submit Sitemap to Google & Bing s youtu be qS9bU3pDQvk How to make 1000$ from Event Blogging s youtu be ZkLo8UpZLmU How To Promote ClickBank Products s youtu be 70TnKvGMZl8 My YouTube Adsnese is also disable, Plz tweet it to support me If you really like this video then don t forget to like it Share, Support, Subscribe!!! Youtube s www youtube com channel UCROzEwI5_KZUKEmWPHwQ8ow Facebook Group s www facebook com groups 416776075405650 Facebook Myself s www facebook com akash r gola About Indian Blogger is a YouTube Channel, where you will find blogging, technological videos in Hindi, New Video is Posted Everyd


Download How to Build Unique Links to Skyrocket SEO Rankings (2018) | Backlink Strategies to Rank on Google mp4 download free video

Do you know the #1 SEO ranking factor? It s building links ►►Subscribe here to learn more of my secret SEO tips s goo gl ScRTwc Find me on Facebook s www facebook com neilkpatel Read more on my blog s neilpatel com blog Moz did a study They interviewed SEO experts And you know what they said was the number one factor that impacts your Google rankings? Links But unique links are tough to build So how are you going to create them? Today I m going to share with you how I built over 23,000 unique links to neilpatel com And what s impressive about this is neilpatel com is purely marketing-related If I can convince other marketers to link to me, you can build links using the same exact tactics So let s break down how I built over 23,000 unique backlinks Go to BuzzSumo Type in a keyword related to your industry It ll show you all the popular articles based on social shares Take the articles that are in-depth and list-based and break down things step by step, and then create an infographic with that same information You can spice it up, add your own data to it, but, hey, the content is all right there in front of you When you create this infographic, you need to cite the source that you got all your information from this specific website, but it ll go viral Why? Because most people would rather look at an image than read thousands and thousands of words of text Use Infogram or Canva to help build your infographic, or you can use Dribbble, dribbble com to hire a designer If you re going to pay a designer, it doesn t cost more than 500 bucks Now that you created an infographic, what you need to know is this an infographic has to be super visual If it s data-rich, that s great But if it has a ton of colors and is hard to look at, that s not good If your steps don t flow in a smooth pattern, that s not good Once your infographic is up and running, add an embed code so other people can take that infographic and put it on their website If they put it on their website, what does it do? It links back to yours If you don t know how to create embed code, use a plugin on WordPress called WP Embed Code Generator, and that ll just create the embed code for you so then that way people can just copy and paste and slap your infographic on their website Now that you got that infographic up on your website and people can embed it so that ll create backlinks, you need to get traffic to your site If you don t get traffic, no one s going to embed it I want you to go back to BuzzSumo and find that article that had all those shares Click on View Shares, and that ll break down every single person that shared that article on Twitter You want to email em, "Hey John; I noticed you shared this article on Twitter "called 101 Ways to Boost Your Traffic by author Neil Patel "I have a similar infographic "that breaks down those points in a visual fashion "Cheers, David " Now that you re sending out these emails, you re going to get a lot of responses, people being like, "Yes, I want to see it " Not only will they share it, but a lot of them will embed it Now, the next thing you want to do is go to Ahrefs, ahrefs com Put in that competitor article and see every single person who links to them and email them It s that simple And then once you have the audience, you want to create more amazing content, and I love using the Skyscraper Technique which Brian Dean invented Go to BuzzSumo again, you type in keywords, and you re looking for articles like 10 Ways to Double Your Search Engine Traffic, and you want to write more thorough articles, like 101 Ways to Double Your Search Engine Traffic You click on the View Shares You hit up each of those people using an email You get them to share your articles And then, boom, you ll get more traffic, more backlinks, and it ll keep rolling in and create this snowball effect You also want to do the same thing with Ahrefs You go, type in your competitor URL, and you ll see all the people who link to them and which articles get the most links Write better versions of those articles and then email them again with the same email template and asking them to link to you By doing those things, you ll get a ton of links Now, as you get this traffic coming to your website, you need to use a tool called Hello Bar Hello Bar makes it simple to collect emails, just like how I collect emails on neilpatel com with my exit pop-up Now, when you re collecting all these emails, what ends up happening is when you publish a new blog post, you can email all these people letting them know about your latest blog post They ll come back to your website, they re more likely to share it, more likely to read it, and more likely to link back to you If you need help with online or digital marketing leave a question or comment below and I ll be sure to an


Download YouTube SEO 9 Actionable Tips for Ranking Videos (2018) mp4 download free video

A complete guide to YouTube SEO in 2018 This video will show you EXACTLY how to rank your videos in YouTube Here’s what you’ll learn in this action-packed guide First, I’ll show you the right (and wrong way) to optimize your video titles I call this “Front-Loading”, and it’s something I do almost every time I upload a video Then, for our second tip, you’ll see how to increase the number of “Video Engagement Signals” your video gets This is a key video SEO ranking signal I’ll then show you how to use video tags Specifically, you’ll see how The TAB Formula helps you optimize your videos correctly Next up, we have CTR Magnet Thumbnails Does your click-through-rate impact rankings? Yup! And optimized thumbnails (especially if you use CTR Magnet Thumbnails) are one of the fastest ways to get more clicks on your videos Then, I’ll dive into video de ions Most people sleep on their video’s de ion, but I’ve found it makes a small but significant dent in your video rankings Our 6th YouTube SEO tip is to increase the length of your videos It’s a fact that longer videos rank better in YouTube How long should your videos be, exactly? My data has the answer Moving right along to tip number 7, we have a cool little hack to get more people to click on your video The secret? Optimizing your video title for SEO… AND click-through-rate Next up, we have “Rank in Suggested Video” Suggested video is a big part of getting more views on YouTube Last up, we have “Turning Donkeys Into Unicorns” This is one of my favorite ways of boosting audience retention - a key SEO ranking signal SUBSCRIBE to get higher rankings and more traffic! www youtube com sub ion_center?add_user backlinko Follow me on Twitter! s twitter com Back


Download On Page SEO Tutorial 2018 Instantly Rank A Website #1 On Google Using Wordpress mp4 download free video

On Page SEO Tutorial 2018 How to rank a website on Google using modern on-page search engine optimization strategies More Info s www theundergroundsecrets com order Want to learn more? Consider subscribing s www youtube com user MegaGangChucks Join my private Facebook group s www facebook com groups ruansinnercircle About Ruan Ruan is a digital marketing expert located in Connecticut Ruan specializes in search engine optimization for small business and natural SEO for national companies Ruan is an avid believer in free information to the public He gives out as much free content as possible to inform his audience of what’s possible with internet marketing On Page SEO Tutorial 2018 - HEY! If you saw my other video s youtu be mFqnXTveBwc I made a complete break down on how to rank a local website on Google In this video, we go over the On page SEO in a little depth The goal of this video is to show you step-by-step how to optimize a WordPress site for on-page SEO This video consists of using the Wordpress plugin, "Yoast SEO" to completely optimize your site Here are the factors for the best on page optimization H1 tags H2 tags Images with alt tags 300-1000 word count LSI keywords (synonyms of your keyword) Inner linking Outer linking Keyword density of 3% URL Structure e g "www yourwebsite com keyword" Using this on page SEO tutorial 2018 you can properly rank your websites locally on Google If you need to contact me on a more personal note, you can reach me here www develomark com ruan_marinho@develomark com s www instagram com ruan_m About Ruan Ruan is a digital marketing expert located in Connecticut Ruan specializes in search engine optimization for small business and natural SEO for national companies Ruan is an avid believer in free information to the public He gives out as much free content as possible to inform his audience of what’s possible with internet marke

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