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PLEASE READ DESCRIPTION this audio is NOT MINE (original - s www youtube com watch?v A1roQTVj0Q8&t 60s) so firstly i would like to apologise for my inactiveness recently, however i have just finished my exams so i should be able to get more videos out for you guys secondly, i just wanted to give a quick shoutout to every single one of you that watches my videos i read all your comments and honestly many of them break my heart when you guys reveal something very personal about your situation i don t want to get too cheesy, but i would honestly like to say you are ALL incredible and strong people, and i have the utmost respect for every single one of you for being so honest in saying this, i felt you deserved a little honesty from me i set up this channel as anonymous which i obviously want to uphold, however i thought i would give you a little insight into my life i have suffered with severe anxiety from the age of 13 and recently have also been diagnosed with depression, so believe you me, i understand how a lot of you are feeling i don t really have anything else to say about it other than i know how isolating and lonely life can be, but even having this small channel provides a haven for a couple of hours outside of my own mind so all in all i am bloody grateful for all 6,000 of you - i love you! i know this was a ridiculously long de ion, huge apologies! (small disclaimer, this is not me trying to attention seek or anything of the sort, i just wanted to give you guys a little insight into my life as you do with all your comments!!) anonymous x *** feel free to use but please credit me in the de ion and drop me a comment so i can check it out! *** I own nothing but the edi


Download Fake Smile || Spoken Word download mp4 3gp mp3

BACKGROUND TRACK bensound com Follow me on INSTAGRAM joshdhigham The girl and the boy referred to aren t based on particular people, but represent general situations, feelings and actions which many of us have experienced and maybe still experience today It can be so easy to hide our true feelings behind a mask, and to lock down our hearts, being too afraid to let anyone in and see underneath our fake smiles to the pain the really lies beneath When we try to find joy and satisfaction in anything in the world, we load all of our hopes onto one thing, like friends, relationships, possessions, status But time after time these things fail us They fail us because they were never designed to bear the weight of our joy and our satisfaction I ve come to learn that even though I still feel this same pain from time to time, the only anchor strong enough to hold my soul fast is in the one who made me and who secured my redemption ( s www youtube com watch?v nTLnV-QQhDU) Knowing God isn t just a crutch for me - it s not that I have something that helps me get through life, and you have your thing, someone else has their thing, and that s all fine It s not a case of whatever works for you Think about this if God is real and He really did create you, then He would be the only thing in existence able to bring you true and unfailing joy and satisfaction (as well as secure YOUR redemption) The only question then is simple and it s a question posed by Jesus, found in John 11 25-26 “I am the resurrection and the life He who believes in Me, though he may die, he shall live 26 And whoever lives and believes in Me shall never die Do you believe thi


Download Free Audio Like Lovers Do A Spoken Word Poem download mp4 3gp mp3

--**READ DESCRIPTION FIRST**-- This is the first Free Audio I ve ever made I know, it s not that perfect, but I guess it ll have to do Like Lovers Do Written and performed by Igor Oro Music Sample Credit "Vladimir s Blues", composed by Max Richter I do not own anything but the editing of the video Check out RyeHighProductions SoundCloud to find more alike s soundcloud com ryehighproductions LYRICS LYRICS I loved the way the sun wrapped around you, like a dress woven from strands of light I loved the way you stayed close to me, as we held hands walking the empty streets at night I loved the way your eyes glimmered with hope, like a diamond pulled from the earth and polished for the first time, or the way your smile could break through the eyes of the blind, I loved your innocence, untainted by time and unbound by fate I loved your curiosity, and how you were cautious enough to know what s at stake The only problem was, I was too used to heartbreak I became best friends with disappointment and I lost my belief in fate So familiar with bad timing, I was always at the wrong place, until I realized that I couldn t go on seeing you as just a friend; I got so good at telling lies that even I started to believe them So now I m gonna put my heart on the line and speak from my soul to let you know that your touch is really the only thing I can feel anymore The glisten in your eyes, the only thing I can see anymore I want to bring you close and whisper in your ear like lovers do, these soft spoken words weighed down heavy with truth "Because honestly, all I want to hold you as the sun goes down and not let go until it comes back up I want to be that warm connection that you crave whenever you feel a certain touch, I want to be that rush of adrenaline that envelopes you as you get close enough to the climactic peak of a moment you ve never felt before, that heavenly moment when you can t take it anymore, then i want to be the arms that you fall into as you slip into a peaceful sleep, relieved of all that tension; let your guard down, I ll be your wall of protection I want to be the ship to steer you in the right direction, and if ever you should hit an iceberg and feel like you re about to drown, I ll be the cocoon of oxygen that surrounds you; breathe me into your dreams, i want to be the seams that bind all your emotions together, i want to be your fantasy, your idea of forever, i want to be the roof over your head to shelter you from the rough weather, I want to be the guy that sweeps you off your feet; I want to be the pair of eyes that you suddenly meet in a crowded place, i want to be the face of everything you ve ever thought you didn t deserve, the voice of everything they said you couldn t achieve, because the truth is you can be anything you dare to believe But most importantly, I want you to know that even though this love of ours might not have lasted, I would still walk with you to the end of the world and then past


Download Suli Breaks LiFe cAMEra action | Spoken Word Poetry (Audio) download mp4 3gp mp3

Available On Streaming Platforms Feb 4th 2019 Lyrics Intro Suli Breaks] Yo, just some more poems Stories that obviously find the tip of my pen And i come and say them like their facts or But it’s all a fairytale man, whatever [Chorus Suli Breaks] We come alive when the camera’s flash We come alive when the camera’s flash We come alive when the camera’s flash Make sure hash [Verse 1 Suli Breaks] Nah, one ting said “she need a man” I said “First my babe don’t you need a plan” Coz the mandem are fly like Neverland So they can out here doing Peter Pan But hope them boys get wiser with age, And don’t get gassed by the thighs of a babe [Bridge Suli Breaks] Ca’ in the sea there’s plenty more She said “them man she don’t rate at all” But when she hits plus 24 come like there’s nothing worse than available Said in the sea there’s plenty more She said “them man she don’t rate at all” But when she hits plus 24 come it’s there’s nothing worse than available [Chorus Suli Breaks] Ca’ we come alive when the camera’s flash We come alive when the camera’s flash Come alive when the camera’s flash Ca’ we come alive when the camera’s flash Ca’ were living for perception (Yeah) [Verse 2 Suli Breaks] Man, act wild when the camera’s flash Double tape twice ca he pree’d the nash Slide in the DM’s like he’s pet to smash But the hashtag reads that men are trash And it’s all long for that ack Ca’ were living for perception Romanticise the exception She wants him to pop the question Just so she can show her bredrin’s Nah, that’s sad! But I still get lost in their dimensions When I scroll through the mentions Airbrush the imperfections Ca’ we don’t wanna look like pedrestians [Chorus Suli Breaks] Ca’ we come alive when the camera’s flash Ca’ we come alive when the camera’s flash Make sure the tags are hashed She come alive when the camera’s flash Make sure the tags are hashed [Outro Suli Breaks] She graduated from the cabbage patch So a sweet one with the phattest back And that ain’t her natural habitat But she come alive when the camera’s flash She come alive when the She come alive when the camera’s flash [Skit] Are you being serious? What fuck is that? What what kinda saying is “maybe you re too needy?” What the fuck is that?Come on your meant to be my friend Seriously your you with your mouth go and tell me, maybe “i’m too needy” Like I need a man or something like that It it like listen yeah, I’m twenty plus, I’m thinking to myself, I’m at that stage in life That’s what I desire, that’s what I want That’s my personal dreams like Why is it?? What’s wrong with me thinking that way? But you telling me that I’m too needy or that i come across too needy That’s so unfair like your meant to be my friend I jus I’m just sitting here thinking like when’s it gonna be my turn When’s my Superman gonna ar


Download Defining Love Spoken Word Poetry by Grace Hayes (Audio) download mp4 3gp mp3

When people ask him if they are loved He laughs at the biggest understatement of a word there is Of a feeling there is, of a state of being A word that is His name, as a noun, yet still doesn t define Our mortal vernacular doesn t even begin to capture a glimpse Of the spectacular love in it’s innocence, In it’s greatest sense That even the greatest offense, in our eyes, loses it’s pertinence In his eyes, in the scope that His eternal vision, is fusion vs fission So that every sin is forgiven, forgotten As far as the east is from the west This so called love has held the test Of time, of place, every walk, every race He says yes, it’s true, I’m head over heels and heels over head I am the love that bleeds out, and the love that has bled The same yesterday, today and forever, for better and for worse you have my heart In sickness and in health, because of the cross it’s no longer til death do us part No, love is not the right word, it does not depict The depth behind sending your son to this earth, only to be convicted and sentenced to death for a crime he did not commit, of a de ion he did not fit and why? Because of a cell that was split In the womb, he had knit a soul meant for him, your life on the head of a pin but soon we grow to be young women and men And in this lost world, we play pretend Yes, RPG our own God, have tea parties with sin So if I’m in control, why am I hurting myself again? So if I’m in control, how come I can’t, for the life of me, bring this tunnel to an end? So if I’m in control, how come I feel as if my fate is sealed, and by a hand I don’t know, signed in pen? But if you ask for Jesus’ hand, he’ll lend From the shorn wool of your turmoil, he will spin A beautiful garment, so priceless yet free Yes, he’ll cut dimension right into psalm 100 3 This love in quotations, reaches the heights of all creation As well as the depths, he has paid our debts, he has paved our way and he is our god, our guide Man will always search for heart fodder to burn But rarely will he search for his heart’s Father to learn What it means To be loved So if you’re wondering right now, if you re loved Put all doubt behind For He is the Father you can finally call, “mine” www graceorsomethin


Download Mirrors Spoken Word Poetry by Grace Hayes (Audio) download mp4 3gp mp3

How many of us would look in a mirror that would show our soul’s reflection? Few and far between I’m sure that the things we say aren’t necessarily the things we mean You see We abide in a generation of aesthetic genocide, and one of my greatest fears, is to be pretty, then die Because I don’t want my life to amount to the time I spent looking in a mirror, as opposed to my friend’s eyes, wiping ingenuine compliments from their scleras How does giving with ourselves in mind fair us? We all want to tell ourselves, “I’m a little bad, but I’m not that bad ” Well, how bad can not that bad get before it’s that bad? Do we measure faults with a heaping tablespoon, so that evil is so anticipated that there’s no room for improvement? without within is the movement I like this I’ll give myself that, and if I give myself that, then I can give myself this, and then no one will expect me to give up my list And if I can have my list, it can go on, and on, and depending how long, no one can tell me that it’s wrong I’ll take my habits and I’ll take my greed, I’ll let them flourish and i’ll let them seed, and I’ll sculpt a God, I’ll name it me, an epitaph in ed with just what they wanted to read She was pretty Huh No I’ve come too far I’ve lost some, learned some, built bridges, burned some But the architecture that meant the most was regaining the conscience i once denied for the price of feeling “right” Feeling right can feel so incredibly wrong, and often I’d turn to what hurt me the most, rather than who had his arms open all along He is my victory, and I cannot stop here I don’t know why they say that breaking mirrors is bad luck, maybe it’s because when you can’t see yourself clearly, you think your life’s in pieces But when you break off the false perception of appearance, thinking myopically ceases Without within Die to yourself, and live for him Some of my dearest friends tell me, “When you make it, we’ll become a thing of the past ” And it hurts to hear the faith held not in my heart, but within my craft The hearts that have long hurt are the hearts that long to be heard you are worth more than what anyone can tell you I dare you to look them in their eyes and proclaim that they cannot sell you you are not a product on the shelf to be used and thrown away Flesh, spirit, night and day So darling, tell me this, for the answer, I’m willing to pay How can I touch your soul with all this skin in the way? www graceorsomethin


Download Dear Bully, | Spoken Word Poetry download mp4 3gp mp3

Need to talk about depression? Chat with a licensed, professional therapist online influencelogic go2cloud org SHI FOLLOW MY SOCIAL MEDIA FACEBOOK | s www facebook com clickfortaz TWITTER | s twitter com clickfortaz INSTAGRAM | s instagram com clickfortaz TUMBLR | clickfortaz tumblr com SNAPCHAT | clickfortaz Second Channel www youtube com c clickformoretaz Music Ether - Silent Partner For business enquiries only - speaktotaz@gmail com Lyrics Dear bully, You control every aspect of my life and have infected my brain, make me feel so small that I start to believe that I’m the one to blame, like it’s my fault things have turned out this way, and I can’t do it anymore, I’m going insane I’m serious I’m done I’m tired of always being the victim to your fun I can’t take it anymore, I hope you’re happy now, you’ve won When will it stop? You keep pushing me and pushing me Feel like I’m caught up in this wave, struggling to breathe, Trying so hard to keep my head up, but man, I’m drowning in this sea I just don’t know what I did to deserve all of this? Why do you feel the need to belittle and shame me in front of everybody? Is it to make me feel bad? cos if it is then you’re too late, cos I hate myself already Thanks to you I no longer feel safe, As I walk down the corridors I can literally feel my heart race, You made it very clear that I don’t belong in this place, Constantly going in to school terrified, not knowing what’s gonna come my way, I live each and every day afraid, and that’s all on you How can you live with yourself knowing you treat people this way? And how messed up must you be to still think of yourself as great, You’re literally fuelled by negativity and hate I may be weak, I may be uncool, But you find enjoyment from watching people suffer, What does that say about you? And everyone laughing along in the crowd, watching someone get bullied, you’re all just as bad too I don’t want to live in a world where kids can be so cruel So how about you spend less time judging people and more time trying to understand them Try and spend a day in their shoes I want you to know that your words don’t hurt, they bleed, they’re not just the bruises on my skin, they cut deep, infiltrate my mind and haunt me in my sleep They are, the sole reason to my constant anxiety Thanks to you I started walking with my head down always nervous, flinching when anyone’s around, Too scared to raise my voice or make a sound Cos I know that would lead to trouble I can’t remember the last time I laughed, or was even happy You get so used to being treated like nothing that it doesn’t hurt anymore, you just feel empty I have one question - why? what messed you up so bad that you found enjoyment out of making others cry? Thanks to sick people like you, Innocent people have died Cos they feel like there’s no way out for them other than suicide You know that right? Do you get some sick pleasure out of that, Does it make you feel good inside, knowing your actions is literally destroying lives How do you live with yourself? How do you sleep at night? This ones for the people who are pushed and shoved, constantly brought down, made to feel like they’re not good enough Who despite their troubles, force themselves to go to school, that’s the true definition of tough For those of you going through a tough time right now I’m sending you a hug, and I know this may not mean much, But I just want you to know no matter how dark things get, you are loved please, if you’re watching this, don’t giv


Download Voices, Spoken Word Poetry by Grace Hayes (Audio) download mp4 3gp mp3

I m not the only one who lives in my head Civilizations stretch wide across synapses, rich culture, vibrant ancestry Find me between foothills of false dichotomy Political anomalies Autobiographies that read We shy away behind online anonymity Painting our brother to be the enemy, you see these Stings are similar to sea anemones No conscience nor consequences In high tide Come low, it s time to hide Where the current of emotion surges, you will see carnal urges stasize Discriminating with whom we empathize Two vital organs demanding pick a side Frequencies playing two contrasted, distinctly dissonant tones We find comfort in the belief that we are not alone That we will be well received By strangers, on the streets We would like to believe that permanent aspects of our composure Will not perpetuate a ride on this nightmarish rollercoaster We never asked to get on, in the first place Have you ever looked fear in the face When you listen to your own thoughts What do you hear? If it’s just you, you are partaking in the highest form of vanity I d go as far as to question your sanity If you do not hear voices other than your own Voices that cry no, not in my home Voices behind hardworking hands rough from shaping this land into a sanctuary for our peers A safe haven, as it is in heaven, speaking you are welcome here Voices that chill and gnaw at your bones Voices that only martyrdom could compose High pitched shrill shrieks of those that orchestrate the conjugal fate that justice seeks Voices that still speak long after assassination attempts of silence Each word trembling with a depth that has known violence But they speak regardless Of what they see These voices set emotions, a moment, a movement, into motion Like the waves the ocean, each drop of love, each drop of peace Rippling far beyond the peak of eternity Voices that instill bravery Voices that see that the future Is more than just me Are you the only one who lives in your head? You get more than just two choices Beyond you, beyond me, there’s us, instead You re crazy if you don t hear v

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