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Download The Bloody Violence Of Charles Taylor's Cannibal Soldiers download mp4 3gp mp3

The Cannibals War (1996) As the trial of former Liberian dictator Charles Taylor begins, we bring back an exclusive report exposing the atrocities committed by Taylor s men Filmed in the middle of the civil war, it includes footage of Taylor s supporters preparing to eat a human heart and a rare interview with Taylor Subscribe to Journeyman here www youtube com sub ion_center?add_user journeymanpictures# Our film opens with gigantic US military helicopters hovering over Monrovia The crackle of Kalashnikovs, Liberian music , echoes around the empty streets This is a city with no laws of humanity as we know them We discover a band of teenage NPFL fighters at a roadblock Dead bodies lie at their feet, their chests sliced open from top to bottom, in the style of an African voodoo sacrifice A boy brandishes a bucket, from which he proudly pulls a human heart If I find my enemy I eat him , he boasts But I only eat military men, not civilians I am a human being after all Some fighters believe that by eating an enemy you get his power Charles Taylor sums up We have heard of outright cannibalism but this is an issue of war There is no civilised war Death is death For now the peace is holding The UN are disarming troops on the streets The market in Monrovia is full of people once again But many think that Liberia s young cannibals have gone too far a doctor prophesies disaster when they become the future leaders For more information, visit s www journeyman tv film 229 Like us on Facebook s www facebook com journeymanpictures Follow us on Twitter s twitter com JourneymanNews s twitter com JourneymanVOD Follow us on Instagram s instagram com journeymanpictures Journeyman Pictures - Ref 0229 Journeyman Pictures is your independent source for the world s most powerful films, exploring the burning issues of today We represent stories from the world s top producers, with brand new content coming in all the time On our channel you ll find outstanding and controversial journalism covering any global subject you can imagine wanting to know a



English Nat Fighters loyal to militia leader Charles Taylor have launched another attack on rebel forces holed up in a seaside barracks in the Liberian capital, Monrovia Although the rebels, loyal to rival warlord Roosevelt Johnson, repelled the attack, Taylor s NPFL troops managed to advance to within 200 meters of the compound APTV has these dramatic pictures from the thick of the firefight which left at least five people dead Resembling an urban battlefield, debris and wrecked cars littered the street Tuesday, just four blocks from the compound where Roosevelt Johnson s men are holding out The sound of gunfire hung in the air as rebels loyal to militialeader Charles Taylor advanced towards Barclays Barracks APTV s cameraman Alistair Lyne ended up in the thick of the fight for the compound He filmed these dramatic pictures as Taylor s men were kept at bay by fighters inside the barracks who returned heavy fire As the battle raged, discipline broke down among the NPFL (National People s Liberation Front) troops of Taylor as the fighters argued among themselves over strategy and the distribution of ammunition Coming under heavy fire they fought back, surrounded by bodies lying in the street from earlier fighting One of their men was wounded but his comrades managed to pull him to safety Some of the fighters are only children - this boy is eight-years-old Coming under sniper fire, the NPFL began launching rockets at the compound SOUNDBITE I ordered my men to use the rockets towards BTC (the barracks) I ordered them to launch at BTC more rockets because the more we launch we reduce their firepower SUPER CAPTION NPLF Field Commander John Garang] Reinforcements arrived in a white van, marked as a combat medics vehicle It brought fresh ammunition to the NPLF troops and offered to evacuate the wounded After a lull in the fighting, Taylor s men regrouped and launched a second assault But again, arguments erupted over ammunition, with fighters shoving one another even as they came under heavy fire Smoke could be seen in the distance, the result of the rocket fire into the compound The attack left at least five dead inside the barracks But by the end of the afternoon, the NPFL had failed to penetrate Johnson s stronghold You can license this story through AP Archive www aparchive com data youtube c2d601dfdca14d226b578eaaa34d25c5 Find out more about AP Archive www aparchive com HowW



English Nat In a sign that Monrovia s six-week siege is far from over - warring Liberian factions continue to battle on the streets of the Liberian capital The suburbs of the war-torn capital are also rife with factional battles as Monrovians continue to flee The latest fighting began when combined forces of warlord Charles Taylor s National Patriotic Front (N-P-F-L) fought with soldiers loyal to rival faction leader Roosevelt Johnson A common sight on the streets of Monrovia - but with a new group of fighters This faction of gunmen have entered the six-week long fray on the embattled streets of the war-torn capital A self-styled group - the Butt-Naked Battalion - have joined the ethnic Krahn fighters in intimidating and fighting the N-P-F-L who hold these barracks in Monrovia The Butt-Naked Battalion believe they cannot be killed because wearing no protective clothing or gear grants them more power bullets and the bullets will miss them The fighters are a great psychological threat to the N-P-F-L fighters in battle - who usually retreat when threatened by the scantily clad fighters The ethnic Krahn fighters - loyal to faction leader Roosevelt Johnson - were also seen looting in the suburbs as well as participating in sporadic street fights They, too, bring psychological fear onto the streets of Monrovia by intimidating their enemies with endless noisemaking and what would appear to be wanton trashing and looting However - survival for the Krahn has been touch and go throughout the civil war which has been off and on since 1989 They are virtually marooned in a barracks compound in Monrovia and under heavy gun and shell-fire from N-P-F-L troops They have no access to aid from the Red Cross or the U-N and have limited access to food and water But for the civilians of Monrovia - the fighting and looting can be heartbreaking Thousands have fled the fighting - and thousands more continue to pack up what little remains of their belongs and flee the city This family has just lost a young boy in the fighting SOUNDBITE (English) "Every minute in Liberia we have somebody like this dying Every minute - we are living in a complete nightmare There is no law and order - the people just come and do whatever they want to do and take away - and take lives away - properties, whatsoever, so we are just left with how much we have got " SUPERCAPTION Civilian resident of Monrovia The latest round of fighting began when government troops attempted to arrest Roosevelt Johnson on murder charges stemming from clashes that violated an August 1995 accord Johnson refused to surrender, and ensuing battles prompted a U-S military evacuation of foreigners and sent civilians fleeing to the American Embassy s residential compound for safety Charles Taylor started Liberia s war in 1989 with a rebel assault on the ethnic Krahn dictatorship of President Samuel Doe Doe was toppled and executed by a rival faction, one of several that emerged as the war continued More than 150-thousand people have died and half the nearly 3 (m) million population has been left homeless in the conflict You can license this story through AP Archive www aparchive com data youtube 9acbda71e745aaea96e72445f04bef95 Find out more about AP Archive www aparchive com HowW



English Nat Sporadic fighting between rival factions has continued in the Liberian capital of Monrovia West African peace keepers have been forced to intervene in a gunfight Thursday between two groups near the city s port It s not clear what set off the clash Monrovia is divided between numerous gangs who are trying to gain control of the capital These pictures from the Liberian capital of Monrovia illustrate how far the city has descended into madness and anarchy Rival gangs of youths and children roam the streets with powerful weapons firing indiscriminately at anyone they believe is their enemy One gang, known as The Krahns attack positions of the National Patriotic Front for Liberia (NPFL) in a bid to gain another street in this bitter civil war In the middle - soldiers of the West African peacekeeping corps ECOMOG - trying to keep the gangs apart But Krahn members taunt the opposition factions by dancing wildly in the street - often in direct sight of the enemy Here ECOMOG soldiers intervene - turning back gang members who want to advance further into the town In the insane existence that is every day life in Liberia rebel soldiers say the fighting is all about defending their own territory SOUNDBITE (English) "Every morning we decided to sit down to see what the day can bring for us Most of the time when they shoot at us we have to respond to them You cannot sit down and somebody gonna kill you or cut or slaughter you and just go No you have to defend yourself " SUPERCAPTION Colonel S Ninneh Barh, Ulimo soldier In the meantime peace keepers try to help the few civilians still living in the capital to collect water This renewed bout of fighting began at the beginning of April and prompted a massive airlift of foreigners out of the capital Peace keepers have patrolled the country for the past six years but have been unable to restore order For most of this week Krahn and NPFL fighters have exchanged fire There have been deaths and injuries on both sides NPFL soldiers keep their spirits up by singing their own rap songs about rebel leader Roosevelt Johnson Amongst the chaos of the street to street battles, ordinary life struggles to continue Repairmen try to fix Liberia s battered communications and civilians still go for a trim at the barber s But the signs of war are never far away, dead and partially burnt bodies are left to rot on the streets NPFL fighters openly mock their opposition Food is short in the capital and rebels grab what little food they can find when they find it But there s no room for disloyalty This Krahn rebel was tied up by his own side for being disrespectful to a Krahn General He may be lucky to get off with a beating You can license this story through AP Archive www aparchive com data youtube 6ddbb14eeef4ddf5a2bb815ac9466b23 Find out more about AP Archive www aparchive com HowW


Download Liberia Massacre download mp4 3gp mp3

STORY MASSACRE LOCATION LIBERIA DATE RECENT DURATION 2 05 Five years on, the civil war slaughter continues December 25th, 1994 marked five years to the day that civil war started in Liberia The tenth and latest peace treaty was signed last week, but the massacres continue On the morning of Thursday December 15th, rebel troops entered a small residential area of the Paynesville suburb of Monrovia and, according to witnesses, slaughtered the women and children who lived there, killing up to 60 people It is believed that the troops were members of the Armed Forces of Liberia (AFL) After the attack, the rebels carried the bodies back into their homes and set them on fire Later that morning, the charred corpses were thrown into the backs of trucks and driven to the city centre For the people of Monrovia, this brutal message of terror was too much to bear and four days later (19 12) hundreds took to the streets in a show of unity They called for peace and for an end to the death and destruction inflicted upon them and their country during five years of civil war In response to the massacre, ECOMOG, the Economic Community of West African States, Ceasefire Monitoring Group), increased security within the Liberian capital and its suburbs and bolstered the overnight curfew SHOWS (MONROVIA, LIBERIA RECENT) WS burnt-out house Pan exterior burnt-out house Remains of civilian clothes on ground Pan rubble and scorched debris Interior window, pan to human ashes on bed Pot on floor, pan across wrecked premises CU discarded helmet outside on ground Charred human remains on grass CU charred human bones WS area where rebels are based Top view marchers in peace demo Another view of march along street Tracking shots ECOMOG convoy and roadblocks VS rear views of soldiers in jeeps Tracking shots Monrovia centre Buildings destroyed in Monrovia during 1992 civil war Squatters in destroyed building WS mass grave of 600 civilians (mainly women and children) killed in July August 1990 by Charles Taylor s NPFL Mass grave sign, pan down to human skull and bones over grave You can license this story through AP Archive www aparchive com data youtube e73ae1ec3193fa1704a459f6dd6fab26 Find out more about AP Archive www aparchive com HowW


Download Liberia Rebel Forces Repel Attack download mp4 3gp mp3

(17 Apr 1996) T I 10 05 38 Rebel forces holed up in a seaside barracks in the Liberian capital, Monrovia, repelled another attack Tuesday by militia leader Charles Taylor Firing mortar shells and other truck-mounted artillery, Taylor s men advanced to about 200 meters (yards) from the Barclays barracks where rival rebel leader, Roosevelt Johnson and his men are holding about 10,000 people hostage Fighters inside the barracks returned fire and appeared to have repelled the attack by the afternoon as shooting subsided SHOWS MONROVIA, LIBERIA 16 4 ws of empty street near barracks woman and children running ws empty building abandoned van ws of empty street with sound of rockets being fired dead body on ground armed man getting into position zoom back with body on street and him directing others armed man running across street and firing - another man firing pan to dead body ws of man walking across street with body on ground man loading gun cu of bullets cu of body on street fighter running along street with dead body in foreground wounded man on street being helped by other fighters boy fighter with gun pull out ws of fighters two boys firing and then being told by older men to move out boy firing and shouting rocket propelled grenade being fired smoke in sky pull out to ws of street sot of field commander john garan of npfl saying they need more rockets to reduce the firepower (of johnson s men) man drawing positions of barracks on sand saying he needs more men more of armed men fighting sign of ministry of information, culture and tourism on building, pull out to ws of street with fighting large group of armed men smoke over building and debris on ground ws of street with soldier ambling along 3 41 You can license this story through AP Archive www aparchive com data youtube 87db764f54bd8d79c6c8451521c6664f Find out more about AP Archive www aparchive com HowW



English Nat It is a civil war that has killed more than 10-thousand people and raged for 5 years But it is a conflict that has received little attention from the international community The war is in Sierra Leone Among the victims of this conflict are the child-soldiers; boys and girls forced to the frontlines by both the military government and the rebels trying to defeat them In the no-man s land that divides the warring factions, heavily armed government soldiers capture a rebel This rebel is just a boy He says he is 10 years old and claims he was forced to take up arms It was not his choice SOUNDBITE Creole Me and another boy captured a woman and took her to the rebels We knocked the woman to the ground and cut her throat with a knife (Did you stab her?) No we slit her throat SUPER CAPTION Captured rebel Government soldiers grilled the youngster for half an hour before leading him away This boy is just one of the thousands caught up in Sierra Leone s vicious civil war Most of the child soldiers have little idea what they are fighting for The military government controls the area in and around the capital Freetown 90 kilometres away from the city, the countryside is littered with burnt out cars and trucks Homes and villages are deserted People have fled to the city or the provincial capital Bo There they live in refugee camps and receive food aid from international charities But getting food to the people that need it is not easy Convoys have been attacked by both rebels and government soldiers Supplies have been stolen, trucks torched and drivers killed Impoverished villagers scavenge what they can from the wreckage The worst fighting is now in the east of the country Here government soldiers are struggling to regain control of territory along the border with Liberia In the past 2 weeks troops have taken the town of Kailahun, only to lose it again in a rebel offensive No-one knows how many children that have been caught up in this war, the number that have been forced to take up arms and fight Now the military junta has had a change of heart and stopped enlisting youngsters A camp has been set up for them on the outskirts of Freetown Ivan Melvin Rogers stopped fighting 2 weeks ago At 16 he is already a war veteran SOUNDBITE English I served in the military for four and a half years (How old are you?) I am now 16 years old SUPER CAPTION Ivan Melvin Rogers, Former Child Soldier There are nearly 400 boys and girls in demobilisation camps across Sierra Leone Instead of fighting on the frontlines they now spend their time working in the fields or playing volleyball But for some it is difficult to get over what they have witnessed at war SOUNDBITE English (When was the last time you saw your mother?) I said I not saw my mother So that I don t know if she is alive SUPER CAPTION Abubakarr Jilloh, Former child soldier Abubakarr and some of his new-found friends know little of life without war They dream of a time when life will be better SOUNDBITE English I just want peace in my life SUPER CAPTION Abubakarr Jilloh, Former Child soldier But at the moment there is little chance of that The civil war that has ripped Sierra Leone apart for the past 5 years shows no sign of ending You can license this story through AP Archive www aparchive com data youtube 0a2f5d56d12385c0749950bc09f3f614 Find out more about AP Archive www aparchive com HowW



(14 May 1996) English Nat Fighting has flared again in the Liberian capital Monrovia after two days of relative calm in the city Only a day after rival faction leaders shook hands - fighters loyal to Charles Taylor s N-P- F-L launched attacks around the Barclay training centre barracks where rival leader Roosevelt Johnson is holed up But it appears that rival L-P-C and A-F-L forces beat Taylor s forces back Fighting began in the early hours of Tuesday morning and continued throughout the day Forces of the National Patriotic Front of Liberia - whose leader is the former Prime Minister Charles Taylor clashed with rival factions around the diplomatic district and tow main bridges in the city Only two days after the N-P-F-L announced it was withdrawing its forces from the capital they launched an all-out attack on the rival Ulimo-J fighters led by Taylor s rival Roosevelt Johnson The militias used heavy machine guns, mortars and rocket-propelled grenades in some of the heaviest exchanges since the upsurge of fighting five weeks ago That was prompted when the six-member Council of State sacked Johnson from his position on the Council and ordered his arrest on murder charges Since then Johnson has been hiding in the city s Barclay barracks, defended by members of his own Krahn ethnic group The West African peace-keeping force ECOMOG has been unable to stem the fighting despite its large presence in the city By mid-morning Taylor s forces had been beaten back to the area around the United States embassy The victorious forces of the L-P-C and A-F-L militias celebrated in the streets after their victory An N-P-F-L casualty left in the road was beaten and abused in some horrific scenes Though some fighters tried to restrain their comrades, others vented their anger and hate on the body of the severely wounded man, kicking and spearing him before mutilating his genitals Two days ago the prospects for peace in Liberia seemed strong - now they look very fragile and make the chances of another ceasefire more remote SOUNDBITE (English) "Since it was announced that there should be a ceasefire by ECOMOG (?) ourselves have been observing a ceasefire But since 3 o clock last night the MOK-NPFL has been attacking our own positions at the barracks so we have had no alternative but to defend ourselves " SUPER CAPTION General T , L-P-C The L-P-C commanders were exhilarated by their victory SOUNDBITE I wouldn t want to miss this time, running you know chasing all over the place making sure our men so they will not fall into enemy hands SUPER CAPTION Major General Chris Varley, L-P-C There are no indications of the number of people killed and wounded in the latest fighting But the casualty toll seems set to rise further with no peaceful solution in sight and the international peace-keeping forces unable to persuade the factions to resolve their disputes without violence You can license this story through AP Archive www aparchive com data youtube 2fd2a6356a4d15d872118a39fbf82a0b Find out more about AP Archive www aparchive com HowW


Download Inside a Civil War Most People Have Never Heard of | National Geographic download mp4 3gp mp3

When we think of a civil war, we often think of it as good versus bad But in actuality, good and bad are blurred together as the fight morphs into one for survival Photographer Marcus Bleasdale witnessed that first hand as he reported on the harrowing conflict in the Central African Republic (CAR)—a country nestled in the heart of the African Continent ➡ Subscribe bit ly NatGeoSubscribe About National Geographic National Geographic is the world s premium destination for science, exploration, and adventure Through their world-class scientists, photographers, journalists, and filmmakers, Nat Geo gets you closer to the stories that matter and past the edge of what s possible Get More National Geographic Official Site bit ly NatGeoOfficialSite Facebook bit ly FBNatGeo Twitter bit ly NatGeoTwitter Instagram bit ly NatGeoInsta Bleasdale was there with Human Rights Watch in 2013, when the country plunged into chaos Since then, he has continued to document the civil war for Human Rights Watch and National Geographic He captured hundreds of hours of video footage that provides the world with an intimate look at the conflict beyond the headlines From a family reuniting with the son that had been kidnapped nine days before to the heart-wrenching funeral that led to more deaths, this is a view into the daily lives of the people trapped in the chaotic disintegration of their country and their determination to survive and rebuild Read more about the civil war in the Central African Republic www nationalgeographic com magazine 2017 05 CAR-fragile-state-fighting-muslim-christian-gold Inside a Civil War Most People Have Never Heard of | National Geographic s youtu be dMz8mRlrzsE National Geographic s www youtube com n

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