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Download Chicken Biryani Restaurant Style By VahChef @ VahRehVah mp4 download free video

this is kind of restaurant style of preperation of birtani they wont do dum process they cook chicken saperatly with same masalas which we use for biryani and rice will be cooked saperatly if the ordre comes they mex rice and chicken togeather and serve because the same rice can also used for vegetarins www vahrehvah com chicken-biryani-restaurant-style Ingredients Chicken 1500 g Basmati rice 500g Bay leaf 3 n Star anise 3 n Cinnamon sticks 2 n Cloves 4 n Cardamom 6 n Shahi jeera 1 ts Lichen (kalpasi) 1ts Pepper corn 6 n Mace 2 n Golden fried onions 150 g Red chilly powder 2 tb Coriander powder 1 tb Cumin powder 1 ts Ginger garlic paste 1 tbs Salt Turmeric Yogurt 1 cup Coriander chopped 1 b Mint chopped 1 b Green chilly 5 n Oil ½ cup Lime juice 2tb Directions First make a powder of all the spices, Take a bowl add chicken pieces and add made masala, chilly powder, ginger garlic paste, turmeric, salt, coriander powder, curd, chopped mint leaves, coriander leaves, fried onions, green chilly, lime juice, oil, and mix it well, and put it in the refrigerator over night, Heat water in a vessel and let it come to a boil add oil, salt, Shahi jeera, bay leaf and add basmati rice (soak the rice 1 hour) cook the rice till 70 %, add layer of chicken marinate and then this layer of rice Sprinkle fried onions, and add dissolved saffron strands in milk , then add ghee (optional), kewra water, rose water and put the lid on which is lined with sticky dough for dum First cook it on high for first 4-5 minutes then reduce the flame to low, use a griddle under this for even heat transfer And cook it for 25 to 30 min and switch off the flame After 40 minutes this is ready for opening the seal of the lid Never mix the biryani just check it removing the top rice and checking the bottom of the vessel for burnt marks www vahrehvah com Chicken+Biryani+Restaurant+Style 8179 you can find detailed recipes at my website and also find many videos with recipes at www vahrehvah com simple easy and quick recipes and videos of Indian Pakistani and Asian Oriental foods "Reach vahrehvah at - Website - www vahrehvah com Youtube - www youtube com sub ion_center?add_user vahchef Facebook - s www facebook com VahChef SanjayThumma Twitter - s twitter com vahrehvah Google Plus - s plus google com u 0 b 116066497483672434459 Flickr Photo - www flickr com photos 23301754@N03 Linkedin - lnkd in nq25sW Picasa Photos- picasaweb google com 118141140815684791742 Stumleupon www stumbleupon com stumbler vahrehvah Tumblr vahrehvah tumblr com Blogger - vahrehvah blogspot

16353846 views | 66718 likes | Vahchef - VahRehVah | 2013-05-22 03:44:24

Download Giant Oreo ジャイアント オレオ ケーキ mp4 download free video

Also check the community tab s www youtube com user mosogourmet community We made an incredibly large Oreo-like cake! We took the largest pot in our house to mix the batter After repeated failures we found that the third time was the charm Our hand-mixer was certainly put through the grind on this one There was so much batter that as it got thicker, the mixer almost gave up No adjustments were made to the audio volume this time Please watch while you worry, "is the hand mixer going to break?" Let s go, hand mixer!This is Mosogourmet s Epic Meal Time! とにかく大きなオレオみたいなケーキ。我が家で一番大きい おでんを煮るときに登場する鍋で生地を混ぜました。失敗続きで3度目でやっと成功。見所?は我が家のハンドミキサーのがんばり。生地の量が多く、生地が重たくなるに連れてハンドミキサーの音が・・・元気がなくなります。今回、音量の調整を一切していません。ハンドミキサー、壊れるんじゃない?と心配になりながら見てください。ファイト、ハンドミキサー! 気分はエピックミールタイム! コミュニティタブもチェック s www youtube com user mosogourmet community ツイッター s twitter com mosogourmet ニコニコ動画 www nicovideo jp user 11111118 video *レシピ*(直径 24センチ) 1.型にサラダ油を薄く塗っておく。 2.薄力粉 530g、ベーキングパウダー 16g、ブラックココアパウダー 100g、ココアパウダー 70gを合わせて、よくふるっておきます。 3. ボウルに卵 14個を溶きほぐす。 4.砂糖 350gを2〜3回に分けて加えしっかり混ぜる。 5.塩 小さじ1も加え混ぜる。 6.サラダ油 210gを加え混ぜる。 7.2を加え混ぜる。 8.牛乳 140gも入れ混ぜる。 9.1に8を流し入れる。 10.180度に予熱したオーブンで40分焼く。 11.竹串をさして何もついてこなければ焼き上がり。 12.11が冷めたら厚さを均一にカットする。 13.生クリーム 400mlに砂糖 15gを加え少し固めに泡立てる。 14.13にオレオクッキー18枚(一袋分)を割り入れ混ぜ合わせる。 15.12に14を塗りサンドする。 16.できあがり。がんばって食べる。 *メモ* ココアパウダーは薄力粉の25%に当たる量。 ココアパウダーとブラックココアパウダーは2:3の割合。 ブラックココアパウダーだけではココア風味が少ないので普通のココアパウダーを加えて作りました。 *Recipe*(24 cm diameter) 1.Lightly coat the mold with vegetable oil 2.Sift together, cake flour 530g, baking powder 16g, black cocoa powder 100g, and cocoa powder 70g 3.Beat 14 eggs in a bowl 4.Add 350g of sugar in 2-3 batches, mixing well after each addition 5.Add 1 tsp of salt, mix well 6.Add 210g of vegetable oil, mix well 7.Add the dry ingredients from 1, mix well 8.Add 140g of milk, mix well 9.Pour the batter from 8 to the prepared mold in 1 10.Bake for 40 minutes at 180 degrees Celsius 11.Insert a bamboo skewer, if it comes out clean, the cake is done 12.When 11 is cooled, slice them into two piece of equal thickness 13.Combine 400ml of heavy whipping cream and 15g of sugar Beat until it to a stiffer consistency 14.Fold 18 crushed Oreos into 13 15.Spread 14 onto 12, and assemble the slices together 16.Finished! Work hard to eat it *Notes* The amount of cocoa powder should be 25% of the cake flour The ratio of cocoa powder and black cocoa powder should be 2 3 Regular cocoa powder was added because the black cocoa powder does not have sufficient cocoa flavor #Giant #Oreo #OddlySatisfying #Cake #Recipe #Originator #ASMR #ジャイアント #オレオ #ケーキ #レシピ #作り方 #元祖 #本家 #音フ

146929413 views | 270102 likes | MosoGourmet 妄想グルメ | 2015-06-22 01:14:21

Download 10 Amazing Science Tricks Using Liquid! mp4 download free video

Add me on Facebook (click LIKE on Facebook to add me) - www facebook com brusspup Download the music in this video Song #1 Abyss - iTunes s itunes apple com us album abyss-single id1033702454 Amazon download www amazon com Abyss-brusspup dp B014I4BFTI Song #2 Over Rain iTunes s itunes apple com us album over-rain-single id1033695238 Amazon www amazon com Over-Rain-brusspup dp B014JXPNSW Detailed information for the tricks in the video 1 Slow motion ball You need a thick liquid, preferably honey, a heavy ball, and a sphere shaped container Place the heavy ball in the lower half of the sphere Fill the lower half of the container with honey a little more than half If you use too little or too much, it will affect the motion of the ball 2 Water fire starter Credit goes to The King of Random for this idea Be sure to check out his channel He has a huge selection of amazing how to experiments s www youtube com user 01032010814 You need a plastic or glass container with a curved area The Pom bottles work great Fill the bottle with water Fold 2 sheets of paper in half, twice Print or scribble a black mark on one of the sheets On a sunny day hold the bottle near the paper, focusing the light on the black area of the paper Once it starts to smoke and a hole begins to form, wrap the other sheet of paper around the smoking piece Wave the papers through the air to feed oxygen to the spark Continue this until the paper catches on fire 3 No-leak magic bag Al you need is a zip baggy, pencils and water Fill the bag almost to the top Zip it shut, and start sticking pencils through the bag Sometimes a few drops will leak out, but overall, this is a simple yet impressive trick 4 Liquid Stacking You ll need a tall glass or bottle Dish Soap, vegetable oil, dark corn syrup, rubbing alcohol, water and food coloring First add the dark corn syrup, then dish soap, then add food coloring to the water and pour it in with the bottle tilted, then add the vegetable oil (bottle tilted), and finally add food coloring to the alcohol and pour it in with the bottle tilted 5 Invisible Bottle You need glycerin, a glass and a bottle that will fit in the glass Fill both glass and bottle with glycerin and place the bottle in the glass It looks like the bottle disappears 6 Dancing Liquid You need a powered speaker, a tone generator (can be found online), corn starch, water and plastic to protect the speaker Pour 1 2 cup of corn starch in a bowl and 1 4 cup of water Mix Pour the liquid into the speaker and generate a 60hz tone 7 Magic Water Barrier You need 2 of the same glasses Hot water, cold water, food coloring and a thin piece of plastic or cardboard Pour the hot water in 1 glass, the cold in the other glass, add food coloring, then place the plastic on top of the hot water glass Turn the glass upside down, place it on top of the cold water glass, then carefully remove the plastic Hot water is less dense than cold water, so it "floats" on top of the cold water 8 Leidenfrost effect You need a pan, water and a stove Turn the heat on high for about 4 minutes then add the water This experiment can stain your pans 9 Reverse Illusion Add all sorts of images or words behind a glass, then watch as it reverses when you add water in the glass 10 Reversing Liquid You need 1 big glass, 1 smaller glass, 3 mixing glasses, corn syrup, pipettes, food coloring, and clips First pour the corn syrup into the 2 bigger glasses Place the smaller glass inside of the bigger glass Attach the clips to prevent the smaller glass from moving side to side in the bigger glass Pour a small amount of corn syrup into the 3 mixing glasses Add food coloring and stir Fill each pipette with a different color, then add the colored corn syrup to your big glass Turn the smaller glass carefully and watch the colors mix Turn it back and watch them unmix Thanks for watching! Have

54164782 views | 446215 likes | brusspup | 2015-08-26 20:20:45

Download Naayak Telugu Full Movie | Telugu Full Movies | Ram Charan, Kajal, Amala Paul mp4 download free video

Watch & Enjoy Naayak Telugu Full Movie With English Subtitles Exclusively on #SriBalajiVideo #Naayak Movie Starring #RamCharan, Kajal Aggarwal, Amala Paul, Pradeep Rawat, Brahmanandam, Ashish Vidyarthi, Rahul Dev, Screenplay & Directed By VV Vinayak, Music Composed by S S Thaman Charan (RamCharan) is an youngster in Hyderabad who works in a software company of his bachelor uncle (Brahmanandam) Siddharth Naayak (Ram Charan) is an inspiring young leader in Kolkata who fights against an evil man (Pradeep Rawat) The paths of Charan and Naayak cross in an interesting scenario Rest of the story is all about how Charan helps Naayak in eradicating the bad men in Kolkata ► Subscribe to YouTube Channel goo gl Ak9Sus ► Like us on Facebook s www facebook com sribalajivideo ► Circle us on G+ s plus google com +SriBalajiEnt ► Like us on Twitter s twitter com sribalajivideos ► Visit Our Website www sribalajivideo com For more Entertainment Channels ► Telugu Movies goo gl tEjah ► Telugu Comedy Scenes goo gl RPk9x ► Telugu Video Songs goo gl ReGCU ► Telugu Action Scenes goo gl xG9wD ► Telugu Latest Promos goo gl BMSQs Welcome to the Sri Balaji Video YouTube channel, The destination for premium Telugu entertainment videos on YouTube Sri Balaji Video is a Leading Digital Telugu Entertainment Channel, This is your one stop shop for discovering and watching thousands of Indian Languages Movies, etc •▬▬▬••▬▬▬••▬▬▬•▬▬▬•▬▬▬••▬▬▬••▬▬▬••▬▬

15947901 views | 26822 likes | Sri Balaji Full Movies | 2014-01-28 01:52:42
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