Ways! To Access Any Wifi Network Without Entering It’s Wifi Password

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1. First download Wps-wpa tester android app on your android device

2. Open the app

3. Enable wifi connection and location [ gps] on your android device

4. Now tap on refresh button on wps-wpa tester app on android

5. There you will see available nearby wifi networks name

6. Select the wifi network [ which is green in colour] Note- You can only unlock or access green coloured named wifi networks

7. Then tap on ‘ connect automatic pin’

8. You will be connected to the wifi network without entering password now Steps –

How to Get/ Find Friends or Any wifi network passwords

** Same as above method steps But here your android device needed to be rooted.

You will get the unknown wifi network password when your device is rooted.

So use wps-wpa tester on your rooted android device to get others /any wifi network password

NB:- link to download wps-wpa tester


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